My Supplements


I just wanted to post here the work I have been doing with Amit and all the Biotest supplements that are helping me reach my goals.

I just want to give a BIG SHOUT out to my nutritional Coach, Amit Sapir.

After watching the progress of another client of his, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with someone of his caliber. I have been stuck at the same weight for two years. Through the diligent work of my doctor we were able to pinpoint some problems. With that I could now focus on fat loss, but was scared I would loose a lot of the strength I have trained so hard to get over the last three years.

It is my goal to train hard, qualify, and step on an international platform for a World title in Powerlifting.

Three months with Amit and my results are AMAZING.

  1. Gained 7lbs of Lean Muscle
  2. Loss of 21lbs from the scale weight
  3. Loss of 28lbs of fat
  4. Loss of 5% body fat
  5. Loss of a total of 26 1/2 inches from body. Sites measured (Biceps/Triceps, Hip, Chest, Waist, Neck, Calves and Thighs)

Those results are even more incredible as I was unable to train at all during the month of July due to medical reasons. I have had to switch gears and lay off all heavy weights and during this month of August will focus on HIGH reps, LOW weights and lots of cardio. Slowly progressing back to the heavier weights as my ribs/sternum heal.

By following Amit’s nutritional plan I was able to keep from going backwards during the down time. A lot of my nutrition last month came from MAG-10, Plazma and my Egg White/Metabolic Drive Shakes. Some of the worst days that was my only intake, with better days including a solid meal.

I have started training again and am completely humbled by how difficult low weights and high reps can be.

Sunday started another 3-month coaching with Amit. I look forward to seeing how August turns out and where we finish this three month cycle.

Mahalo nui loa Amit for all of your support, the weekly check-in and adjustments of my menu, as well as all the encouragement during the month of July as I struggled to get through my day.

Biotest products I am taking (about all they have in stock…LOL)

Power Drive
Metabolic Drive
Creatine Malate

I might have forgotten one.

Mahalo to Tim Patterson and ALL the Biotest/T-Nation coaches for their continued support.