My V-Diet Log (Starting 12/15/09)

My name is Jordan and I am a V-Dieter. There is no day but today. Throughout high school I was an overweight kid and once I started college I made the switch to a low carb lifestyle. I lost 50 lbs over that time and now I look good, but I want to look even better. I have decided that even though I keep a fairly clean diet and work hard in the gym, I need a drastic change to get cut.

The V-Diet will easily put me in a thousand calorie deficit from my previous diet/
I will be consuming 1440 cals on non training days and 1540 on training days with all carbs coming from flax seed and Surge.

My starting measurements are:
waist: 36in
chest: 40in
unflexed arm:14in

I will be doing a variation that Shug has mentioned though; eating one HSM per day with the alloted calories left from removing one shake. My TRAINING DAY:
shake1 with flax and 3fo
shake 2 with flax and 3f0
shake3 (.875 scoop) with flax and 3fo
shake4 with Surge
(.875 scoop) with flax and 3fo

peripheral view.


day one is coming to an end, I have to say I’m doing fine but I had a mild headache all day long and was pretty tired. I think maybe the tryptophan in the flax was the culprit ( or the face that I’m in a huge caloric deficit). I feel good knowing that this will work though. Any support or thoughts are welcome!

the First few days are hard but after you will see it just becomes a normal day.

How much do you weight? goal?
What is your Bodyfat?
How tall?

Good luck, I’ll be starting my Velocity Diet on the 3rd of January…started my thread just a few minutes ago…will be checking in!


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