My V-Diet Encouragement Thread

After reading about this diet for the last couple of years, and seeing the results people get, I decided it was my time. So this is the beginning of my (hopefully) semi-amazing transformation.

My first post here had to do with my recently broken ankle. At that point I couldn’t do much with it and decided to wait to start. Well, now I’m able to put weight on it and walk / bike / exercise. And since I had all the supplements and shakes ordered, I just didn’t want to wait any longer.

After about half a day through, I’ve realized that I’m actually pretty full but because of pain medication, up until recently I’ve been living off of less food (not a lot less, but some, and in awful quality). But even though the shakes are tasty, I still have trouble getting them down some of the time. My last attempt was much better: a vanilla shake with davinci’s blueberry syrup (fat free, just a pinch). Later I’ll do chocolate shake with FF PB syrup.

So any encouragement through this process will be great! I’ll try to post as often as possible, hopefully once a day, with frequent picture updates!

Starting weight is 232, height is 5’11".

Here are some photos from the 11th of August, first day.

Back Shot:

Side Shot:

I can’t tell but my OP doesn’t seem to be updating, so my stats are:

232 as of this morning before breakfast

Do those syrups have any calories? I’m assuming they do and should not be used especially since it is most likely carbs. The idea of this diet is to lose fat, not try to make the shakes taste delicious.

Suck it up and drink them normally.

Also, are you using Metabolic Drive?

actually the da vinci SUGAR-FREE syrups have no calories or carbs.

Yes, I’m using Metabolic Drive as well as BCAAs, Flameout, HOT-ROX, Fiber, etc…

The sugar free syrups, as posted above, are caloric and carb free. I just use a dash so that I can get them down. Maybe I’ll get used to them over time?

Congrats on deciding to make the plunge Carigan! Just remember the first work is the hardest, after that you’re on autopilot so tough it out, get those shakes down and remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is the meal you can have on sunday! Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress!

My mistake then, I wasn’t aware of that. Should be fine to add then.

Good luck with the rest of the diet.

It’s sad that I’m already thinking about my whole wheat egg sandwich on Sunday!

I’m dedicated though, plus it helps to be fiscally responsible (cheap) so I wouldn’t want to waste all this stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the luck!

The first HSM is probably the best meal of your life honestly. Stick with it though, you’re capable of amazing results.

Weight today, August 12th: 230.5

Thanks Higgins! I like to think that I’m capable of amazing things, but it’s much better to hear it from others. :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions:

I have bad headaches… is that normal? Can I fix it?

Is there a way to make the shakes more watery OTHER than adding water? I think they’d be easier to drink that way, but adding more water means I’d just have to drink that much more!

I also have the shakes a little bit. I started off with just one HOT-ROX, so I’m not sure if it’s from that. Is that normal?

[quote]ccarrigan wrote:

I have bad headaches… is that normal? Can I fix it?

I also have the shakes a little bit. I started off with just one HOT-ROX, so I’m not sure if it’s from that. Is that normal?[/quote]

I too had a wicked-ass headache for the first 2 days–but it did go away. I was afraid to take too much Tylenol 'cause the HOT-ROX had me edgy feeling–almost nauseous. And yes, if you’re not used to HOT-ROX, you may be jittery until your body adjusts. I started on a Sunday, and only took 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon. By Tuesday, I was fine with them as ‘prescribed.’

Hang in there–it gets SOOOOOOOO much easier!

Thanks Kristen! That’s encouraging. I end up working out a lot because of physical therapy for my foot, and I’m there all jittery with my head pounding. Hopefully in the next few days that’ll get better.

I have found that making the shakes in a shaker bottle is a lot better for me than the blender. In the blender, they get too much foam, and it makes the shake very thick and very hard to choke down. If I use the shaker bottle, they have a consistency more like chocolate milk.

Good luck!

Jeremy, just tried that and it worked much better. Here’s to 130 more of these!


Ha–I have something like 42 or so shakes left. I remember feeling like it was a billion to go. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s shining on a steak!

You shut your mouth! I have way too many of these to go to be thinking about steak! :slight_smile:

I actually read a thread online about making lasagna and they took pictures. That probably wasn’t a very good thing to do. Only 4 days until my first meal!

Update today:

Weight - 228.5
Total weight lost - 3.5
Height - still 5’11" :slight_smile:

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