My Own Workout?

How important is it that I do the Velocity workout as opposed to my own? I currently do a 4 day split routine that works well for me (I switch it up to avoid adaptation). I’m a creature of habit and working out every day I go into the office (4 days) helps keep me “sane” while at work. Every other day workouts are always hard for me because I can’t get that momentum of going in every day.

My big question is this: As long as I am using the higher calorie recommendations for workout days is there a reason I can’t lift those 4 days? Would it somehow cause me to lose muscle on this program?

It should be fine with a 4-day lifting program, though cardio still isn’t advised, just the daily NEPA or a 10 minute conditioning session as outlined here:

As long as you don’t under-do or over-do the weight training, it can work. Though I do encourage you to try the new training style in the V-Diet, since it’s unlike the usual methods if done correctly.

One thing to keep in mind, the V-Diet package is set up for 3 weight training days per week, so you could need extra workout nutrition (Surge Recovery in this case.)

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