My V-Diet Experience

A friend got me visiting T-Nation, and of course I come here daily now!
34 Years old, been hitting the weight seriously for 12+ years. I’m at the gym by 5:15 every morning, 6 days a week. I usually bounce around 250-260lbs, and I’m comfortable with it, but I wanted to really shred fat and tone up like never before.

Like any bodybuilder, I need to/love to eat! Protein heavy of course, watch those evil “bad” carbs…etc.
So I started the V-Diet Monday, and I thought I would share my week 1 happenings:

*First 2 days were a piece of cake, good energy level etc.

*Wednesday was a little bit harder, wanted to bust into a bag of chicken breasts!

*Thursday was pretty good, found myself needing to digest a bit more of my shake DURING my workout to keep energy level pumping

*Today (Friday) Good workout, came home and puked hard…The more I think about it, perhaps I should wash my shaker cups out better??? Maybe that triggered the hurl!

I started at 256, and I’m 247 right now…Can’t wait for oatmeal on Saturday, I’m thinking fresh strawberries with it…is that a good fruit for my “one meal”??
Anyway, it’s workin so far and I plan on having my abs back sooner then I thought…Oh how I miss them.
Any thoughts, questions, comments are welcome!

Here you about the puking. Never physically did it, but went thru the motions. This will be my second time around and I failed miserable last time. This time I have learned to mix my shakes differently, so they go down better. I won’t actually start until Monday, but I have been replacing my two snacks with protein shakes. Everyone has their way of mixing.

I like to mix with cold water and let sit in fridge until I am ready to consume. Makes things gel better for me. The thinner the better. I also add extra vanilla to the vanilla. Check out different threads. Some people like theirs thicker and others thinner. Quite a varying opinion. Experiment and find out what works better for you.


So I am officially at start of week #2, today.
I put myself in situations this weekend, where I might be tempted to cheat. I had quite a bit of “down time” this weekend, (which in my line of work is NOT the norm) so going off the V-diet was right in my face! I figured, why not put myself through HELL right off the bat…mental toughness, right?

Fantasy Football draft - BBQ
Bachelor Party for my cousin - bars, resturants, etc.
On top of that, the house to myself for the ENTIRE weekend, wife and kids went camping with her fam. So when I wasn’t working out, or out being “social” I could actually sit and relax in front of the tube which I don’t do…which screams EAT!!!

Anyway, no cheatin’, no getting off the V-diet, and by the way oatmeal and fresh cut strawberries was an AWESOME Saturday healthy meal, I recommend it!!
I’m currently at 243lbs, (started 256) I can see fat loss, and my ABS have decided to reappear!
Hittin the weights heavy, and cardio is no more then 15 minutes per workout…Hey week #2, just BRING IT!

Hey Captain,

Sounds like you are doing pretty good. had the flip floppy stomach for my first day and was so hoping not to get to the puking stage. Today is much better. I think my salt water helped with nausea. Hnag in there and I hipe week #2 goes great.


The start of week #3. So this past weekend consisted of my “healthy meal”, oatmeal and strawberries…and some grilled chicken. The grilled chicken was my first meat in over two week! Boy did it taste awesome.

With the beginning of week #3 I am stepping things up at the gym, weight wise. I really want to focus on big powerful lifts, pushing every muscle group over the top each day! I did chest this morning, and as I sit here at work…ouch! :slight_smile:

The final week!
So here I am, final week of the V-Diet. It’s been a struggle at times, but quite motivating the majority of the time.
I am right around 240 lbs (started at 256) and I feel great!
I am going out for a steak and baked potato Saturday night, to “reward” myself. Healthy meal, but so different than what I’ve put in my system during the last four weeks…I’ll probably fall asleep like a baby soon after the meal!
One of my goals was to find my ab muscles once again, which I did. My one question to anyone that could answer me…Is there ONE ab exercise that you would say (with a good diet obviously) that gives YOU the best results??? I bounced around, mixing it up real good so I didn’t get bored with the ab work.
Pictures coming soon!

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