My V-Diet: I Start Tomorrow, 4/27

HI, everyone.

I’m hoping this diet can get me back on track and help me finish an amazing journey I started about three years ago. I was morbidly obese from age 18 to age 43. Three years ago I discovered the JOY of fitness and changed my eating habits as well and lost 120 pounds. Life was AMAZING! I changed myself from the inside out and the outside in!

I had bodylift surgery about a year ago, and it was expensive and traumatic and TOTALLY WORTH IT because my two-decade obesity had disfigured me. The weightless was great but not enough. Now I look and feel and move like a normal person. It’s SO FABULOUS!

Alas, however, my happy ending has not been reached quite yet. I’ve gained back about 20 this year! And no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the needle moving in the right direction for long. I SLOWLY lose and then have a binge and nine days of hard work are erased by one. I’ve tried everything–EVERYTHING, but I can’t seem to get back into the easy losing groove the change my life.

I now have about 40 pounds to lose to hit my long-time “ideal” goal of 140–but honestly even if I could just lose the 20 I gained this year and call it a day, I’d be thrilled!

Part of my problem is INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I’ve tried everything, but I’ve read about EVEN MORE! And all of it is contradictory!

So I made a promise to myself that I would STICK WITH THIS FOR 28 days, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER! I’m here on this blog to keep myself accountable.

Thanks for reading! I’ll check in soon and often!

So, how did it go?

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