My V-Diet Experience


Like so many people born in the good ol’ United States I find myself overweight. Turns out having access to food 24/7 and ultra fast isn’t working out too well for me or consequently for most of the country.

Just how overweight? To give you a picture (and eventually I’ll get those before and afters up) I’m sitting at five feet eight inches and height, and I had managed to pack a whopping two hundred and eighteen pounds of scale weight on my body. Not exactly a pretty picture as you can imagine. So stepping on that scale and having a wake up call I realized I had to do something a little drastic. Hence the V-Diet. Hence why I’ll be keeping this blog.

Touch of background. I’m twenty two years old, and shortly to be twenty three. I’m a part time student, and I work part time as a bartender/waiter at a country club.

I intended to get this rolling a little sooner, but as everyone knows shit happens and between work, school, and just trying to still squeeze a little living in I hadn’t found the time.

I’ve already reached day four, and I have to say I’m struggling. Just not in the way I expected. I am quite honestly having a hard time getting all the shakes in during the day.

Quick overview:
Day 1 down to a T non workout day
NEPA 3.2 miles walk 6 hour shift of work

Day 2 is where I began to struggle to get in all the shakes. I was feeling bloated and frankly the size of the shakes were just daunting. Now I generally haven’t ever had trouble filling my face with prodigious amounts of liquids (Alcohol nom nom nom) but these shakes were giving me trouble.

I don’t think it was the taste so much I was having issues with but just feeling so full. So when the day wrapped up I had got a light workout in in the morning done my NEPA and pulled another 6 hour shift in so at the very least I was active. But I missed two of my shakes because frankly I wasn’t hungry.

I’ll admit to cheating this day as well as I snacked on a couple of banana pepper rings before bed, but at a whopping ten calories for twenty, and I’d imagine I had 6-8 I think I probably won’t feel it too much. Just needed that sodium fix.

Day 3
Had the day off. Got my workout in and managed to go out and play cards with some friends without giving into snacking or having a beer. Only problem I ran into is again I missed my “bedtime” shake. Got home around one in the morning and didn’t see the sense in filling up right before going to sleep so I grabbed two fiber tablets and hit the sack.

Day 4
This will catch me up and this is where shit is hitting the fan. I don’t think it’s the diet so much as just maybe coming down with a cold. I woke up snotty and feeling generally shitty. Got my morning stretches, crunches, bs in and went to go take my NEPA walk/jog.

Made it about a mile in (hadn’t even started jogging yet as I generally warmup a bit first) and my morning sups were hitting the pavement. Just felt like shit tossed my cookies cut the walk and jogged home. So I’ve managed to stomach my morning shake and that’s about where I am now.

This is all a bit rushed but I’ve been telling myself to get this down so I have somewhere to be accountable too, and have an idea of my progress. But I’ve got about 15 minutes to make the rest of my days shakes, get to class, then jet to work. So if it’s shit I"ll go back and edit it later.

Here’s to losing weight.


Mr Peg,
sounds like between getting a cold and trying to get used to finding a rhythm with the shakes, you are having a hard time.
Today is my first V Diet day, but I’ve been on mostly shakes for 2 days prior. I am feeling a bit bloated too. To counteract that, I am:

  1. drinking lots of Pellegrino sparkling water on ice; seems to help.
  2. Cut out the dinner flax seed…will add back bit by bit later.
  3. Mint and Green tea
  4. Sticking to a strict schedule 7am, 11:30am, 3:00pm, dinner 6 or 7, bedtime shake by 9pm. I can’t be home to blend all shakes, so I bring shakes wherever I will be at those times.

Hang in there, you can do it!