My Quasi V-Diet

Hello. I have been lurking for awhile and don’t have lots of time for posting but wanted to thank the fine folks here for their time.

I couldn’t follow the V-Diet precisely due to prior injuries and med problems, of which I won’t bore everyone. It was necessary for me to involve my Dr and my Trainer to sculpt this so would be doable for me.

I did follow all the basic tenants of the diet, just some tuning so to speak. I didn’t do measurements but did monitor weight

I started at 296, at 28 days was at 266 exactly, this is day 35 and during the transition I was up to 267, then down to 264.5 and have kind of settled at 265.5 for the moment.

We were on vacation for weeks four and five and had considered delaying the diet until we got back, but figured what the heck, when we get back it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then Easter… We could exscuse our way through a whole year!

So we went for it, and joined a gym near where we were staying and did our thing there. We didn’t do as good as when we are home, but after all it was a vacation, and I think it was a great compromise. Also this location was around 8k feet elevation, so I think the hiking / walking was even more productive.

One part of the diet I wasn’t all that confident about was reading that this would help take away your craving for bad stuff. I have to say though it really has! I feel like I am far more easily satisfied when eating real food now and after doing that much work for the 28 days, it makes it easier to substitute fruit for fries.

I am hoping for 200 or so, not sure if I would look good that small, but would like to have the option of trying. Trainer says 225 maybe… We shall see but it is a great start for 5 weeks.

Thanks Shug!

BP down, feel fine and everyone is noticing… So alrighty then!

That is so good for your weight loss so far. I said in someone else’s post that the number one benefit, in my opinion, is being able to eat or return to eating clean again. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and I kind of had a nibbling day, but at least it was on good protein or a few almonds. No sugary food or any desire for it.

Here’s to hoping you reach your goals.


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