My V-Diet Log (Starting 5/16/21)

Age: 34

Height: 5’10

Weight: ~190 (just ordered a scale)

Start: Planning for Sunday, 5/16, may be Monday

Will do measurements and all that stuff this weekend

Background: Former college/professional athlete, easy sub-10% body fat for whole life up until ~30ish. Then came three kids and a pretty brutal, fully sedentary, typically high travel desk job. Still typically get halfway decent training in 3-4 days a week (although some weeks are seven days, some are 2), and am pretty happy with my overall strength given time and injury history, but have slowly and steadily gained some weight. Have visible abs, although probably only four, and pants continually have gotten tighter. I really struggle with snacking at night (I typically log back on my computer around 8 and work until mdinightish, and find it incredibly hard not to snack then).

Have literally never dieted before (other than actively trying to gain weight for all four years of college as I went from ~135 pounds to 185-190 of good weight by the end of my athletic career). I tend to do well on things that are very prescriptive and require execution, so hoping for the best, but will definitely be the first time actively restricting calories and moderating meal size in the HSM. Will have a few social tests in the four weeks, but I think I can manage that, or will do my best. Quite pleased with the update since I first read this many years ago – daily HSMs make it doable with the family, work dinners, etc…

Will be planning to do the advanced program with a few garage gym / injury history required modifications

  1. Dips out, weighted pushups in (shoulders cannot do dips, especially heavy)

  2. Two days of chin-ups will go down to one, and I’ll replace with Weighted TRX inverted rows on the lighter weight day (my shoulders won’t do well with two chin up workouts in 3 days)

  3. Push press out, landmine push press in

  4. Incline dumbbell press out, low incline barbell bench in (don’t have heavy enough dumbells in my garage)

  5. In the V burn ,will need to replace handstand pushups with either regular pushups or pike pushups (shoulders again)

Feel like this is my best chance to get this diet in before we return back to the office and start traveling again, so giving it a go. If nothing else, a good diet reset would be exciting, but hoping for some good trim to the midsection and having my pants fit when we return back to work.

Any tips on appetite suppressing and snack cravings, especially at night? Will definitely be trying the pudding Metabolic Drive as my night snack, but curious if others have thoughts here. I don’t think I’ll have any issues during the day.

First day today - weighed in at 195.0 this AM (not great, but glad to be starting a diet!). Will do my measurements tonight or tomorrow.

8-8:30 am - First shake plus Superfood + 1 Flameout
10:00 am - Plazma
10:15-11:00 - Advanced Monday Workout - Solid workout. Can probably crank my weight up on a couple things but let’s see
12:30 - Shake #2 + 1 Flameout
2:45-3:30 - NEPA walk while on a couple of calls
3:45 - Shake #3
7:00 - HSM - 6 oz Flat Iron Steak + Grilled Peppers (1/2 tablespoon of EVOO) + lime cilantro rice

Note: I’m probably not going to measure my calories with a scale unless the weight isn’t coming off. In the past, would have probably eaten twice as much steak with a slightly higher calorie marinade, etc., so going to eyeball it first and see how it goes. I think not eating real food all day definitely made me fill up faster

10:00 (expected) - Shake #4 + 1 Flameout

Overall, wasn’t an easy day but wasn’t horrible either. By biggest issue has been snacking at night, and this kept me on track for tonight at least. The only time I’ve really craved anything else was post-dinner (mainly dessert or anything salty)/.

I hear you on the late-night snacking… I’m a salty/crunch fiend at night and with kids in the house that always seem to bring home bags of chips, it’s to just die for.

I’m like you and hit my last meal later on (6pm as opposed to 5pm) and last shake within 30-mins of bedtime, so that seems to help for me.

Definitely agree - especially with the kids’ snacks that always seem to be out, or the meatballs the nanny cooked them this afternoon for dinner… Just need to avoid the kitchen in the afternoon I think!

Day 2:
8 am - First shake plus Superfood + 1 Flameout
12:30 - Shake #2 + 1 Flameout
3:45 - Shake #3 plus 1 Flameout
7:15 - HSM - Chicken fajitas (no wrap): Grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions, rice, salsa. Was a prepared meal kit so had exactly half at 600 calories plus a little salsa
7:45 - 8:25 pm - NEPA (couldn’t squeeze it in during the work day today)
10:15 - Shake #4 (pudding style) + 1 flameout

Definitely harder today. Not sure if it’s just going for another day or the fact that no workout meant no Plazma this morning, but struggled with headaches and lack of focus, especially in afternoon. Felt better after dinner but I wouldn’t say great.

No cheating thus far. Have a work dinner in the city tomorrow, so that will be a true test of willpower, but have a good plan to overcome it.

8:30 - First shake + flameout + superfood
10:00 - Plazma
10:15-11:00 - Advanced Workout #2 - a little harder today. Good workout
12:30 - Shake #2 + flameout
3:30 - Shake #3
6-8:00 - Dinner out - Half of a portion of grilled skirt steak and sauteed spinach. Half a glass of white wine (not ideal but I am proud of my willpower to only have half my steak and wine).
10:00 - Shake #4 plus flameout

I am overall pleased with the willpower that I was able to have, although a little annoyed that i drank the wine. More proud of my ability to leave half a steak on the plate, something I don’t think I have ever done before. Today was easier like Monday, although I was also out and about commuting and with people for a lot of the day, so less time to think about it. I do think the Plazma helps on Workout days.

Day 4 yesterday:
8:30 - Shake #1 plus Superfood plus flameout
12:00 - Shake #2 plus flameout
2:45-3:30 - NEPA walk
4:00 - Shake #3 plus flameout
7:30 - HSM - Almond coated chicken breast, roasted broccoli, roasted thin sliced sweet potatoes
11:- Shake #4 (pudding) plus flameout

Pretty easy day overall, despite being a little hungry still after finishing dinner. Routine is definitely getting easer. Worst part if cooking dinner and waiting for it to be done.

Day 5:
8:30 - Shake #1 + Flameout and Superfood
9:45: Plazma
10:15-11:00 - Friday Advanced Workout
12:30 - Shake #2 + Flameout
3:45 - Shake #3
HSM - Grilled Salmon, Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes
10:30 (expected) - Shake #4 + Flameout

Days are definitely getting easier, although i was pretty hungry after today’s workout, which I thought was the most intense (Front squats, close grip bench, chinups, push press). But the cravings mostly died down and the shakes are good enough. Not sure if I’ll ever drink another Metabolic Drive after this though (and it’s only day 5!!).

Managed to avoid pizza at the kids’ tee ball game, which was a major win. That 1 slice of pizza at every kids function is definitely not helpful! I also get quite irritable as I get closer to the HSM - not easy to go that last hour if I’m around the kids, etc…

Solid weekend. Won’t give the meal by meal, but a few highlights:

  • Managed to go out to dinner one night and go to an in-laws birthday party another, with limited cheating / going way over the calorie count. Had a glass of wine Saturday night which wasn’t great, but avoided pizza, bread, dessert, finishing my meal, etc. so quite proud
  • Replaced the Metabolic Drive shake with Pure Protein shake two times when I was out and thought it was easier to just have a can. 40 fewer calories ,but similar protein and MUCH easier for me to have something disposable and ready-to-drink when out with the kids. Not perfect, but allowed me to eat at the right times and not miss any meals, which I probably would have done without.
  • Did the first v-burn - 26:58. Absolutely crushed my shoulders between the pushup with rotation, walkouts, and handstand pushups (I modified but still 10 is a lot). Plus it’s the day after the close grip bench, chinups, and push press lift. Should get better as I build some endurance there, and may do it Sunday instead of Saturday to allow for some recovery
  • Still zero snacks after dinner or bites of my kids’ food, which were my two biggest weaknesses / worries. Hoping to stay strong there

All in all, weekends are much busier as we manage kids’ schedules, but this diet (so far) is pretty doable given the all liquids. And it does allow for socializing, just requires the will power to go out to dinner and say no to stuff, limit portion sizes, etc…

Day 8 yesterday
9:00 am - Shake #1 plus superfood + flameout
10:30 - Plazma
10:45 - Monday Advanced workout
12:30 - Shake #2
3:00-4:00 - NEPA
4:00 - Shake #3
7:00 - HSM - Grilled chicken breast, grilled seasoned carrots, white rice with a little soy sauce
11:00 - Shake #4 plus flameout

Pretty easy day - Monday workout is definitely the easiest of the Advanced, probably because I can’t load the OH Squats that well.

Day 9:
8:30 am - Shake #1 plus Flameout
11:45-12:30 pm - NEPA
12:30 - Shake #2 plus Superfood + Flameout
3:15 - Shake #3 plus Flameout
6:00 - NEPA #2
7:30 - HSM - Asian Mealkit (chicken, a bunch of vegatables, and rice tortillas)
10:30 - Shake #4 plus Flameout

Not a bad day - definitely more hungry on the non-workout days, probably because no Plazma. Will do a weigh in tomorrow morning, but noticeable changes to my midsection, and my wife told me tonight I look “younger…like when we first met”. Seems like a good thing

Apologies for the lack of updates (if anyone reads this). Diet momentum is still going pretty strong, if posting here isn’t. The holiday weekend has brought a ton of social things, but managing quite well to keep meals healthy and portions in check.

I was down >8 pounds in the middle of last week. Will do another weigh in tomorrow or the next day, but definitely a lot tighter in the midsection and down a belt notch. Also noticed my shoulders look a lot more cut, which is a nice bonus.

A couple learnings from the last few days:

  • It’s really hard to do this diet perfectly and socialize (for me), mainly driven by alcohol BUT I have found it quite easy to nurse one drink for 3 hours and have half of it (~50 or so calories), which to me, is a win and makes this slightly more sustainable and less annoying
  • I think my NEPAs haven’t been quite intense enough, even though they’re not meant to be intense. It’s poured here all weekend, so I did mine today on the treadmill - 4 mph at an incline is definitely faster than I walk on my NEPAs, especially when I’m actively on a call. May not be much I can do if the only time I have is on calls, but might think about adding a little bit in the morning or late night to get some better activity
  • Did the V-Burn this week in 21:32, so shaved ~5 minutes off. Still hard on the shoulders, but I think I had less overall soreness from the Friday lift this time that made it easier. And less hot out. I have been drinking one serving of Plazma before - I feel pretty energyless without it
  • This diet is pretty easy to do mobiley, etc., but it does take some preparation. I have found having multiple shakers and some pre-made cans (I mentioned this before) super helpful
  • I’m pretty sick of both of my flavors of Metabolic Drive. Going to have to do something different with some of them come week 3!

Sounds like you’ve gotten into a good swing of things and are aware of how to handle issues that come up, so just stay on track and do what you’ve been doing.

This can be a big thing to deal with since the shakes are, obviously, a central focus. Sugar-free flavorings, like baking mixes, can come in handy. Just err on too few drops because some can be pretty potent.

Not sure which flavors you got, but mixing in the Superfood can also help. Also even just adjusting consistency, either more water to thin them out or less water for something more “chewable”.

Thanks for the update. I am about to give the V-Diet a third chance. I have failed it, it has not failed me. Alcohol is my de-railer.

I found that with Metabolic Drive, if you have vanilla specifically, I used BCAAs before to flavor it. It adds some great flavor, great recovery from BCAAs, and no extra calories…or very minimal. Not sure if that is considered Velocity -Kosher. :wink:

I got yelled at by my doc for high triglycerides, so I’m thinking this will be the non-alcohol four weeks. And that’s really the point of such an extreme diet plan. We are spending the money for rapid weight loss, but also to prove to ourselves what we can truly accomplish if it matters enough to us.

My thoughts, which probably aren’t V-Diet kosher, as you say, is that if it keeps you sane, do it in very limited quantities. Call it peer pressure or not wanting to talk about my diet at dinner, but I found it quite easy to nurse one glass of wine for an entire dinner, which is like 100 calories, to save me from the annoyance and the conversation,

Perfect for results? I’m sure not. But I didn’t have to be annoying, or talk about it if I didn’t want to, or tell my wife that I don’t want to be social for a month. In total, I’ve probably had ~3-4 whole drinks over 4 or 5 social occasions. I also tried to limit my calories in the meal those nights, knowing the alcohol was taking some of them up, but also more difficult to do in social settings.

And then, just like the snacks in the cabinet, the more I got rid of / hid before I started, the easier it is. So maybe literally do a purge of your fridge and liquor cabinet if you can, at least for some stuff.

Yeah - mixing consistency has helped. I much prefer blended shakes, but the occasional shaker shake is a nice mix up. Pudding at night also makes me more excited for something different / dread the final shake a little less. I’ll try a few baking mixes - I did cinnamon yesterday for the first time and it was decent. I’m actually not a fan of superfood taste at all - I usually have to just grit my teeth and drink that shake each day (I like itmore with the chocolate than the vanilla).

My 2-week weigh in was 186.4 - so down 9.6 pounds. Quite pleased with that - but more importantly, adherence has been really good. Still 0 after dinner snacks, which is the thing I most hope to pick up from this. I don’t know about my goals for the last two weeks, but expect somewhere around 180 is a good ending weight for me.

I also expected to have some stomach issues on this diet, but honestly, my gut feels a thousand times better than normal. I’m sure it’s a combination of cutting out nighttime eating, no wheat, and less junk generally, but I honestly feel way better digestion wise. I also think I’ve tripled my water intake, although I never had water issues to begin with - it just helps me get through the day on this diet.

Purge liquor!? You are probably right. But I won’t. If only because my goal is to demonstrate more self-control and break bad habits and form new good ones. This time around my efforts have more significant ramifications. Thanks for the great response, dude. I hope you’re doing well with your four weeks. Stick with it!

Yeah - I don’t know. I found that maybe it’s not purging, but breaking the habit can take some more drastic measures. At least hide them or put them somewhere less accessible? If you have a bar sitting out in the open with a bunch of stuff on it, or the beers in your main fridge, I just feel like you’re much more likely to drink it. If you put it somewhere, it takes more effort and time and everything else, plus out of sight and (more?) out of mind.

I agree entirely about demonstrating self control for the long-run, but I think it helps to break the habit initially by doing some more extreme things, and then building on that. Trust me, there are enough temptations and times to display self control (e.g., my kids all eating ice cream in front of me yesterday and telling me they saved some) that it helps to not ALSO have the ice cream sitting in the freezer.

Day 17 or so update:

Still rolling along. I’m hungrier on weekdays when I just sit and work all day, but much easier to be compliant with no distractions, all the stuff accessible, and everything else.

Did an impromptu weigh-in yesterday and came in at 184.5 o so down 11.5 pounds. My measurements are all screwed up but I think like 2+ inches off my waste. I’d say everything going as expected and like promised / documented from those that complied. Thinking at this point I’ll end around 180, which is probably a really good weight for me to stick around. I definitely don’t need to be lighter or leaner than that, and will be nice to be in maintenance mode for the foreseeable future.

The workouts are also fun - rest times get insanely quick, but I do feel like I’m adding a bit of strength (or at least muscular endurance), and it’s a nice 4-week changeup from my more standard training sessions. Have also done a NEPA every day I think, which is awesome and I’ll hopefully comply with beyond this workout. It’s something I should have been doing for the last 1.5 years where we’ve been working from home.

To make my shakes slightly more tolerable (they taste fine, but the monotony), I’ve gone to the following: Blended vanilla shake as breakfast, Blended chocolate shake for Lunch (with superfood), Shaker Vanilla shake for snack, and pudding for my nighttime shake. Means that I’m only having each “type” once per day, which helps me.

One observation: my cravings for crappy food haven’t gone anywhere. Maybe it will take the full time, but I still see chips, crackers, pizza, whatever else the kids eat, and want all of it. I’m not sure if I expect that to happen or not, and don’t really need it to, but that’s one divergence from what I’ve seen others say / what was in the initial article about it.

Thanks for the update, good pace and results so far. Although I get the impression you want =ed or hoped for more thus far.

And it’s too funny you being uop the fact of working our while on lockdown. I’ve been thinking that people will start emerging from their caves and go back to work wondering why didn’t I get more done at home or with exercise. I finally explored the trails near my house–literally just a half mile away. /facepalm

As for your snack longing, looks like good ole salt craving. For me with soda, which wasn’t a big deal, but far more than I should have been drinking years ago, I started drinking club sodas long before it was fashionable. Does that make me a hipster? God, I hope not. Anyway, maybe a substitute of some kind would work for you. Or maybe one handful of chips in a bowl and mindfully eat them…once you’re off the diet.

Keep up the great work. I know it’s tough. I start Sunday.

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