My Last Hope

Dear Chris, I have been weightlifting for over 30 years,done everything from power lifting,bodybuilding contests to personal training.I have been follower of you guys since you founded the company. I have great respect for all the knowledge you and all the folks working at T-Nation have. Always recommended your products and website to all of my previous clients,friends and family members.

I am 47 years old male, I am a biochemist so feel free to get as technical as you like. Here is my situation,16 months ago i had surgery to correct a C7 disc herniation. In my opinion the surgery did more harm to me than good. I have a left vocal chord paralysis and my left triceps and pecs look very flaccid and atrophy. I have maybe 15% of my strength on my left triceps and pec.

Since after the surgery a series of complications have risen on me,among them, I have a 4.8 CM dilation of the ascending aorta,I have an undesirable lipid profile,I have a herniated Lumbar disc whom which I have been dealing with for almost 10 years. Here are my questions and I pray that you give me your honest advice. Question # 1. Can I do the V-Diet program? if yes,what level?.

Question # 2. I cannot perform at the moment any deadlifts due to my Lumbar disc hernia,what exercise can I substitute for the deadlift and bendover rows?

Question # 3. I am planing on slowly but surely getting off from all the medication I am currently taking( Crestor and Atenolol) and hopefully relied on supplements as the mean of reducing my bad cholesterol and diminishing the circumference of my ascending aorta. What is your thought on that?

Chris my form and technique in all exercises is impeccable unfortunately I am injured and my cervical surgery has left me very limited in terms of strength and goes without saying i am in terrible physical shape. Right now I am weighing 214.5 Lbs and carrying an incredible amount of body fat.

Chris I went ahead and place the order for all the products to begin the V-Diet and i purchases Receptormax and Alpha Male additionally hoping to get my injured cervical spine nerves a hopeful ingredient to see if it heals. Creatine I am not sure if it is a recommended supplement for folks like me with Ascending Aortic Aneurysms.

MY cardiologist like 99% of all the doctors in the world is limited in terms of weight training knowledge and nutritional supplementation. I ask him if i can at least go to the gym and bench press 95LBS for reps ( Used to bench 300+) and he almost got a heart attack.In closing Chris, I feel my cardiologist is wrong in recommending me a sedentary life style free from weight lifting. I feel that if i do the V-Diet and loose 20 LBs of body fat weight my Ascending aorta circumference will diminish.

I want to do the V-Diet and I feel I can somehow improve my health by accomplishing such,I need to get control of my health and somehow improve my cardiac health and lower my cholesterol. I eagerly await on your reply.

Chris usually doesn’t check each log, that would take forever. Try asking your questions in the AskChris 3.0 thread stickied to the top of the training logs section.

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