My Introductory V-Diet Post


Current Bodyweight: 240lbs
Height: 6’2
(Pics, Video, and Measurements to come prior to the diet)
Age: 22

Note: I am planning to start the Velocity Diet sometime in the middle of May, as I will be starting a new job, and will use some of the funds from my first paychecks to purchase the necessary supplements. I am posting this to introduce myself, why I plan on doing it, and to seek any extra input or information I would need.

Hey everyone, First a little about me. I have been involved in athletics my whole life, and strength training since I was about 13. Back then, despite being a 4 sport athlete, involved in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field, I was pretty unhappy with my body, and it was just getting to the point where the opposite sexes were starting to notice each other, and take note of who was hot and who was not. I wanted in on this attention, but found I was the “skinny-fat” type, meaning I stood at 135 pounds, but had a big gut, and my lifts were nothing to be happy about. So, I began to lift at my high school, at first in order to improve my sports performance, however slowly my muscles began to poke their heads through the ever decreasing amount of “dough.” There were two experiences I really remember which caused me to keep at it, first I wore a tank top to our annual 4th of July BBQ in 2002, and was getting many complements on how good my arms looked, then when we did our weightlifting unit in our 9th grade gym class, I had the 2nd highest bench press in the entire class.

All of this was enough motivation to keep at it, and sure enough, each year I got progressively stronger, more muscluar, and leaner, and my sports performance was improving dramatically. By my sophmore year, I had decided to concentrate on football and track and field (shotput, discus, and javelin), and by the time I finished highschool, I had earned all-district team honors in football, and I placed 11th at states in the shot put.

I went on to throw the shot put and hammer in college track and field, and have managed to qualify for regionals 3 out of 4 years. Through my years in the strength game, I had progressed from the “barbody (the guy who works every upper body muscle)” to the classic western periodization methods, to the conjugate/westside method. Besides my track and field throwing, I have also taken up competitive powerlifting and olympic lifting, and my PRs include a 385 bench, a 565 squat, and a 505 deadlift, all raw.

Now, fast forward to today. I am pretty strong, and have a decent bit of muscle. To the point where a girl could feel my arm, and think it’s hot, and I’m told my stomach/ “gut” feels like solid muscle, and I can see the top part of my abs i.e kinda a 2 pack…Yet, the excess layer of fat has still hung over me, and has kept me from getting quite as cut as I would like, let alone obtaining the elusive " head turning 6 pack." And I understand why, my diet has not been that clean throughout college, which is ok, but since I am officially retired from track and field, this unclean diet could harm me if kept up for too long. I do plan on continuing to compete in powerlifting and o lifting, but I’m setting my physical goals similar to those of Jim Wendler: to look as good as I can, and be in the best physical condition I can be, while still being able to post impressive numbers in the weight room.

In the past, I have gone on cutting diets, and tried many of the “slow and sensible approaches”. I have lost fat, but haven’t had enough results to keep me motivated. Since it’s human nature to want something up front, I figured the only way was to have some serious results, in order to “jump start” myself, and keep myself motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s how I decided on the velocity diet, as it’s not only designed to rip fat off in record time, but it also reprograms your taste buds, so that health foods seem like tiramisu. I have done much research on this, and have found plenty of people pleased with their results, the only naysayers being those who haven’t done it, or those who think it’s a T-Nation scam, which I don’t think it is. While I know one cycle of this won’t give me Men’s Health cover ripped abs, my goal for the diet is to be able to see all of my abs by the end of it.

With all this said, I am always up for a challenge, and think this would be great for me, and I would appreciate your support. Thanks for reading and more to come.


Welcome aboard.

Any specific questions for me, be sure to drop them in the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris forum.

Keep us updated!


Welcome, good luck - you can do it. Stick with the program, it works.