My Training Log

A new friend of mine told me about the V-Diet about a week ago. I’ve been hooked on training and personal fitness/health for a while now, so I had to check it out. As I read through the first page where Chris talked about what he was going through, the struggles of being in good shape overall and healthy, but just not satisfied with the results given the amount of work and time he spent, it was like someone had put my feelings into words for me.

I used to be very overweight. As a 16 year old, I was 5’6" and weighed almost 250lbs. Disgusting! I couldn’t do 5 pushups or situps, I couldn’t run a lap on the track. Pull-ups? Forget about it. I was unhappy, had low self esteem, and had nutrition problems.

By the time I was 17 and a junior in High School I had made an incredible change. It helped that I had grown almost 6", but I also put in a lot of effort to slim down. I graduated high school at 6’1" and ~190lbs.

This is when I entered college. I was no longer huge, but not in great shape. My freshman year is when I discovered weight training, and I fell in love with it. I never knew how weak I was, and I also had never experienced the incredible feeling you have after completing an intense workout, setting a new PR, or being challenged to break your limits by others.

I have spent a lot of time and effort since then working on my strength and fitness. I am in the best shape of my life, and all of my friends and family are impressed…but I’m just not satisfied. Why spend lots of money on supplements, gym memberships, and lose multiple hours everyday spent at the gym to see no changes? Sure, I’m always improving my strength, but that isn’t a huge concern of mine. I’m not training to be a powerlifter, right now it’s all about looking like everyone else that I envy.

I’ve talked about getting abs for way too long. It’s time to go balls-to-the-wall and just do it. I know I can. I’ve never failed before, this will be no exception!

The V-Diet is going to be exactly what I need to put the finishing touches on all my hard work and finally get me to a level where I am completely satisfied.

I will be starting this Next Monday, May 31st, once I get my supplements. Pics to come.

Welcome to the team. I’m on day 16 of the V-DIET. I’m in a similar situation as you are. Pretty good shape, but ready to kick it to the next level. I’ve dropped 1% body fat so far in two weeks, but I’ve also faultered a little, I’m pretty confident that I could have lost even more if I had stuck it out without any messups, regardless I’m still pleased. Best of luck to you! I look forward to seeing your progress during the V-DIET.

Welcome man! I wish you much success with your goals.

OK, day 2 of the diet and day 1 of the workout.

So far, kinda lack-luster and mediocre. I got a ridiculous sunburn this weekend so I am really sore and tender from that. Also, I developed a bit of a fever, and just feel ill in general. So, my workout today wasn’t the best it could have been.

As for the diet, it’s going to be a struggle for me to make it through without cheating I think. The shakes aren’t the best tasting things imo, it took me an hour and a half to sip down my breakfast one this morning.
Also, I’ve been fantasizing about food all day. It’s only day 2! This can’t be good…the only good thing is that it wasn’t about ice cream or pizza or burgers, it was about nice grilled veggies and some steak or salmon. Come Thursday I will be soooo happy to have an amazing HSM!

Another note about the workout: it was really short. I went at the pace that is recommended, and it just seemed to be “ok”. I chose to do the advanced workout today, but for me the exercises that day 1 calls for, at the 4-5 rep range, even with heavy weight, it didnt seem to cut it. Granted, I grossly underestimated my weight for the bent over rows (I ended up doing 8 sets of 5), then the over-head squats were more of a bother on my shoulders than my legs… the dips were alright, but being weighted up to only push out 5 reps for 4 sets didn’t give me my usual tricep pump…then the ab-wheel roll outs, I wasn’t sure how many to do so I did 5 sets of 10. The total workout took ~30 minutes, and even though I worked up a decent sweat, it wasn’t anything extraordinary, and i didn’t get the awesome muscle pump I normally do.

On Thursday for my next workout I will make sure to go a lot harder. The exercises are a little more up my alley too. Perhaps today was a fault of me being a little low on energy from the sun, illness and reduction in calories. We will see in a few days!

Hey there, jone2219! I started the V-Diet on Monday too! We’ll get through it together! I find days easy – evenings, not so much! Good Luck and be sure to keep me posted.

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