My Journey... at Great Velocity

Hi guys,

I’m 33, from Australia and I came across the T nation site whilst scouting around the web. T-Nation was definitely one of those gold finds on the web that you come across every so often (unfortunately predominately surrounded by absolute ‘BS’ fitness and bodybuilding sites on the web? looking to exploit the unsuspecting).

After reading so many brilliant articles and inspiring forums from people of all walks of life and many different stages of training and progress, I was hooked and joined up.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out the three people/influences on this site that have really kicked in my drive to get up and make a change.

First and foremost, Chris Shugart for his frank honest no BS approach to almost everything I have read, his genuine interest in the members here and their journeys of discovery and transformation is a refreshing change.

From what I see, yes this site promotes the Biotest product but I think Chris has no angles here, he really is getting not much more than satisfaction of seeing people much like myself achieve their goals, changing their lives and realizing the true potential inside each and everyone of us.

Secondly, the person I would say has been my catalyst to actually get up make a positive change in my life is Gus Pacho. I have read everything about Gus starting with Chris Shugart’s article ‘The Transformation of Gus Pacho’ his amazing transformation has really inspired me to do the same (I have lost count how many times I have read through this… each time finding something new to take away from it)

Finally, you guys! Yep you guys…the people reading this thread and the people that are running their own threads, the people getting up and doing what I’m doing, everyday ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Your changes, progress and determination is a credit to all of you, I read your messages of support and encouragement to each other and I find this inspiring and a refreshing change to what’s around most of us. The team spirit is alive and well and flourishing in the T-Nation.

I’ll be writing up a bit about myself and my story as well as detailed account of my ‘Velocity’ journey.


My Story?

I’ve always been pretty active through most of my life (with patches of laziness?). From an early age I was exposed to sports, my family being pretty modest migrants to Australian (Dad was working full time from 14?) never really had the opportunity to do this and they ensured that I did (so I was pretty lucky that it was kind of imposed on me at an early age).

Through my early and formative years I grew up playing Soccer, basketball, Australian rules football (yes it is as physically hard as it looks?) and finally longest standing sport for me? martial arts (karate) which I did for over 15 years.

Although I remained committed through the years I never really excelled or competed at a particularly high level in any of the sports but enjoyed them all and the befits I got from them.

It was in my mid teens that I first discovered weight training, this discovery has continued on and off over the years (depending on my drive), bit I did discover that I could make strength and size gains relatively quickly compared to those around me.

Apart from one time in my life (I?ll get to that) I have always been what I would consider the ?chunkier? side of life (not really over weight but definitely not cut?) my heaviest days I was an unhealthy 104Kg or 230lbs but have generally sat in the high 90kgs or 210lbs-220lbs.

I guess my weight distribution was always pretty fortunate in the way that I could put on weight and not show clearly where due to a pretty even distribution over my body, although at times I was not exactly in a rush to take off my shirt at the pool?

Over the years I have convinced myself that I was looking pretty good? most people consider me to me a pretty solid muscular build (not too over the top though) thanks to carefully selected clothing the good bits were shown and the bad well hidden.

In my mid twenties I joined the Army (this is one of the most standout points in my life) at the time I was a little over weight and what I would consider moderately unfit, I had let myself slide without even knowing it. I had enough to pass the basic fitness criteria pretty easily but I was a long way off being what I should have been.

When I first came back from basic training I was the fittest I had ever been finding runs and exercise that I would normally have challenging a breeze. This was just the start, after this I was shipped off for my Infantry training, here I really learned the true meaning of the word pain? up to this point this was one of the most physically demanding times of my life and something I wouldn?t trade for anything in this world, as well as being propelled to a level of fitness and strength I never had I also found out things about myself that I still take with me to this day.

The number one thing? When you think you?ve got no more? when you think it’s easier to quit or drop out…your wrong! There?s always more. This thought is usually your own minds barrier to what ever you?re doing, especially if you?re reaching levels you?ve never done before. There is always a little more left, the human body and mind are amazing things, very few of us really push ourselves to realize our full potential or how far we can actually go.

After Infantry training I was convinced I was getting pretty fit and strong, at my peak I thought? WRONG AGAIN! I had signed up to joined the Commando Unit so off to the ?green berets? I went, I soon learned that not only was I not up to scratch but I was a far way from being an effective soldier in this unit or someone that the guys around me could potentially put their lives in my hands.

I had several courses to do but the two main points to reach my goal of being a Green Beret were: 1. To pass the SFBT or Special Forces Barrier Test (this is basically a Special Forces fitness and aptitude test for both SAS and Commandos) 2. The Commando Induction Course (to get the converted ?Green Beret? that I wanted so badly)

From this point of realization I decided to smash my beliefs and barriers and rewrote my rule book all over again. I set my goals not by what I could or thought I could achieve but rather by the guys around me and their levels. PBs were no longer an option, these were some of the fittest, strongest and most driven individuals I had ever seen, a real credit to the country the served, the uniform they worn and the elite unit they were apart of.

I quietly used individuals around me as markers selecting a person above me in fitness and strength and from there setting my goals by to match them and then better them. After achieving this I looked for my next marker and so on. A slow and hard task (for sure) as everyone was moving forward and improving much like myself (not one of the guys around me was ever content with their levels they always strived to be better)

Not being as fit as most of the guys around me I slowly progressed over the months training as hard as I could with the most demanding mixture of strength training, endurance, stamina, core strength and cardio fitness, each one in a fine balance with the other to achieve the exact balance needed for the riggers and requirements of the job I was employed to do.

My tools were simple but effective: interval training, swimming, body weight exercise, moderate weight training, my gear itself and of course long grueling pack marches when ever I got the chance (usually carrying anywhere between 10-50Kgs).

As I was preparing for the SFBT (Special Forces Barrier Test) which was only weeks away, I was fit and I was tipping the scales at a respectable and lean 82.5Kgs (or around 180lbs) my months of hard training and strict dieting was paying off, then in one foul swoop my dreams and hopes came crashing down.

Whilst on a training exercise I was running down a steep embankment (wearing full kit of around 30kgs and of course my rifle), I went left and my right knee had other ideas and went the opposite way? all felt was unbelievable pain shooting through my leg and a horrific noise? me screaming my lungs out in pain. In one go my career as a soldier was gone I had popped my knee and I knew pretty much straight away it would be unlikely that I would be able to return to service.

After recommendation from the Army doctors not to try again due to the real possibility of irreversible and serious damage I was given a discharge (I was also already carrying existing collar bone, forearm and a minor back injuries which didn?t exactly help me) so I went back to civilian life shattered and feeling like a failure, defeated and left wondering was it all worth it (generally wallowing in self pity) I begrudgingly moved on completing a degree becoming a Industrial Designer instead? far cry from a special forces soldier.

(Flash forward to now?.) Some 6 years (many beers, cigarettes, lots of junk food and generally a very unhealthy lifestyle) later. I?m working in my own business (which I truly love? funny how things work out in life), generally working 5-6 days a week (sometimes 7?) I have let myself go (completely) my fitness has gone down to a point that doesn?t reflect even close to where I was or echo the drive and discipline I once had.

Although I was never ripped, at my peak I was relatively lean, fit and strong? but above all unbelievably healthy (both in mind and body). Once sliding down this very slippery slope it was very hard to get back (I guess the things I had learned and discovered from my training both mentally and physically weren?t so strong in my memory? how quickly we allow ourselves to accept the easy road). I had allowed firstly my injuries and then time itself get the better of me.

This bring me close to where I am now, feeling like I really need to make a change before it becomes too hard and too much damage is done? So I started with the first and by far worst part of my life SMOKING?

Towards the later part of last year I made the decision that it was time to quit and decided that cold turkey was the way to go, my method was simple (and I believe) very effective? type into Google image search ?diseases caused by smoking? and forced myself for at least an hour to read and view whatever it threw at me.

At the end of my hour (feeling very woozy? and convinced that I was suffering at least half of the diseases) I threw out all my cigarettes and anything that would trigger me, although not that it really mattered after an hour of seeing every disgusting cancer and effect of smoking I genuinely didn?t want one (and haven?t since).

Quitting is simple? Like anything in life you must really want to do it, otherwise it will always be horrifically difficult and generally you won?t succeed. I know that not everyone can do what I have done so if you do smoke I strongly suggest the aids that are available (patches, gum etc?) or for a medicated option go and see your doctor like a friend of mind (did with great success).

I also decided that after NYE I would give alcohol away, I am no longer a big drinker but I do enjoy a couple of drinks, however the decision was made this was out until further notice.

The wheels of change had started, 2009 is going to be my year! The year that I look back and say ?this is where I made a change?, a change for life and above all a change for myself and the change that would help form the rest of my life (big words I know?).

So? Where to start??? What to do??? Was this all too hard??? The biggest hurdle is the first one? getting started! I started training again in the gym (2/01/2009) and surprise surprise after the very first workout I felt more positive and realized it was my mind setting the barriers again? I decided this was only as difficult as I decided to make it.

I had already dropped the alcohol so I switched my diet back to my old training diet (nothing too earth shattering? fruit, veg, protein, watch calories etc?). Although at this stage I felt like I really need a good kick start and bring my weight down to allow me to start training as I use to. So I began to casually surf the net looking over many different sites and I came across the T Nation, V Diet and all the information and guidance you could possibly want to make a dramatic change.

At this point I made my new goal? I WANT A SIX PACK!!! Although being fit and lean before I never achieved a six pack and the cut body I had often admired, I basically thought that my genetics wouldn’t allow it? Damn? there was my mind setting the barriers again.

As I said earlier I read Gus Pacho?s story and realized you can have the six pack? you can get brilliantly cut?. All it takes is discipline, drive and determination (my old forgotten friends are waving hello again!). I looked at Gus and decided that was me? we shared much the same physical characteristics, traits and triggers.

I have definitely made some bold statements here considering I am just beginning, but every great change has a start and this is mine. I hope that you follow my progress and it inspires and helps you with yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


The warm up to start of my program: 3/2/09 ? 11/2/09

Jumped on some scales and was pretty shocked! I was tipping the scales close to 99.7kgs/ 220lbs (damn more than I thought?.) I stayed away from them for fear of what they might tell me… guess I was right.

In this period (was still on summer vacation) although still having some solid meals I was really playing around with the ‘V diet’ seeing how I felt, was I hungry, the calculations etc? Just did my usual weight program, pushed it but not too much as I’ve been back in the gym only a short time I just focused on the technique and getting my body moving properly again. Have stuck to around 1500 calories per day.

Walking is a MUST! been doing this and very light exercise bike work for a minimum of 40mins everyday (ensuring it doesn?t turn into a cardio workout). Prefer the walks as its summer here… why would you want to stay in doors (tend to do around 1-1 ½ hrs if I’m walking just because I enjoy it so much this time of the year and I live 20m from the beach).

By the 11/2/09 I?m feeling pretty good I’ve done 3 days of V-Diet type meals/shakes and they’re not too bad (not to mention my stomach has already started to come back in!) I had a family birthday dinner on the Sunday so I figured this was a good time as any for my non diet meal to finish up on (GOOD CHOICE BY ME!)

Coming from a European family food is always a center of these things and it is always fantastic, the hardest part is stopping or telling my grandmother “no” to more food? as she tells me I’m getting too thin (HAHAHAHA) what is it with the old Europeans? You need to be rolling before they consider you healthy.

I made a conscious decision that although this is was my last meal outside the Diet I?m still going to keep it reasonable.

2 pieces charcoal roasted chicken (breast and took the skin off)
2 small pieces of lamb (again charcoal roasted) only had a small amount of this as lamb always tends to be pretty oily (when done euro style!)
Mixed green salad (lemon juice dressing)
Mayo free coleslaw
Some cold cut meats

Stayed away from really anything with carbs not for any other reason than most of the rice, pita breads, potato salads etc… are always high in fat and oil when done my family’s way.

I’m lucky as I’ve got older I’ve progressively lost my sweet tooth so I wasn’t even interested in the ridiculous amounts of deserts on hand.

As you can see nothing too drastic in my last meal but these are all foods I love and tend to over eat, I generally only eat crap food when I?m too lazy to go the market or have a craving for junk food (this to me is worse than sweets).

My weight increase since my time in the army has been progressive and slow and predominately due to: irregular eating (skipping meals), over eating (I can put away a LOT of food), junk food (not all the time but enough for me to mention), alcohol and of course lack of exercise.

While talking about food. I’ll publicly air my greatest shame? (unfortunately there are no support groups here to help) I have battled with an addiction for many years one I have been unable to shake? KFC!

YES you read that right KFC!!! I know? I know? it?s disgusting, its awful, its the devils food… (bla bla bla…) but those 11 secret herbs and spices have always had me (no matter how bad I feel after eating it I always go back)

All jokes aside I don?t know what they put in it but I actually find it harder to kick than smoking (believe it or not).

not too sure why I’m getting ? on parts of my writting. I’m sure you get the message though…

Day 1: Monday 9/02/2009

Today was the day it all begins!

I have taken the measurements and done a weigh in.

Age: 33
Weight: 215 lbs / 97.5kg (was very surprised in my warm up period I actually lost close to 5lbs!)
Height: 72.0 in
Calories per Day: 1400 (training)
Calories per Day: 1200 (non training)
Protein required: 215 grms per day
Goals: Drop to 180-175lbs and have visibly defined abs

Note: Don?t know what my BF % is as soon as I have this I will post it along with my target (although I think my target should be around 5-8%)

I am trying to stay as true as I can to the Velocity Diet (as much possible?) but I have found one major obstacle… MY COUNTRY!

I need to order the Biotest stuff online and it will take time? however I am not willing to accept this as a reason to hold off.

Biotest stuff is not readily available locally and I have stocks of Low Carb Whey and Casein Protein so I?ve decided to use these up first, mixing these together give me a pretty good quality high protein low carb shake.

So my supplements at the moment are

Whey Protein
Casein Protein
BCAA (powder? VERY BAD CHOICE doesn?t mix well with water? yuk! yuk! yuk!)
Salmon Oil capsules
Glucosamine (for my old injuries?)

Also included:
Flax meal
Metamucil (sugar free)
Peanut butter (2 tbls /day)

Today is a training day, so I have had 6 shakes.

This definitely more shakes then I have ever had? (Note to self? need something other than chocolate!)


45 mins brisk walk
Day 1 HBT: Hard Body Training

All in all feeling pretty good but perhaps a little weird (not hungry though) a little tired but not too bad. Energy shift predominately in the afternoon but didn?t hurt my training.

still getting ? in my text…

Day 2: 10/02/2009

Not much today but I do have a bit of a rant?

Ok I think the Biotest USA guys need to talk to the Biotest Australia/New Zealand guys because we are getting ripped off over here!

I have based what I require on Gus Pacho’s threads with Chris.

Take a look for yourselves… (all pricing has been converted in USD$ and is based on an exchange rate of $0.70)

HOT-ROX - US price $47 Aust price $69
Surge - US price $33 Aust price $61
BCAA - US price $29 Aust price $52
Flameout - US price $29 Aust price $48
ZMA - US price $14 Aust price $27
Metabolic Drive - US price $30 Aust price $48
Z12- US price $45 Aust price $55

The supplements are between 40-90% more expensive, why I have no idea. I am actually involved in some importing (with my design/engineering work from a company in Nevada) and I believe that there is no import duties between Australia and the US, also knowing the rates for freight from there to here it just doesn’t warrant such a massive difference in price.

My experience as distributer is that the manufacture generally gives a discount between 15-30% discount to their distributors… that would mean these guys here are making well over 100% margin. Haven’t got the time nor the inclination to do the sums (as I’m sure the guys distributing Biotest here are making such high margins they wouldn’t really give a damn anyway about one losing one potential customer)

This is going to make things very interesting… Need to see what I’m going to do. I guess I have a little thinking time as I have stocks of supps and powders, shame I was pretty keen to go by the book. I guess I don’t mind being ripped off as long as I don’t know I’m getting ripped off.


Walking today… Gotta LOVE summer! Living by the beach is great, went for a walk this morning thinking I?ll go again tonight for no other reason than it is just too beautiful down here.

Have notice one thing though… CRAVING something savoury (anything) just as long it’s not sweet I’d be happy.

Apart from that not hungry which is a good thing (actually find this a relief at work… no need to worry about what’s for lunch)

Keep going man! I scanned your story and you are about the same size as me…check out my thread.

The craving is normal and will get a little better during week 2 (I am in week 2)


Whatever you do …DO NOT follow what BMW did in the past week on his thread, your doing great bro!! Keep up the hard work and keep us updated!

Your cravings will pass. I reached day 8 today and for the first time the Surge tasted good! It’s funny, when you first start the diet you try anything to jazz up the shakes. The last couple of meals I haven’t even blended with ice.

I like your thread - your life has been exciting! Thank you for your service. I’m a Brit married to an American solider and as a military spouse have lived through two deployments. I guess that’s why I’m able to stick to this diet - you have to keep yourself together to keep from breaking down! This diet is all about being mentally tough. That’s the reward at the end of the day. You can do it!

The best of luck and I look forward to following your progress.

Hi guys thanks for the messages of support (that’s eqactly the sort of stuff was exactly what I was talking about in end of my first post) You guys rock wasn’t expecting that so soon into my posts, will reply properly tonight.

It’s morning here just got back from the walk… IT’S GOING TO BE A HOT ONE TODAY (37 Degrees C or 98 Degrees F). Quick question… (actually the reason for this early morn post) Anyone else get really full strange dreams? Don’t usually get such vivid dreams and got them since I start this. Other than that life is good this far. Thanks again, will reply poperly tonight (if I don’t melt due to the heat…)

Day 3.

Walk 40mins x 2
Day 2 HBT: Hard Body Training

BMWDEMON: Thanks for the words of encouragement after reading your thread you and I are about the same so I’ll be watching your progress you done so well thus far congrats keep up your excellent work.

THAI: Thank for the warning… LOL I’m pretty safe not to stray I think my craving is more that I am a savoury type person, I can’t remember the last time I had so many sweet tasting things in my life… YUK!

(last but not least? my UK cousin)

Brit (Helen): You’re a long way from home! (LOL) Thanks for your words… living through deployments is never easy it takes a special type of person? (I’ve watched some many of my friends loose the relationships because of it?) you sound like a strong person your partner is very lucky. On to the diet side your words of encouragement are much appreciated? I look forward to following your progress as well

On to my day?

This all in all is isn’t too bad I think the worse thing is trying to come up with flavour combinations, getting a little frustrated with that side of things and as I don’t have a sweet tooth at all the sheer sweetness of these things for every meal is probably my only gripe… HOLD THE PRESS!!!

I have found my way around my biggest dislike… (as of this afternoon) I am now doing the calculations and thinning out the powders with a natural whey (no flavour) and it’s made a world of difference to the sweetness (good protein, low carbs and low calories!) EXCELLENT problem solved! I think with all this all have to do is think back to my time in the service? if I can eat some of that stuff from the ration packs (mind you some of which use to have a 10year use by date!) I can live on anything.

As for my training… all went really well (plenty of energy and the workout felt good on the old injuries. My greatest fear was the reverse lunges and the squats on neglected my bad knee but this is actually a really good work out for me in this regard not too much stress but enough work for me to start strengthening it up again properly and gradually - 10/10 for the HBT training!

My personal observation…

I feel very odd at times during the day, a little vague, lacking motivation and finding it hard to keep focus on difficult or demanding problems with work (engineering type stuff…) but as soon as I hit the afternoon/evening I hit my arternoon mineral and fibre supps I’m all good feeling focused and normal… (If I go for an evening walk I feel even better) how weird. Maybe I’m still getting back into work mode after the summer vacation here LOL

I’ve ditched trying to work out which flavour for which meal? threw it all in one giant bowl and mixed it around and portioned it out… too easy! So I’m having a berry/ chocolate /vanilla/ natural/ flax / L-Glutamine mix… focus on training not shakes.

It’s no longer too sweet so I’m happy (was going to grind up my other tablet supps and throw those in too but decided against it… can’t see them being too nice)

Again thanks for taking the time to stop by.

(weird… been trying to upload my first set of ‘fat’ photos with no luck will try again)

Good work! You are experiencing everything we all have…well, at least I have…the cloudiness with thought, forgetting things, kind of zoning in and out. Yes, Thai was right about not following my lead with the cheat but it was chicken, I did it, now I am back on track. I kinda like your idea of mixing it all up…LOL…don’t know if I will try that.

Military rations are the best…LOL…NOT! I used to be in the AF so know all about it.

Pictures will at some point come up…the other way I did it was to hit the “go advanved” in red below while using the fast reply field…the pictures posted up immediately.


[quote]bmwdemon wrote:
Good work! You are experiencing everything we all have…well, at least I have…the cloudiness with thought, forgetting things, kind of zoning in and out. Yes, Thai was right about not following my lead with the cheat but it was chicken, I did it, now I am back on track. I kinda like your idea of mixing it all up…LOL…don’t know if I will try that.

Military rations are the best…LOL…NOT! I used to be in the AF so know all about it.

Pictures will at some point come up…the other way I did it was to hit the “go advanved” in red below while using the fast reply field…the pictures posted up immediately.


Yes thats how I got pics to come up as well

I’m with you on the sweet stuff. You know, today I craved Marmite on toast, of all things! Guess its time to take a trip home and stock up on my faves! My best friend lives in Melbourne. Wish I was there now soaking up the sum. Is COLD here!

LOL. It’s funny you should mention Marmite… I have solved my savoury cravings today. I just took very small amount Vegemite (pretty similar to marmite but the Australian version I guess) onto the tip of a spoon. As it’s so strong you only need a little taste… Savoury craving gone with no real deviation from the diet (less than 1 cal and next nothing else). It is missing the toast though :frowning:

I’ve got some American and Canadian mates that have visited and they just don’t get it, it’s too salty and too strong they think it’s disgusting. On going gag letting them try it and watching their faces (most make the mistake of caking it onto a piece of toast like jam?)

Well it’s almost 5pm time to soak up some sun and go for a walk? you would love it here right now if you?re a sun person this really is the best time of the year you can?t help but stay in a great mood (which is good when dieting?).

Your best friend lives in Melbourne? What area? I’m in Saint Kilda… right on the beach

Day 4.

Not much to write really… just had the walk to do today.

Today went by ridiculously easy; I had to in fact remind myself to drink my afternoon shake. Mixing it all together works well for me, I guess knowing that everything is the same has taken the thought out of it (it’s a no brainer now). I’m really surprised I’m just not hungry, haven’t been at all since I started.

I guess I have overcome the things that I had any sort of issue with (ongoing sweetness for every meal and need for some sort of savoury flavour) without affecting any of my routine or requirements (I guess I’m easily satisfied?).

I actually cooked dinner tonight for a friend with not even so much as a stray thought… although she did think it was weird sitting down eating while I sipped my shake. Ok I know what’s coming? before you all start thinking… “What the F#%k???” I lost a bet before I started this, so I had to pay up and wasn’t about to put it off (and besides that I wanted to catch up).

My view on this (and really anything else) is quite simple… just get on with everything as per normal, life goes on. It is how it is and I have chosen the path I’m on (as have you).

You can try to avoid this… want that… plan out and dream about the solid meal all week (or like some refuse it) but in the end all you’re doing is torturing yourself. For me, my solid meal plan is quite simple… fresh, good quality, nutritionally balanced and above all beneficial to my body and my goals!. I haven’t even planned what day its on exactly or what I’m having and quiet frankly I don’t care. My body will tell me when it’s ready and what it wants (but as the program lays it out I will follow… so my body will need to let me know some time this weekend).

The way I see it, the meal we have in this program is a chance for your body to take a break fomr such a dramtic change and more to the point be that much stronger for the next phase (much like a rest period in your training) so my advice don’t run away from it… embrace the opportunity to become stronger and see it as it is an advantage (and definitely not a weakness).

Remember, at any stage of this you are allowed to have whatever you can think of… no one is stopping you, there is nothing to prevent you from eating or drinking whatever you want (but…) you have chosen that you want to follow this, you have chosen to adhere to the plan laid out before you, it is all your own choice and as such ALL is in your power.

Everyone here knew exactly what they were setting out to achieve and went forward eyes wide open, from what I’ve seen and read no on here is suffering conditions that force them to do this.

My advice… (for those that want it) believe in yourself, believe in the program, trust in the goals you’ve set, embrace the change and above all enjoy the challenge. Any of the negatives pale next these.

I know myself well enough these days that the challenges will come not from this diet but the challenges I am setting myself in training (get my strength back, get my knee and leg strong again etc…), the rest I can switch off and not really give a damn (to me food is food… trust me I’ve had some much worse options and for soooo much longer).

The way I look at it I’ve had it so good for so long and abused this privilege… a little penance for the last few years is a small price to pay.

Final note… Back to my progress (for those that may still be interested LOL)

Feeling mentally alert again… was awake well before my alarm (although I know I need to try to get more rest for proper growth), fogginess is lifting and the ability to focus on difficult task is returning (think I had an element of detox going on which may not have helped…).

I felt great all day and really do feel brilliant after my walk this evening (almost too good!) I’ll have to post some pics of what I am lucky enough to have around me (before anyone says it… I will post pics of myself… I still can’t get them up (windows keeps giving me a ?java scrip? error) going to try my work computer tomorrow if I get a chance.

I feel for you guys over there (I know its winter) feeling the sun, its warmth and the generally good vibe down by the beach I think I may have an unfair advantage.

For someone that didn’t have much to say damn I can rant on…

As always… thanks for stopping by. Good luck and stay strong.



Thanks for posting up your comments within my post…I appreciate it and after reading your above words of the day I know you are right…and it is good for each of to set our own goals although we are all on the same diet. I posted up my thoughts and since you seem to be stronger and or not effected by the lack of food have different aspirations for the diet

. I try to not thing of food but the drive for me is overwhelming so since I have to listen to my body have made adjustments which I outlined…now, this is not a post to derail people reading this or making an excuse for you to come off the diet and “cheat” but to realize that you must listen to your body!

Keep up the great work Mark and yes, it is completely unfair that you are getting sun!!! HA!



Hi Michael thanks for the post. I may have ranted on a little but you get my point (weird but I’ve gone from fogginess and unable to hold my thoughts to my brain working over time).

I would definitely not consider myself to be stronger than anyone else here. I think the thing with me (that may be different to some here) is that I have had my body (for extended periods of time) in states I’d rather never experience again… starvation, dehydration, extended periods sleep deprivation (to the point of hallucination…),

Early stages of body shut down and at one point almost compete collapse… As I said things I’d rather never have to do ANY of those things ever again.

Stay focused stay strong and above all keep up your great work.

P.S with a name like BMWDEMON… what’s your ride?

Hi Mark, sounds like things are going well for you and yes, you do have an unfair advantage with the weather! Sunshine is definately a mood enhancer!

How funny about the Vegimite! I love Marmite but my husband loathes it so much he doesn’t like me near him when I eat it. My 4 year old son LOVES it too. Takes after his proper English mum! Do you have Bovril over there? I drink that a lot when I’m competition dieting. Mum sends it to me together with other British oddities like Branston Pickle, salad cream and custard powder.

My friend lives in 8righton. She is getting married in December and we will fly over for her wedding. She works for an organization which promotes tourism to Australia.

Hang in there matey!


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