My V-Diet Experience (So Far)

Today was my week 3 hsm.

the stats are pretty good - 16 pounds lost, and 3 inches around the gut. I’m starting in pretty rough shape but this will make a nice dent in the weight I have to lose.

Starting weight: 268.5
3 Week weight: 252.5

I would love to say its easy and I could do it forever, but thats just not the case. I have been a grumpy bastard for 3 weeks now, but the end is in sight. My workouts have been flat, and I feel like I’m about to pass out by the end of them. My energy level is in the toilet. I am really looking forward to transitioning into the meal a day program.

The breakdown:
It was really hard the first week, I had headaches and felt nauseous most of the time. Had to pitch the orange, it was so horrible I couldn’t continue with it. Thin shakes work best for me, so I can slam them down quickly. I don’t tolerate the hot rocks well so its one per day in the morning.

It got harder the second week, headaches continued and couldn’t sleep well. Also was on vacation from work this week so it was really a challenge to the willpower. At some point during this week something mean, nasty, and stubborn woke up inside me. I decided that I was all in for this experience and nothing would make me quit. In retrospect, I expect that should have been something I figured out before starting.

I caught a break on the third week, headaches gone. Still very hard to stick with it. Shakes making be gag a little. At this point I’m pissed at the world, and thats actually helping. Nothing short of a trip to the hospital would make me quit now.

I never post, but am an avid reader of T-Nation. I would like to thank all of you for all the encouragement. From the soft touchy feely support to the HTFU support. Its all been helpful.

Hey Rooster…thanks for posting that! There are a lot of us V-Dieters (me included) that bitch and moan about various things, but my 3 weeks have been a whole lot better than yours–and I’m grateful. Thanks for putting that perspective out there…

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