My V-Diet Experience

Thought I’d make my first post on the forum here. Today is day 28 of my V-Diet.

Male, 26 years old, 175 cm tall
Starting weight 184.3 lbs, 168.4 now. - 15.9 lbs

Lost 2.8 inches of my gut, 2.4 of my chest, 2 inches of my hip, and 12.4 inches off my thigh.

I was a little disapointed , because even though the pounds seemed to be coming off as the weeks went by, there wasn’t much happening to my waistline. I never bothered to measure my thighs during the diet. Never knew they were that fat. So I still have 36 inches around the largest part of my lovehandle area.

I’m going to do a pretty strict transition, and I’m going to diet for another 8 weeks, making it 12 weeks total. No particular diet in mind, just lean protein and veggies and a Total Body program. Hopefully, I can shred some fat off my upper body now.

Anyone thinking of doing this diet, I say go for it. I thought it would be hard, but it’s not. After a couple of days, the hunger pangs all but disapear, and it’s dirt simple to follow. A lazy mans diet, for sure :slight_smile:

I should probably also mention that I went from 104kg(yeah, grossly obese) to 78kg a couple of years ago. Then I grew complacent and gained 7 kg in a year, and now this.

A question for you, Chris: I haven’t been using creatine during the V-Diet. Actually, I’ve never used it. Pretty new to weight training. Is there any reason I shouldn’t start using it now? I understand there will be some added water weight, but the numbers on the scale aren’t really that important to me. As long as my waist is shrinking every week.

Allright, I’ll boil it down: 175 cm tall, (5" 9’, I think), 168 lbs. Just lost 16 lbs on V-Diet. Gut= still there. I don’t think I’m all that heavy for my height, so should I try to add some muscle mass before dieting again, or diet until all the blubber is gone?

If I’m going to diet, anything wrong with eating solids for a couple of weeks, and then do the V-Diet again?

Would a 500 kcal restriction per day diet, consisting of mostly meat and veggies, be a better route?

Creatine- Why not use it while on diet?

Any thoughts appriciated.

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