My V-Diet Begins in 1-4 Business Days

I used to spend a lot time on T Nation, in the gym, and in the kitchen. But I let life step in the way and have slipped from good physique to dad bod and beyond.

Lets just say, its definitely time to get my ass in gear and kick start some good habits and lose the jigglies.

Here’s to the next 28 + 1-4 days, and hoping to resemble my former self.

My goals for the V Diet and Beyond are:

I have a skiing trip in mid February that I am working towards (always good to have a hard target to shoot for). I want to get some physical stamina back (I sit all day long and have lost a lot of my endurance) and I need to look good for the post skiing hot tub.
Also, I want to get my blood profile up. I just had the annual with the doctor and need to get the body fat (and thus blood pressure down).
finally I just crept up to 260lb and have been sitting there for about a year and a half. Even though I am 6’6", it needs to drop to 230lb or below.
That’s where I am right now, let see how it goes for the next 28 days.

Hey guys, I haven’t seen this asked in the posts, so I’ll toss it up here. Are beans an ok starchy carb? Dry potato sounds pretty awful compared to a serving of black or pinto beans. If not, cool, and I’ll stick with the plan here, but I just wanted to check with the gurus here and see if this was an acceptable carb for my HSM. Also, fruit, are any fruits allowed in the HSM?

I’ll get going on the 1st.

Good luck and please keep posting.

You can be there to kill my excuses that I’m too tall/heavy for such a low calorie count.

Aye, good question. Beans are my favourite carb. Balls to Paleo. :blush:

I’ll be starting tomorrow and will be watching your progress. You can kill my excuses that I’m too tall or heavy to ONLY eat a 500kcal meal a day

Happy new years Jodgey

Thanks @forcesofnaturept. I’ll keep you in check too.
My biotest order arrives Tuesday, so that’s when I hit the ground running. But I am kind of warming up now (practicing the HSM meal structure habit, NEPA walks in the morning, dry run of the workouts at night), but you’ll have a couple of days on me.

I’m gonna get my measurements on Saturday morning. This morning I weighed in at 257.6 lb.

Lets fuckin do this.

I’m starting today. My shipment is on the truck for delivery. I have kind of practiced for the last week and don’t think this will be as drastic as I feared. I’ll post the vitals when I get to my computer later today.
Question to Chris, would mag-10 be an effective supp on vdiet or would it be a diminished result and better off for a muscle building g phase afterwards? I have a bottle and a half on the shelf

Hey guys, I haven’t been good at keeping up with this blog but I have been following the diet and exercise program.
Things I love about this:
One healthy meal a day. Now I savor my meal, enjoy thinking about where I am going to go for dinner and what I am going to eat. I have been trying all the asparagus and broccoli I can get my grubby hands on. I used to order it out of obligation and then leave it on the plate and fill up on table bread or the other side. Now, I really love garlic roasted asparagus with cherry tomatoes. Many times, I love that more than the entree. Before this, food was a necessity that I would shovel down so I wasn’t hungry any more, now my one meal a day is a real treat.
The NEPA walk is the secret weapon to this program. I got a nasty blister for two weeks and weight loss slowed way down. Once the blister healed, weight loss kicked back on. Don’t cheat yourself out of the NEPA walk.
But my favorite thing so far, is the bloodworm transformation just three weeks into this diet. I have lost 14 lb so far, which is pretty good (although 8 lb came off the first week), but the reason that kick started me into this diet was some questionable blood work results in mid December. I had blood redrawn on the 13th of January, and my results are:
Measurement. Dec result. Jan result
Glucose. 124 (pre-diabetic). 83 normal
Triglycerides. 355. 86 normal
Cholesterol. 266. 174
Ldl. 147. 108
Chol/hdl. 5.5. 3.6
Non hdl chol. 218. 125

My blood pressure was also 124/82 when it was usually pre hypertension and cause for a lecture.

The doctor nearly fell out of his chair when he read these results.

Anyway, I got a make my shake and get back to it. Keep it up guys.

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Awesome job! Very impressive lab result changes.

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