My Shot at V-Diet

I started the diet on 1/12/09, so I have made it through my first week. I am going to take my measurements every Sunday. I took my first measurements last Sunday 1/11/09 and today 1/18/09, here they are:

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 243 237
Thigh: 27 26.5
Calf: 17.1 17
Ankle: 10 10
Chest (nipple): 45 44.5
Upper abs: 40 39.5
Waist: 42.5 41.5
Shoulders: 50 50.5
Biceps: 13.5/16 13/15.5
Neck: 16.5 16.2

this totals up to a 6 lbs loss and 3 inches overall.

My reasoning for this diet is to try to lose 20 lbs and then continue on down to 210ish with clean eating habits. I have gained a lot of weight recently. Over the summer I was around 215 then I started a doctor of pharmacy program in August, through 1 semester of classes I gained 15 lbs, while working out intermittently. For winter break I planned on really getting back to the gym, but I had a severe back spasm where i couldn’t put both feet flat on the floor at the same time for 3 weeks. Thus, being back home for the holidays I didn’t work out, eat well, and I drank with a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in months. I put on 13 lbs in 4 weeks, up to 243. I felt even more disgusting than I had before, and I have no one to blame except myself. So, here it goes! I will try to update this 2x/week depending in exam schedules.

I will post my shake/supp schedule later.

Good job on your first week!
I understand how easy it is to put on weight during the semester. I’m finishing up my Masters and there is nothing like a pizza to help me study! This semester I plan to have one slice instead of the whole pie. Of course it will be topped with broccoli and spinach!

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your results.

Okay so here is how my Diet/shakes approximately end up:

Workout Days
8am 2 scoop shake, 1 rox 2 tbs flax
10am 2 scoop shake, 1 rox
12pm 2 scoop shake, 3 Flameout, 1 rox
3pm 2 scoop shake, 1 rox
6pm 2 scoop shake, 2 tbs flax
8pm Surge
11pm 2 scoop shake, 2 tbs Natural PB, 3 Flameout

Non workout days
8am 2 scoop shake, 1 rox, 2 tbs flax
11am 2 scoop shake, 1 rox
2pm 2 scoop shake, 1 rox, 3 Flameout
5pm 2 scoop shake, 1 rox 2 tbs flax
8pm 2 scoop shake
11pm 2 scoop shake, 2 tbs Natural PB, 3 Flameout

This gives me 1998 cals and 1668 cals
My cal goals are 2015 and 1678
I also drink a little over half my weight, 125oz, of water each day

I have been taking 4 rox a day every 3 hours once i get up all a little before i have a shake because i wanted to ease into them.

I had my first solid meal this afternoon around 2pm. I had a salad with one grilled peppered chicken breast, a boiled egg, an avocado, a tomato, green pepper, celery, kale, fresh dill, fennel bulb, purple cabage, and romaine. I only had a little bit of each of the veggies, so the salad was in a good portion.
Here goes to week 2!!

josienj thanks for the words of encouragement!

this week has been good thus far, no real cravings or anything except for late at night which has always been my downfall. I am famous for hitting up the bar around midnight for a couple bell’s two hearted beers and bar food to relieve “stress”, never really worked and put me in the situation I am in now.

I haven’t lost any more weight since I measured on Sunday, I missed a couple NEPA walks and that may be why. Some days its hard to fit it in when I am in class for 7-8 hours and then go home to study for another 3-4, my gym here closes early, 9:30. i dont live in that safe of an area to be walking around at night in either.

I am not so much worried about the weight though as i am the inches. I feel good, clothing fits better, even a little loose, and i still feel strong. I am actually benching, dipping, and doing pullups with more weight than I ever have.

I’ll post my numbers up on Sunday!
Have a good week all!

well, this week went pretty well, not too many cravings and the workouts were good.
I measured today 1/25/09 and here are the numbers:

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 234 (-3lbs)
Thigh: 26 (-0.5)
Calf: 17 (same)
Ankle: 10 (same)
Chest (nipple): 44 (-0.5)
Upper abs: 39.5 (same)
Waist: 41 (- 0.5)
Shoulders: 51 (+0.5)
Biceps:13.5/15.5 flexed (same)
Neck: 16 same
this totals to 1.5 inches lost and 3lbs

I’m going to have my HSM today: a dry aged NY strip, poblano pepper, onion, black beans, and some roasted tomatillo salsa i made (tomatillos, onions, jalapenos, lime juice/zest, and cilantro is all i put into it; no salt, oil or sugar added), cant wait!
Steak and veggies!

How’s the diet going man? You started about a week before I did, which means you should be transitioning off right about now.

By the way, reading your thread made me realize I was taking bicep measurements while only flexed…d’oh!


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