My V-Diet Log and Experiences (2nd Run)

About three years ago I weighed over 190kg. I had to buy special scales when I decided to start losing weight and I know I was over 190kg because they couldn’t even weigh me! I lost about 100kg in under 12 months with massive amounts of cardio and weight lifting but no nutritional knowledge.

I thought I needed to eat carbs and stacks of them! After about 18 months of being between 95kg and 105kg I decided that I was just big-fat and while I did have more muscle than most people I knew if not all, I also had more fat to go with it. I saw Dan John and Gus do the V-Diet and thought that was the way for me.

This will be my second run with the V-Diet, the first was in February 2008 (after seeing Dan John and Gus) and I lost about 11kg (24lbs) and 13cm (5.5") off my waist during the initial four weeks and then continued down until I’d lost another 7kg (15lbs) and 8cm (3") off my waist.

I was pretty happy I’d gone from about 17-19% BF to about 10-11% BF via caliper measurements but it was really evident via the skin fold measurements and the mirror that I was losing fat and gaining muscle. I had some abs coming through!!

Then the bulimia hit again. I was looking the best I ever had and was starting to see abs for the first time ever and the next thing is I’m bingeing on chocolate, ice cream, chips, biscuits (cookies) and then throwing up. Sometimes twice a day, but generally just every night.

I’ve had bulimia before, for about a year and the V-Diet helped me kick it. I was absolutely free of it for about four months and then I was in the complete grip of it again. So I’ve decided to hit the V-Diet again to really shred off a bunch of fat but also to reset my eating habits which had become just amazingly good.

The bulimia didn’t help with losing fat or weight and I actually put on about 6kg in weight the last week before the V-Diet started! Some will be water, but according to the calipers, a fair chunk wasn’t.

So as of Monday the 12th of May, 2008 I am back on the V-Diet and aiming to strip 8kg in the next four weeks and get visible abs again. I will kick the bulimia again and refind a passion for healthy food!

I’m keeping a log at my own website but I like this site and so hopefully I do well and people will see the V-Diet is wicked.

I’ll be using non Biotest stuff as I like the flavour and Biotest is really expensive in Australia. I won’t be using stimulants past coffee and caffeine tablets. I’ll be having six shakes a day and seven on training days. I have a sedentary job but my exercise routine is like this :

  • 4x1hr weights (back + legs, arms, shouldes, chest + back) every workout I do back work as I want a big back.
  • 4x30min walks (6km/hr, 4mphr outside as a warm up before weights)
  • 1x90min walk (my rest day)
  • 3x25min runs (12km/hr minimum)
  • 1x1hr run (10-12km/hr)
  • 6x20min cycling (high cadence, cardio)
  • 2x90min BJJ (60 mins training, 30mins hard rolling)

that’s it. It’s more than what’s recommended but then I’ve been at this level of activity for more than a year now. Imagine how much I was eating before to maintain weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m starting at a reference of 95kg for my calculations which puts me at 1500cal and 1800cals. So I take in 215g Protein, 45g Fat, 49g Carbs on non-WO days and 245P, 51F,99C on WO days. I have oatmeal and dextrose as my carb source and whey as my protein source.

Daily shakes are a mix of Casein and whey and night time is Casein and Peanut Butter. I have 2 serves of flax meal a day (21g each) and then another coupel of serves of psyllium for fibre.

Measurements @ 12 May 2008

  • Weight : 98.5kg
  • Waist : 93.5cm
  • Hips : 105.0cm
  • Chest : 104.0cm
  • Thighs : 64.0cm
  • Calves : 42.5cm
  • Shoulders : 122cm
  • BF% : 13%

I’ll upload some photos later.

Goals are to hit a weight of under 90kg, BF% of under 10% by caliper measurement, Chest under 100cm, thighs under 62cm, waist under 85cm. Some guys want a big chest and thighs but mine have a lot of fat on them so I want to reducefor the time being.

Thanks guys, I’m looking forward to smashing this.

End Of Day 2

Just got home from a BJJ grading. I didn’t grade up but helped a few guys that were. I’m considering entering the comp on Sunday …

I didn’t notice any real drop in energy but I’m pretty sure I’m in ketosis (I’ll check tomorrow) and I’m making sure to get my shakes in on schedule.

Today I did my arms routine which is mostly biceps and triceps with a chinup and cable pull down finish. I did 30 mins walking to warm up. Everything was great and the walk was quick.

I got my protein powder delivery today which is a godsend! ON Casein in Vanilla and Chocolate and some ON Whey in Banana!! Delicious. I just had a Vanilla and banana shake with flax and it was delicious. Choc + banana is also wicked.

I got a grilling from one of my best friends today about the bulimia. Basically worried that if it’s happened before why will this time be different. I think it will be but have said if it comes back again I’ll get professional help. I’m yet to tell my other best friend… that will probalby be tomorrow.

I’m not hungry, not desperate for food, exercise is on track and so is eating and water intake. My thoughts on food are already changing, I remember this last time where you become far more thoughtul about food rather than responding to instincts.

I’m going to try and get some extra sleep in tonight to catch up on my weekend.

I increased some of my weights today and volume went up too so not slacking off there either. Last week I was finding it hard to get outta bed, this last couple of days have been very easy. I found this last time too I just became less sluggish.

So, so far so good.

End of Day 3

Everything seems to be going well and I have heaps more time on my hands. I feel leaner and more energetic and just better in my head too.

There are some things I’m noticing such as that instant thought of having a date/lolly out of the jar at our office each time I walk by (like I used to) but these are quickly caught and assessed. I’m not hungry, it’s just a temporary fix. It’s good to be objective like this.

The ON Banana Whey is delicious, ON Vanilla and choc Casein is also delicious and it’s great to have something easy to drink that I’m looking forward to. I did buy some Dymatize Elite in Butter Toffee and Mocha and both are shit in taste and mixability so mixing with ON stuff makes these bareable.

Vascularity and pump are noticeably down veins I used to see plain as day all day are now just a bit noticeable. Muscles seem smaller but I feel leaner and mentally much clearer too.

I find it easy to do the shakes on schedule at work, I even forget about them sometimes. However at home there is a little mental battle, I haven’t lost yet.

I’ll be goign out more, there is a girl that I’m interestest in (and it may be reciprocated…) and last night I went to go see her (she’s a barista at my coffee joint) but she wasn’t there. I’m actually wondering how I’ll get a chance to talk to her as she rarely serves at the counter, she’s always making coffee. Still I went there, went to a book store and generally used the spare time of not having the cook/clean/eat to look aroudn and check out some books.

All in all feeling great. I got an early night tonight and got to bed at 10:30pm. I usually get about 5 hours a night but I’m trying to get more.

Day three was when it got easier for me.

Why are you using ON Whey? That shit goes right through me - and you’re not supposed to be using whey protein anyway.

My first Metabolic Drive experience was right before starting this diet (I’m heading into day six), and I think that after this diet, I may transition to something different - maybe even my own mix on True Protein (I’m partial to egg protein and casein - straight whey equals instant diarrhea for me).

Good luck on the diet, though!

You should buy some ON casein, and mix it with your ON whey 50/50.

Other than that, keep it up and good luck!

[quote]wirewound wrote:
Day three was when it got easier for me.

Yeah I was coming home today and just thought to myself (4th day today) wow that was easy! I remember for me last time just thinking how easy the diet actually was and why people were complaining. Same this time. There is no hunger and any thought of food is just an instinctual thing of putting something in your mouth.

So yeah day 4 for me today and was easy as.

I’m using ON because that’s what I like. I’ve tried Redbak, Dymatize, BSN, VP2, Aussie Bodies, Max’s, and just plain milk protein concentrate. I did my last V-Diet run with Redbak complete (WPI, WPC, Casein, Egg etc) then onto ON Whey only (very bad) then onto unflavoured MPC (very very awesome!) and I it was easy on the Redbak complete and MPC.

I actually use Whey on getting out of bed to get a quick release of protein, I have it with flax too. Then the other shakes besides bed are a 2:1 casein:whey mix. So yeah only around workouts and first shake is whey only for quick absorption. My PWO shake has dextrose and oats in it too.

Thank man, it’s easy peasy :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing the scales and progress pics.

End of Day 4

Wow, this is easy as.

I was sitting in the train station waiting for the train this evening and it stuck me that “hey I’m on a shake diet” I honestly hadn’t thought much about it today just mixed and drank, mixed and drank…

I was pretty damn tired this morning after goign to bed early at 10:30 but then for some reason waking up, getting dressed to walk then realising it was only 12:15 not 5am … really weird.

I got some sample Cytolean so I decided to take one while I was falling asleep at the computer. Within 40 mins I was feeling a bit of a buzz, but more just I was awake than feeling any ‘energy’ as such. That was a drastic enough difference. However I also wasn’t the least bit hungry for about four hours too. I’ll use them again to make sure this wasn’t just a placebo thing, but this is two days in a row with very similar effects. Prior to this I thought all fo these products were BS … but now I don’t know.

I bought some new t-shirts today and the ones I picked up to try on were too big as my eyes are still set on teh size I was and I seem to have shrunk a bit already :slight_smile: Old t-shirt that was tight isn’t very tight at all now. Jeans have become looser too.

So just plugging away now, tasty shakes and goign to be going out tomorrow night for lots of fun.

[quote]lowlight wrote:
You should buy some ON casein, and mix it with your ON whey 50/50.

Other than that, keep it up and good luck![/quote]

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Maybe I didn’t make it clear my morning shake and PWO shake is 100% whey, my night shake is 100% casein all others are a 2:1 ratio of casein to whey.

Loving it this time, Banana + choc or banan + vanilla is awesome.

While I personally don’t approve of ON… and I doubt Chris would either… you’re using a casein protein which kinda makes up for it!

Good luck!

Can I ask where you’d normally source Biotest stuff in Australia?

I don’t know ON might not be as good quality as Biotest stuff, but I like the flavour and it mixes well. I’ve had 5-6 brands and they’re who I’ve settled on.

In Australia I’ve seen a few places stocking Biotest stuff but its twice the price of ON stuff if you compare it to the Casein only. If you start blending with whey then the gap increases.

It sucks because I love T-Nation but I just can’t afford to do the V-Diet with Biotest gear, it’d cost at least double the price.

Thanks though! :slight_smile: It’s going very, very well.

I’d like to know where you get protein for less than $75AUS…

EDIT: Seriously, I want a backup for when Biotest NZ runs out of Metabolic Drive.

End of Day 5

It’s not really the end of the day but I’ll be going out tonight so this is the best I can do today.

Damn today was EASY! Really at no point was I remotely hungry though I was tired again. The Cytolean helped though and so I’ll definitely be buying some of that. Now it’s got me thinking about HOT-ROX and what that might do. I never believed in all that thermogenic/energy/appetite suppressant stuff but now I am a believer.

I was really itching for a run today which sort of demonstrates how energetic I felt at the end of the day. I know it’s not the right thing to do but I went out after work, it was cold (for Perth) and actually had a hard time breathing for some of it. Still it was so easy and I think I’m noticing the loss of dead weight already. Really it was a breeze.

When I got back though I definitely had a keto taste so I’m going to be checking the ketostix over teh weekend. Granted ketosis isn’t bad but it is a sign that muscle munching is right around the corner.

I’m almost out of the Body Ripped SPS, thank god. This stuff is complete crap. It mixes crap, tastes crap and I’m lucky I just got a a small tub to trial.

I’m going out tonight to a birthday thing at a club so there will be dancing until some time into the early morning. This is probably (definitely) not a good thing but I feel like you have to have fun, that’s why you are trying to get lean anyway! I’ll take a spare shake and have that if I’m out very late.

Bowel movements are okay which was a problem last time. I really want to get a low calorie source of insoluble fibre though if that’s possible as as far as I have read flax and psyllium are mainly soluble fibre.

I’m getting a weird thing that has happened two nights in a row now and a couple of weeks ago. I get up at about 5am to go for a walk, it’s still dark at this time. The last couple of nights I’ve been tired and went to bed early. I’ve then woken up, gotten out of bed put on clothes, mixed a shake, made a coffee and then looked at the clock. Last night it was 12 midnight and this time it was 2am. Both were roughly 2 hours after going to bed. Very strange. Cytolean…?

Anyway things are going very well. Last night I shopped and bought some chewies. Last time I smashed them but this time I"m only using them to keep my mouth moist and the keto taste out when exercising. I can already feel my taste of sweetness is amplified though.

So this is pretty long, but I guess it’s just a testament to the energy I’ve got now and how good I’m feeling. The weekend will fly by and then that’ll be week one down!

[quote]Makavali wrote:
I’d like to know where you get protein for less than $75AUS…[/quote]

I don’t really want to post links but ON Casein is typically $85 for about 2kg and ON Whey is typically $75 for about 2.5kg.

That’s what I buy it for online. With shipping I got 2x1.9kg of casein + 2.5kg of whey for $265AUD and there were no specials involved.

I’m outta here, time to get my dancing shoes on :slight_smile:

One thing I have noticed though is that I’m cold a lot more than I think I normally would be. I get why that is, I just didn’t think it would be so pronounced.

My workmates are complaining as the heat is up to high yet I have a jacket, jeans and am fully clothed and am still a bit chilly. I do remember this was the case last time too. Amazing how much solid food can add to your engine. I know as I leaned out on a low carb diet the times I did have a chunk of carbs it was definitely noticeable the increase in temperature. This was never the case when I was in the 20% BF range…

End of Day 6

I went out partying on Friday night and ended up being awake from 5am Friday morning until 9pm Saturday night. I added a shake Friday night to cover dancing and being awake and on Saturday I made sure I stuck to the shakes every three hours. I don’t think it was all that bad. I also made sure I drank plenty of water. I didn’t drink or anything so it was just a normal session minus sleep.

I felt like I had just as much energy as usual and it was good to have a routine the day after rather than just eating whatever, whenever. Typically the day after I make excuses saying that I should just eat ‘what my body craves’ but yesterday with a regime I actually found there were no cravings. It was surprisingly easy.

I guess it was just another of those tests you face with a bit of fear and then breeze through because the thing that was causing the problem before isn’t there anymore.

Definitely notice the absense of veins that were there before due to teh low carbs I’d say. I feel smaller, but not weaker.

So at this point I was feeling fine and dandy. Weigh in tomorrow.

Weigh in Day 7

Really pleased with this weigh in and was WAY more than I expected to see.

Weight : 90.8kg (-7.7kg)
Waist : 87.0cm (-6.5cm)
Hips : 101.0cm (-4.0cm)
Chest : 100.0cm (-4.0cm)
Thighs : 61.5cm (-2.5cm)
Calves : 41.0cm (-1.5cm)
Shoulders : 122.0cm (no loss)
BF% : 11.3% (-1.6%)

So yeah, overall very very happy!! There was apparently some loss in LBM but actually I’m goign to put that down to a huge drop in water weight (obvious by the scale drop) playing havoc with the measurements. They’re by caliper but under skin water, crap calipers and me taking measurements. I think now the water is gone they’ll be a better reference to go by.

I promise I’ll have photos soon. I haven’t seen them from this morning yet :slight_smile:

You lost about 17lbs in 7 days? Holy shit. That’s ridiculous - wonder if anyone has ever lost more during the first week.

Pics should be interesting. Good luck

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