My Training Log for the V-Diet

So I have started my V-Diet as of today and just had my third shake of the day and waiting a bit before I head to the gym for my first training session.

I’ve just returned from backpacking around Europe for a month and will be back to work as a police officer soon enough with the irregular shifts and such.

I have yet to take a pic as my camera broke in transit from Europe. and measurements to follow as well(neck, chest, arms, waist, hips, and thighs is what i will be tracking).

I will be using HOT-ROX during this program as well.

I’m hoping that the shift work won’t make this diet to strenuous as I know from experience its very hard on ones diet with out discipline. I have been consistently making progress in both areas of muscle gain and fat loss when I focus on each respectively but I’m hoping to use this program to expedite the fat loss and train my body to better portion control.

and that about that.

hope I’m making this in the proper spot on this site and if any other shift workers are trying this I would love to hear pointers from you and do some back reading on your V-Diet progress.

this diet actually will probably be saving my at least double if not triple what it is worth just in not spending money going out and drinking so can’t wait to save some money from my adventure in Europe as well!

Mr Pesh

Congrats for taking on the diet.

I’m not currently on shift work, but this diet should really be a godsend since you don’t have to think about where to find something to eat at odd times at night. Everything is there and ready to go whenever you need it.

neck: 16 1/4
chest: 42
stomach: 37 at biggest
hip: 42
thigh: 23

I am following the intermediate fitness program and have all the diet printed out which I’m following as well.

So far so good with the diet… the fitness routine i find is quite comfortable… you can make it as hard as you wish to with the weights and trust me i was sweating after the routine and tired. I have found that i do have the energy for the workouts but later on at night when i was working my night shift found i could barley function by the end of the shift and did not miss any of the shakes.

I’m a police officer, far from being cut or defined but am one of the stronger persons on my squad. Wearing all the gear that we wear along with the insane heat outside i didn’t even have to go take a piss with the 2.5 liters of water i drank during the shift.

honestly felt like i was going to puke by the end of shift with just all the liquid in my stomach and could not stomach the last shake of the day as i almost puked just prior. I caved and had a meal as it was the only thing that i felt would settle my stomach. It was a Chicken Caesar salad with Italian dressing and it definitely did not fill me up as it was a small portion but definitely settled my stomach.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to play it by ear when I’m working my 12 hour shifts cause physically and mentally i need to function need the end of a long day in case anything serious arises.

As we always say at work the only thing that matters is going home in one piece in the end.

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