My V-Diet Log Starting 6/4/16 w/ Food Log

I’ve been eyeing this diet for a while now so when the Memorial Day sale happened I figured what the hell. This will be good prep for 4th of July. I weighed in this morning at 180 and took measurements. They are a little harder to do by yourself but oh well.

I’m going to be doing the advanced program with it and tracking all my food. I have a food scale so everything will be weighed, and meats will be weighed raw. Ill post a Google Doc link that shows my meals and macro breakdown.

For workout days will have starchy carbs, mostly sweet potatoes and rice. These meals will be a mojority protein and carbs.
For non workout days all my carbs will be from vegetables. These meals will be mostly protein and fats.

My goal is to drop body fat. I’m guessing I’m around 16% right now and I store most of my fat in my midsection.

I’ll update this along the way but my Google Docs will be updated daily, or at least I hope so.

Feel free to give any advice.

I had the V-Burn circuit today. I may have underestimated it. It kicked my shoulders ass. I did 3 Hand walkouts from toes then switched to Hand walkouts from knees. I did shoulder press instead of handstand pushups, kudos to anyone who could do 6 sets of 10 on those. Shoulder press started with 95 lbs but dropped down to the bar after the first set. Ill go up some next week on it. Between those two things and the DL with lateral reach and side lunge with overhead reach my shoulders were on fire and real sore afterwards. We’ll see how they feel tomorrow. This makes me a little nervous for the lifting days but if it was meant to be easy everyone would be doing it and I’m here to finish this thing with single digit body fat

I lost count if I did 6 rounds so I did an extra one. So either did 6 or 7 rounds. I checked my times at the end of them and it came out to 31:35 or 35:30, with the extra round. Ill compare it to my times next week I guess.

I haven’t felt hungry at all on the diet yet. On the NEPA days I might drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive on my last shake. For now I’m sticking with the 2 scoops

Had Workout 1 today and with that the first time trying Plazma. Since this looked like the easiest of the workouts I only took 1 serving of it but I have to say I felt good on it. Not sure if its that or the workout but I had a real good sweat going.

The rows, dips and ab roll-out went good. I’ll go up weight in rows and dips next week. Ab roll-out I ended up doing 30. Next week I’ll add more reps to those. In my entire lifting career I’ve never done Overhead Squats and I was awful at them. I don’t think I braced my shoulder good enough and half way through they did not feel good. I switched to front squats for the last reps. What would be a good alternative for them?? I don’t want to keep doing them if my form is all jacked up. After the lifting I ended up walking for a while then jump roped for about 5 minutes.

Diet has still be easy. I haven’t felt hungry at all. At times bored but that’s it. I ate the same meal as yesterday. My morning shake I mixed with some cold brew coffee I made the night before and I cant wait for tomorrow morning to have that again. I still have one shake tonight so depending how I feel I might only do 1 scoop in it.

Had Workout 2 today and got my first experience with 2 servings of Plasma. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do need to sip it more often during my workout I noticed. At the end I had more left then I would have liked.

Overall the workout went good. I need to adjust my weight down by 5lbs on the DB Incline for next week. I did body weight pull-ups and was happy with those, might be able to add some weight. The lungs held up real well so its just going to be working on some more muscle endurance but that will come.

Diet has still be easy and never feeling like the next shake cant come fast enough. For how smoothly this is going I’m wondering if my calorie intake was to low before. The added coffee in the morning shake is awesome so I highly recommend that. I’m still updating the Google Doc on my meals. Not much variety in them right now. I think Ill add in some fish and either lean beef or bison.

NEPA tomorrow so I think I’ll shoot some hoops, stretch and foam roll and get some walking in.

Just a NEPA day today. Shot around in the the gym for about 15 minutes, then did a little foam rolling and stretching then finished up with a 20 minute walk. I’m feeling yesterdays workout. My hammies are sore and my back feels like someone used it as a punching bag with low back being the most sore. Regardless of how sore I am, I’m looking forward to tomorrows workout.

Todays shakes went good again. This evening I’m a little hungrier then I have been throughout this. Nothing bad but I can tell its there a little bit. I have one more shake yet that will hit the spot. Heading to the Farmers Markets this weekend to see what new vegetables I can add into my diet also.

I haven’t been sleeping the greatest this week. Takes forever to fall asleep then I walk up during the night. Going to try doing my shake about an hour earlier and see how that goes. I might add in a little cannabis before bed. Colorado has many benefits, that being one of them.

We started around the same time. Your HSM is much better planned than mine. But I am “practicing”.

Hows yours going so far? That the nice thing about this program. You only have one meal a day to plan so its not overwhelming. I’ve tracked my food like that for a long time so I reuse the same ones a lot. They are pretty basic.

Yesterday was Workout 3. Overall again a good workout. Had my Plasma timing down better this time which helped some. I did close grip bench with safety bars a few inches off my chest I like it better that way and it seems to hit the tri’s a little more. Only issue I had was on front squat and that was my fault. I had the safety bars set a little to high so when I went down on one rep I hit the safety bar and tweaked my back when the weight shifted quick. Been icing today to keep down some inflammation. Was going to do the V-Burn but now I’ll just NEPA today and workout tomorrow.

I had to eat in a rush last night so my calories were a little high so I dropped one scoop from my night time shake. I didn’t get any vegetables in with it. I’ll be better planned tonight again with more vegetables. Got to check out the local farmers market so got a few extra things. The Sprouts beside my house had bison burger for cheap so loaded up on that to add in once or twice a week.

It’s still be an easy diet to follow. If this wasn’t so expensive it’d be nice to do more often, not for the weight and fat loss but for convenience sake. Its really nice only having to focus on one meal a day.

I hope your back feels better!

Oh yes, the one meal is great. I’m training my stomach (& brain) to not get full, just to feel sated , so I broke up my dinner into 2 parts, with some time in between like an hour, but still within the calorie range.

And with the shakes it is so much easier for me to get the protein I need compared to other diets I have been on due to my food limitations. The chemical aftertaste it getting to me, though.

It’s quite convenient as you say. Maybe to do this long term, following the diet twice a week in the future might make it more affordable and to keep up good habits.

Another weekend down and still going strong. I weighed myself at the gym this afternoon and was down a few lbs from normal. This was with shoes on, and drinking water and shakes throughout the day. Not that weight matters but I was just curious. The back is feeling better after all the icing yesterday and then some ibuprofen.

I volunteered at a bike race all morning was logged way more steps then normal and then had my V-Burn this afternoon. I shaved about 5 minutes off my time. Completed this one in 26:19.

All my meals have been in the 650-690 calorie range so I’m going to drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive from my night time shake on the non-workout days since I’m going over the 600 calorie range for the meal.

It’s amazing how much bigger a meal feels when you add in a bunch of vegetables. I never eat much processed foods but would do a lot of potatoes and rice and compared to green vegetables those are calorie hogs. I’ll post a pic of tonight’s meal one I resize it so its not so big. Sauerkraut has been a staple in all my meals lately because it is phenomenally good for you

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Monday down and another workout in the bag. I took 5 seconds off my rest period and upped my weights. I think I’m going to go back down in weight on the rows for next week. I feel like I didn’t get a good squeeze on at the top. I kept the overhead squat in. Even though I didn’t do that much weight its the only way I’m going to get better at it.

I’ve started added in a walk after my meal everyday so get a little NEPA. I have a desk job so I don’t get a ton of movement in throughout the day.

Meal was pretty much the same as yesterday, just switched the vegetables around a bit. I’ll be dropping one scoop from my night time shake again tonight. I don’t feel the need for two scoops at night and I never wake up hungry to I think it will be ok. If any of you think it might be more beneficial I keep the two scoops at night let me know

Thank goodness for Plazma!! Workout 2 on the advanced program is by far the most brutal. Its brutal enough where I wonder if I could complete it without the Plazma. I like to think I could but I wonder how much longer is would take and then how long it would take to recover from it.

I’m starting to feel slightly hungrier now that I’ve cut out one scoop for my shakes. It’s not bad but I can tell a little something is there. I do feel like I’m starting to lean up more though. I counted my macros for a solid 7 months probably a year and a half ago and now that I’m more conscious about what I’m eating again I want to go back to that when I’m done. I’m pretty sure it will be IIFYM eating about 90% clean. Its not for sure what I’m going to do but its a hell of a lot easier to stay in shape then it is to get back in shape.

I’ve been doing some type of activity after my meal everyday. So yesterday I ate my HSM then I went to the gym and shot hoops for 30 or 40 minutes. I feel like moving around after eating helps me digest the food a better. So today after I eat again I’ll probably go for a walk. I have a nice loop around my place that come out to about 2 miles. Throw on a podcast and go.

I’m starting to look at Indigo-3G more and more. I really want to take that after this but it seems very expensive for the amount of servings. Plazma and 3G have to be a killer combo. I’ll keep doing my research and see what I can find. It would be awesome to go to the T-Nation facility. It seems like they ship out of Colorado Springs but not sure if they have a gym there or now.

Until next time…

Half way done with the V-Diet now. This week was a little different then the first week. I was cutting out one scoop on my last shake for a few days but I think I’m going to keep all the the scoops in from here on out. I was reviewing the plan and it kind of bounced back and forth saying it was ok but not ok it seemed like. I decided to put it back in because I don’t want my calories to low and half my fat loss. I definitely see some difference in the mirror. I think this is a very solid jump start into my long term goals.

I really like the way the workouts are laid out. No certain amount of sets just need to hit X amount of reps. I think Ill be sticking to this format once I’m done also. 3 lifting days and a circuit day. Probably keeping 2 heavy days and one medium then rotate the medium day to a different one each week if that makes sense.

For meals I was doing a constant 700 and on the non workout days I was just dropping the one scoop. I changed that up and am dropping the calories on the non workout days. Kinda trying it all and see what works best for my body type. I finally tied spaghetti squash and am a huge fan of it. I’ll be rotating that in twice a week I think.

I’m still trying to decide what supps I want to use when this is over. Plazma is dang expensive but its a pretty kick ass supp. I think if I keep it to the 5 servings a week its manageable to stay on without breaking the bank. I did change how I was taking it a little. I was doing a half serving before lifting the 1.5 servings during the workout but now am doing 1 serving before then 1 during. On the day where I just do one serving I might try just doing the whole serving before the workout then sip BCAAs during.

I’m excited to see what changes will be happening during the next two weeks

Only one more weekend left on the diet for me. I guess that’s the nice thing about starting it on the weekend.

I had my V-Burn workout today. It was not a good workout. I mentally couldn’t get into it and then felt gassed the entire workout. I ended up having to drop the weight some on overhead press an I ended up doing my hand walkouts from knees. Even dropping that down I was still 2 minutes slower then last week, at 28:25. I’m not going to worry about it though. Not every workout will be 100% so you just have to take the bad with the good. I started my diet on a Saturday and started the workouts with the V-Burn on that Sunday. I decided to do it like that so I’ll end on a Friday and then that Saturday I’ll get in a 5th V-Burn workout.

I planned out most of my meals for the week today. Takes any guess work out of what I’m going to eat that day. And that means I was able to get all my grocery shopping done today. My calories might show a little over the 600 or 700 mark but I round to the high side. The burger for instance is drained so the fat content might be lower then what I have written down.

One thing I am working on is insulin sensitivity. Just small steps that will hopefully make a difference in the long run. I’m adding 2 teaspoons of cinnamon to my morning shake and taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar about 30 minutes before my meal

I couldn’t get into today’s workout either. I lowered my weight on the rows since last week I didn’t feel like I got a good squeeze at the top. The ab roll outs went good also. I was able to add some extra reps into those. I’m alright with those two lifts. The overhead squats killed my motivation. It didn’t feel right on my shoulder again so that cramped up a little which messed with my dips. I had to drop my weight on the dips then. Next week I’m going to do the overhead squats last.

Diet is still on track which is good. I could have done without the 2 eggs on today’s meal since I felt quite full at the end of everything. Went for an extra walk tonight because of it though.

I did order some lifting bands today so I’m quite pumped for those to get here.

Ever closer to being done with my 28 days with this weekend being the last one on my diet. I’m definitely feeling hungrier now but its not overbearing. I had a rushed meal last night and went with default chicken and oatmeal. I don’t think oatmeal sits very well with me. I always feel bloated after I eat it.

As for the workout yesterday I felt back to normal in it again. I tried out a new gym just to switch it up so maybe that helped. Even got a walk in after my workout.

Sleep has been awful again this week. Probably averaging about 5.5 a night but surprisingly I don’t feel tired at all during the day. I think I’m just going to start staying up later and maybe accomplish a few more things like reading or studying.

Yay last weekend for both of us!

I’m finding that I really notice bloat with foods now.

If you don’t feel tired then maybe you just need less sleep now, lucky. I’ve been feeling rather drained from this diet, though.

Time for another update after the weekend. Friday I had Workout 3 and felt good again. I’ve had to drop some weight on a few exercises but I’ve also added weight on others. Saturday I did my V-Burn workout and it felt awesome. I didn’t get it quite as fast as I wanted but the big part was I wasn’t dreading it on my way to the gym. That was my 4th time for is since I started my “diet” with it. I kind of did that so I could finish with the V-Burn also for a total of 5 times. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep some form of the V-Burn in my workout from now on but I’ve been all over the place on what I do next so we’ll have to see.

Last week was definitely the hardest of the 3 so far. I just felt drained and weak in the gym for my first 3 workouts but like I said Friday changed that around. Felt more hungry then the first 2 weeks also. Only 5 days left where I’ll relax a little for the 4th then be right back on track.

I did weigh in Saturday morning at 174, down 6lbs from the start. I also had one shake in me and some water. This is exactly where I wanted to be. About 2lbs a week but looking better. My goal was to finish around 172 so I’m on pace for that. My roommate and I went to the pool Sunday and said he needs to get back in the gym bad. He told me I’ve really leaned up which was really awesome to hear. Big boost going into the final week.

Diet this week is going to be the same every day. The Nutrient Dense Chili from article. I got 10 servings out of it coming to about 669 calories a serving. I know this is off some because I drained the fat after browning all the meat, and I calculated it with it in. When I make it again I wont be draining it. I did 1lb beef and 2 lbs turkey and 1/4lb calf liver. I’ll add in the marco breakdown to my diet log later

Only two days left. What a quick month, quick but brutal. I loved the diet but these workouts are catching up to me. I look better that for sure but my body is telling me to slow it down a little bit. Granted its not all because of the workouts. I desperately need to stretch and loosen up. Today I was setting down some dumbbells and felt a little pop in my hammy. Talked to a trained and he said hold shit your tight. I ended up skipping RDLs today. I went home and iced instead and Ill do some light RDLs tomorrow at least. I think I’m going to buy a few sessions with a trainer and focus on stretching.

My next plan of action is relax a little next week then start up 5/3/1 - The Periodization Bible version I think. 3 days a week lifting with one day of HIIT, or at least I like to think so. For diet I’ll keep calories around 200 short of TDEE with a cheat meal every few weeks.

If you haven’t made that chili yet I recommend it. Very good except the farts with it are something special

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