My Progress on the V-Diet

I have been reading the site for some time but I have not done any posting. I am deciding to take the plunge with the V-Diet. I have read a lot of other people’s blogs about their V-Diets. I am not sure if people really read these that much any more, but I thought I would post something to hold myself to it and offer people a place to follow my progress.

A little background. I have been lifting off and on for probably 6 years. Only the last 4 months have been really serious. Years of bad form and stupidity in the gym mean that I have had four rotator cuff operations. I am currently fighting off all of of the issues that come with these injuries and it limits some of the things I can do in the gym.

I am posting pictures later today

Here are my measurements:

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 196

Stomach at love handle: 36 inches
stomach between nipple and navel:37 inches
thighs: 26 inches each
calves: 16 inches each
neck: 16 inches
upper arms: 16 right, 15.5 left

Good luck on the diet, there are people that read so if you have any questions just ask.

Stick to it.




rotated back photo

I think you shouldn’t do it, at least not now. Maybe put on like 30 more lbs in the next few months and then cut, just in time for the summer abz.

Good luck either way!

Just finishing day one. Tough day day. Never felt 100% normal. I kept having trouble deciding if I was hungry or full for the entire day. I am glad I started on a Sunday so I know what to expect on Monday at work.

I find myself hungry every couple hours. At these times though I am craving just about anything other than a shake. I feel that I am already really looking forward to my HSM. I hope these cravings get better and I I start to develop more of a taste for the shakes.

NEPA- 4 mile walk. This was good and I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the work out tomorrow.

Not much more to report.

Stay with it!

Day three was the hardest for me

I am built much like you and went from 200 to 182 my first time on the diet, and was able to keep it off due to the changes of eating habits.

Soon you will be shopping for new pants!


That is normal…I went through the same on day 1…it gets a little easier though I too am looking forward to the HSM!


Day 2-

Better than day 1. I still feeling a little brain fog off and on through out the day. Busy at work which means I forgot that I wasn’t eating real food.

I added half a cup of coffee to my mid morning shake and it was awesome. I still don’t feel like I have all my energy and I am especially tired after the workout.

First workout today was great. A quick work out but my heart was pounding in my chest.

Widegrip pull ups- BW + 25lbs. Didn’t have great speed on the last set
deadlifts- 265 (grip started to fail in the 7th set)
Dips- BW +70lbs (not a problem)

I am already thinking about what I am going to eat this weekend.

I already posted this on the V-Diet support group, but i thought i would put it here so I can see the progess through out this thing

Well I am on day 3 and I would be lying if I wasn’t struggling. I have not cheated at all though.

I wake up in the morning and feel great about the diet eventhough I might not physically feel great. I have the whole “Hell yeah, I am going to do this” thing going for my on my pre breakfast shake NEPA walks.

However, this positive attidue dims throughout the day. I don’t dislike the shakes. I think they are tastey now. I certainly don’t crave them though. I just want to eat something even if it is cans of tuna or cardboard or something.

By the end of the day I am just like “what the fuck have I gotten myself into”

Then I am like, tomorrow will be better and take my last shake and my ZMA and hope for the best.

Anyway, sorry for the random thoughts. Here’s to hoping each day is easier than the last.


Keep going man. You and I are very similar in build, so I’m hoping to see you show some awesome 1-week results. I’m going to begin my V-Diet in a few days. Remember, no cheating. Use the rubber band trick if it helps!


Pel, I feel the same damn way…psyched in the morning and as the day goes along start with the same banter in my head…it is tough but I managed to get this far. I keep looking at one of the original guys (Gus) and say to myself…screw it…keep going. It also helps that you all went into my thread so I can’t quit now!


Well once again, I woke up jacked up about the day and the diet. walked outside for 70 minutes in a fasted state. I hope the NEPA before bfast helps strip away more fat.

My friends, I have some bad news. I have possibly cheated. Yesterday sucked so much. I just wanted to eat anything. I allowed myself to have a piece of sugar free gum. I know Gus avoided such temptations and I would have liked to but I have to say the actual act of chewing on something made me feel so much better. In fact, I almost forgot to have my scheduled shake.

I know it is not the best, but I think i may allow myself up to 1 piece per day if I am really struggling. I figure it is better to add one more carb per day and remain sane.

Like you I have started enjoying my serving of PB right off the spoon. It is much better than in the shake simply because I get to taste something other than a shake.

Also, I wish someone told that the Vanilla flavor wasn’t all that. 70% of my Metabolic Drive is vanilla which sucks. But i am mixing it with the other flavors which helps.

Today will be a long day… I have a conference call this evening and also have the gym today. I am pumped for the gym. Gym days give me something to look forward to.

1/7th of the way there

I cant imagine a piece of gum is any kind of cheat. Whatever single calorie of carbs there may be you will probably burn in chewing it lol. I would think if chewing gum helps and keeps you on the diet…go for it.

HA! I have been cheating on and off then throughout since I have sugar free gum around and or after lunch during that long stretch…also to get that nasty after taste out of my mouth from the shakes…I don’t think it is too bad man…1 cal? nah.

Vanilla sux…end of story. I mix it with the other flavors too…only way I can tolerate it.

PB on the spoon…yep, only way to do it.

stay in it dude, keep going! The gym rocks!


sugar free gum seems less like a cheat and more like a great way to occupy yourself and keep your mind off being hungry. good job man

Finished Workout 2-

I do enjoy the work outs. I am not sure how I am doing on weight selection.

For example, i can left as fast as possible but have to slow the lowering at the bottom for fear of losing my grip. Essentially, it looks like i need to work on grip strength.

I over did it on the weight for the lunges though and I will remember that next time.

once again, I feel goo for most of the day until about 3. From 3 til the gym all i could think about was food. That is what makes it so much harder on non-gym days, I have nothing to take my mind off it.

One more shake for the day, then I am on to day 5

regarding your grip - I recommend captains of crush grippers:

I got a No.1 and 2 when I started, and could close the 2 right off the bat. I’m about to go order the 2.5 and 3. Looks-wise, I’m about the same strength as you. If you buy them, I’d recommend getting the 1.5 and 2.5

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