My Rock, My Iron Rod

has failed me

see I was inspired to do this diet insanity by a friend of who’s opinion I respect greatly.

well he caved and ate Chips and salsa last night (sorry Rafe) you bastard I hope they were good. LOL Honestly I can think of worse things to cave and eat like PIZZA.

I am on Day 4 and man it is so damn hard not to just throw this whole thing out the window. And use the FREE Pizza coupon I got from Dominoes in the mail yesterday.

I mean honestly is there some sort of conspiracy here? Do they have some sort of division that monitors the intarwebs and is alerted to the possibility of losing a customer? The letter read something like … since you are such a loyal customer we would like to thank you with a coupon for a medium sized fattening, cholesterol filled mountain of tasty stuff you can’t eat right now.

And I have been slowly stalking my sons Chicken Dinosaurs for the past week their cloying scent coming from the microwave is just torture, hell I open the frozen bag of them and its all I can do not to pop one of the icy little buggers into my mouth. I mean no one would know…Well I would.

And that Brings me to accountability, Rafe is blogging his V-diet as well so he can be held accountable to his readers and I guess I am in some ways following suit. Granted mostly I get things like you are starving yourself or thats just not healthy and many many other uninformed opinions.

1800 Calories on non work out days and 2130 on workout days is not starving by any stretch of the imagination. I do know that most of the concern is just for my well being and it is taken as such. I did my research and while yes this is a very extreme method of getting from point A to point B is is not hurtful and is in many ways very helpful.

I mean it takes 21 days on average to kick the Soda habit and I am not sure how long it takes to get past the bad carbs addiction but that one will be much harder to stay away from. I don’t think I am gonna have such a hard time not guzzling massive quantities of high fructose corn syrup. But a nice deep dish PIZZA will always be my JUDAS.

On the Bright side it is just two more days and I get to have a very nice meal with lots of veggies and stuff.

Where is your god then?

But on a serious note… after the first week it gets significantly easier. In my first week the office got a bunch of pizza and I had to lock myself in my office before i caved. Day by day you just get used to it and accept the fact you’re a fat mess and you have to do something about it.

2 weeks into it, you’re so invested that you punch yourself in the throat for even thinking of eating food.

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