My results


Preface: I did not use Biotest Supplements. The shipping and import charges for my location are not cost beneficial.

4 weeks

185.4/ 6’1
Start: 102.3kg/ 225lb
End: 94.6kg/ 208lb
Lost 7.7kg/ 17 lb

I did not veer from my current training plan. Strength stayed the same but I put it more recovery time during the day.

In addition to the evening meal I ate a smaller meal following my DL/Sqt training, which is 2 days per week.

One piece of fruit during day. One with dinner

Sunday is family day good food choices but still indulged. Lots of ice cream and cakes for birthdays.

Still used a daily mulit, creatine, electrolytes, and green tea. No fat burners or stims whatsoever.

Used Animal Casein, Dymatize Hydro whey and Dymatize Whey Isolate. Edit: Used Apollon Cluster Bomb for my pre-during carb source

All in all satisfied getting off some fat from 2 years of Strength training.