My V-Diet 6.1.08

Hello all!

I do realize that it is already the 6th, but I wasn’t sure right away if I wanted to commit to keeping a thread about my progression. However, I do enjoy reading about peoples’ progression and this will definitely be a way to boost my morale.

I started the diet as of June 1st, so I’m am already 6 days in. I know it has been recommended that you take different measurements of your body aside from scale weight, but as of now I’d just like to view my progression based off weight and physical appearance.

I keep a rather strict lifting schedule, so even though I am unaware of my BF%, I feel that any weight I lose will almost all be contributed by fat loss. Of course if I end up slimming up I’ll get my BF% checked due to curiosity.

I have a few pictures I intend to put up and update weekly, but I’m at work right now so I’ll have to do that when I get home. The most I’ve weighed was 226 lbs this past January, but when I started this diet on Sunday, I stood in at 6’2" and 210 lbs. I intend on eating my 1 meal every Saturday so that will be the next time I post my weight and newer pictures.

With regards to the difficulty of the diet so far, things haven’t been too shabby. I love a solid challenge and this diet is definitely something that will test my dedication. A lot of people think I’m crazy for doing this, but one of my sisters is a health nut and she supports it =).

Anywhos, back to “work”… later all.


Hey mate

yeh the progression log is really good, allows you to let of some steam ‘somewhere’ and people who are actually into the v-diet give you some feedback, rather than family members that can sometimes have a negative approach on this diet.

Keep it up my friend :slight_smile: Be sure to post results!!

Hey Matt!, I don’t have many supports either, everyone I know thinks I’m crazy. However, we(family) do have the italian heritage running through the blood soooooo…WE LOVE TO EAT! That’s why I started my log, so I could stay focused. Reading everyone’s updates and posting my own allows me keep my mind on my goals.

I wasn’t going to blog at first either but once I read everyone else’s threads I was so motivated by all the success I just decided to do it. G’luck w/ on your V-Diet journey, I will be checking back in to see how it’s going!!


Just over two weeks into my V-Diet. It gets easier after the second week. Just be sure and take your fiber!

Some observations:

  1. Flax seed tastes like crap
  2. Surge tastes like crap.
  3. Mix them together guess what you get?
    (it rhymes with rap)
  4. You need many flavors of shakes.
  5. You will, if you stay on it, learn to appreciate CLEAN foods.
  6. I am going to need a new wardrobe soon.

Good luck dude!

Thanks all!

Still working on the pics. They have already been taken last Sunday, but my sister took my laptop to her apartment. Once I get it back I’ll post the pictures as well as my updated weekly photos.

JD I definitely understand where you’re coming from with regards to your heritage. I’m Croatian, so I was brought up eating like a horse. I grew up on meat, bread, and soup. My first meal after the diet is over will be these Croatian sausages called Cevape. Can’t wait! Especially after going to the Cheesecake Factory today with some friends and not being able to eat =(.

Just as Dusty has said, I do see myself appreciating clean foods once I’m back to eating regularly. I’d kill for some tuna or cottage cheese right now. It may sound like something weird to crave, but I love both of them.

Well thanks for the support all… I’ll try and keep things updated. Night night.

I weighed myself yesterday morning prior to a gym session. It was rough not being able to drink a shake before hand because it made my workout session a little lackluster.

Well, after my first week on the diet, I lost a total of 13lbs. Went from 210lbs to 197lbs. I can’t even remember the last time I was under 200lbs… maybe 4 years ago? This is a huge accomplishment for me because I needed something like this diet to push me passed my plateau. I went from 226lbs to 210lbs and hit a plateau, and so far the V-diet has helped me lose another 13lbs.

With regards to pictures, I took more pictures yesterday morning as well, but I don’t see a point in posting new pics if I don’t have the original ones. Once I get my laptop back, I’ll get the pics up ASAP. Well later all.

Hey that’s awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!! I weigh myself on Wednesday sooo I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully I will pull big numbers too!!


wow!!! 13 lbs?!! I hate you! ; ) Awesome work! Thats what I love about this diet-you get instant results if you stick to your program!

Im on week three and I dont think I have lost that much! But I havent weighed. Iknow one thing… I need to go shopping for new pants already!

I need some new pants as well, but I’m a cheap college student so I just poked another hole in my belt to make it tighter =D … belts from PacSun are pricey!

Lon3star your results are great! I’m starting my V-Diet tomorrow. Your log is definitely giving me motivation! If I succeed past week one I’m going to start a log on here… But in the meantime, thanks for the motivation!


Thanks VD, best of luck to you! Honestly, if you stick with the diet 100%, you will get results. I have no idea how I lost 13lbs this quickly after hitting a plateau, but I’ll take it =D.

A little motivational booster for anyone who reads this (it may seem childish)… but when I was younger and played basketball I’d wear rubber bands on my wrists. I’d stretch them out and write little motivational tid-bits, so when you release the rubber band, the writing is extremely thin, which makes it impossible to read. I did this to motivate myself because even though no one else knew what it said, I did. Or you could just stretch it out and show people if they were curious…

Sooo basically I’ve been stretching out this rubber band and writing my weight on it. So far I have 210lbs, 201lbs, and 197lbs… may seem childish, but its always a reminder for me to stay strong and stick things through.

And start that log VD!! I’ll definitely keep track. Good luck to you!

Week 1 Transformations - 210lbs to 197lbs


Week 1 Transformations - 210lbs to 197lbs


Week 1 Transformations - 210lbs to 197lbs


Well there you have it for now. I finally got my laptop back, as you can see. I can definitely see progression, but I wish my love handles weren’t so behemoth. Its quite gross =\ … but I can look forward to them being non-existent hopefully within a month and a half.

These pictures are definitely an eye opener for me as well. I thought nearly all of my fat was in my midsection. It is definitely where a majority of my fat is located, but now I can see the fat in my upper back, upper arms, and chest.

The results after only a week are great, and I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like in 3 more weeks!!

Great results so far!!! You can definitely see some big differences. Congrats :slight_smile:

Way to go matt!! Can definitely see a difference…that’s awesome!! Keep it up!

What are you doing for fitness while on the diet?

For cardio, I typically jog for 15-20 mins in the morning before I go to work. I also do ab workouts 5-6 times a week for roughly 30 mins.

With regards to lifting, I go to the gym 3 days at a time then take a 1 day rest… then repeat. I alternate on the days from bicep/back to tricep/chest to legs/shoulders. Sometimes I’ll go an extra day to do forearms and light shoulder work. I pitched for 11 years and had two surgeries because of it. I’m now starting to throw again and doing more shoulder work because of it.

Everything I do I shoot for 10-12 reps. I’m not looking to build muscle as of now, just maintain what I have. I’ve only been lifting for 6 weeks consistently so I’m still pretty weak.

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