My Indigo-3G and Plazma Plan


I decided to start my training with a heavy compound “big 4” movement, and then adding assistance moves while ramping up reps throughout. I take 1 serving of Plazma throughout and 2 scoops of MAG-10 during the conditioning. I also consume a fat burner prior to conditioning (yohimbe, green tea extract, caffeine and a water weight remover).

A typical training day is as follows:

4:15am - Wake up
take Indigo-3G
4:50am - Brain Candy + Finibar
5:15am - Begin Training:
Incline Bench Press - 4x6 (rest 2-3min)
Flat Dumbbell Press - 4x8 (rest 1-2min)
Cable Crossover/Dumbbell Fly - 3x10 (rest 1min)
Dips/Dip Machine - 3x12-15 (rest min)
Barbell Curl: 5x5 (rest 2min)
Dumbbell Curl: 4x8 (rest 1-2min)
Cable Curl: 3x12-15 (rest 1min)
Conditioning Work for 15min, usually a kettle bell swing/pushup combo or sled/tire work.

Usually it’s around 6:30am - 6:45am after the conditioning. I get home and eat the following around 7:30am:

6 eggs
1 cup of oatmeal + banana and berries mixed in

Then after class I’ll come home and snack on a protein shake usually with a banana and some peanut butter (2tbsp).

My lunch consists of chicken usually with a 1/2 cup of white rice and green veggies. This has been my last meal containing carbs because of macros. I lowered them to lose a little bit more fat.

Dinner is my last meal and it’s usually just protein based with some healthy fats.

I decided to lower my calories week by week, by about 250cal/week. Mostly from carbs, while raising fats slightly and maintaining protein at around 220g.


Did you read everything about Indigo-3G? Why so little carbs around it? I counted about 135 grams.

I personally think your program is not very good. What are your goals? And why so little calories? And what are your macros for the day?


Not sure what your training goals are, etc. or how much time you’re spending (or prepared to spend) in the gym/training on a weekly basis. Based on what you have said I would consider swapping out the conditioning work for more weight training, e.g. full body or upper/lower split, and adding the conditioning separately on different days.

I believe there is some suggestion certain antioxidants can interfere with Indigo so it may be safer to save the green tea for later in the day.

Regarding carb intake, if I were training as early as you I would be inclined to curtail carbs after lunch too. Alternatively, you could have a second dose of Indigo pre-dinner (I assume you are a Biotest super-user?) which would allow you another carb meal at the expense of some calories from fat.


I don’t really think about training goals now, except for improving aesthetically. But fat loss is the main goal.

I spend about 2 hours total in the gym, usually less. About 20-30 minutes warming up and stretching, and an hour training. I’d hate to give up the conditioning work because it serves as a form of HIIT. On non-training days I will do 45 minutes of walking first thing in the morning IAW the following:

So I’m doing cardio basically every day in different styles. I enjoy the mix-up.
I was doing 5-3-1 this summer. It was a good change for me.

But now I’m doing basic bodybuilding routines focusing on a “big 4” move first and finishing up with the HIIT/conditioning. That is Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat, and the morning cardio is Tue-Thur-Sat-Sun.

I do the morning cardio on the saturday training day because that’s leg day and I feel it’s a good warm up.

I have no clue how many carbs I need, but they’ve been cycled throughout the week in an uncontrolled manner. No cheat meals really, but I usually don’t eat as much on non-training days.

I’m a student on a budget and the only supplements I plan on buying from now on are Plazma, MAG-10 and Indigo-3G. I enjoy the Finibars in the morning with Brain Candy, but if I can’t afford them I’ll skip those.
My breakfast is 6 eggs and 1 cup of oatmeal with a banana, but I’m thinking of doing 2 cups of oats.

SO by the time breakfast is done and I’m off to class, I’ve taken in about 1500cal so far, which is about half the day’s allowance. Lunch is 5oz grilled meat, 1 cup of white rice and green veggies. Dinner is very similar to that. And that’s close to 3000cal right there. I tend not to eat after dinner and keep it all in a 12-hour window. I believe that was in the “time-restricted” article I read here.

So if you can help me out thats great. I’ll continue tweaking my diet if I need to. Thanks.