My Health Solid Meals


1 chicken breast
1 serving brown rice
1.5 cups veggies: squash, red/orange/yellow/green peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and onions


1 serving turkey w mozzerella cheese
3 egg omlet
1.5 cups veggies (same as above meal)–veggies are in both turkey and omlet
1 apple


1 chicken breast
1 whole wheat low carb tortilla
few spoonfuls of salsa for sauce–on top of tortilla
2 cups veggies–on top of salsa
1 slice mozzerella cheese–on top of veggies
1/2 apple


1 piece of Salmon (approx 6oz?)
handful asparagus spears
spinach leaves with cottage cheese and sprinkled with some raisins
1/2 apple