My Goal, V-Diet Right for Me?


I’m in a bind. 6 months ago I developed a herniated disk in my spine. The pain was so intense that I had to stop doing a lot of physical activities. Walking long distances was very painful. I canceled my gym membership and had to take it easy for a while. Taking it easy unfortunately led to bad habits. As the doctor stated, my herniated disk is healing. Not quite there, but I feel like its time to get prepared to getting into the gym routine again. I need to lose weight and I want to do it now. Walking is fine for me, the rest of the workouts suggested might be retroactive to the healing process. My goal is to have my membership back in a month’s time and get back to being healthy.

My goals aren’t to get ripped. I don’t care about seeing my abs. I just want to be healthy again. I want to start anew. I want to bust the junk food cravings. Would the V-diet work well for me even if I can’t do all of the suggested workouts? Like I said, walking is fine. I’m about 255 lbs at 6 foot 3. I can stand to lose a lot of weight, I just want to fit into my old pants again.


I hate to see anyone diet without weight training.

While the V-Diet would help you lose fat without training, I’d suggest waiting until you’re fully healed for best results.

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