My V-Diet and Pulse Fasting Experiment

I’m starting either a one or two week experiment tomorrow (Saturday November 6th). Tomorrow will be a pulse fast day, followed by the V-Diet Sunday through Thursday. Friday will be my HSM day, with the rest of my meals being shakes. Depending on the results for week one, I may do this again for a second week, which would put my second HSM day on Friday the 19th, which would also be my measurement day as that’s day 14.

I’m curious to see just how powerful this protocol can be for fat loss. I’ve put on some muscle mass over the past few months and the abs are a bit blurrier than I would like, but if I can get to where I want to be after one week I see no reason to do a second, although it would be interesting to be able to see my pancreas.

I will lift full body three days per week (Mon/Wed/Fri), with one 15 rep day at 2-3RM, one 25 rep day at 4-6RM, and one 40 rep day at 10-12RM. On the “off” days (Sun/Tues/Thurs) I will have conditioning and Muay Thai. The Tough Mudder isn’t going to run itself after all, and for one or two weeks I can handle that volume on a restricted calorie diet so long as I’m smart with my supplement use.

The only change in this protocol from the original V-Diet will be the use of Surge Workout Fuel instead of Surge Recovery on lifting days as well as conditioning days. Don’t worry, those carbs will be put to work. Also, I’ll use almond butter instead of peanut butter. I’m trying to curb my addiction to that crap.

I will post my daily log here for any who are interested in the results. Starting weight is about 208 at 6’2. I do not have a camera so no pictures, sorry.

Cool. Looking forward to hearing about your results!

Shit. I started it this morning with my first pulse at work, and after work I planned to head over to a gun show. Had my big bottle in the fridge ready to take with me, but I forgot to take it!! So I just ate normally today and I’ll have to start tomorrow with the pulse fast. Can’t f**king believe I did that.

Also Chris, you mentioned you only did this for two weeks because you were getting crazy lean. I don’t mean to sound skeptical because I do believe it will work very well but…really? It’s that potent? Would it be fair to say that two weeks of V-Dieting with one pulse fast per week is about the same as 4 weeks of V-Dieting with no pulse fasting?

fasting speeds weight loss up like crazy…

First day complete. Today was a pulse fast day. I had eight total pulses. It’s still amazing to me how effective this protocol is. There is a noticeable difference in abdominal definition between now and when I got up this morning. Fascinating. The V-Diet with one pulse fast day will be unstoppable for fat loss. I bet I could easily drop 10lbs this week.

Also, today was a conditioning day. Have to get ready for the Tough Mudder, so I ran hills for half an hour (not sprinting, just running). After my roadwork I finished with 7x60m. Felt pretty good during the workout, but totally gassed for a few hours after.

I’ll be on the V-Diet tomorrow, which will be a strength day.

Also, I remember now how much I hate this. Doing the V-Diet twice sucked ass. I love food. I miss food. Oh well.

I decided to continue implementing my IF protocol (eight hour feeding window with a 16 hour fasted state) during my brief stint on the V-Diet, and I like it. I just had my first shake of the day. I think IF will make following the diet a bit easier. I won’t have long stretches between shakes in the later part of the day.

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