My First V-Diet HSM


Anyone have a good recommendation for my first V-Diet HSM …? I was thinking of going to a Brazilian Steakhouse (Which is basically a Buffet of steaks and meat) and just letting the Steack keep coming. After-all, it’s healthy protein, right …!!! But then I could imagine Chris shaking his head and kicking me in the balls …

Thoughts …?


I love a good Brazilian steakhouse, but it would be very easy to over-do the calories there. You want to get your money’s worth, right?

Better to go to a regular steakhouse and get a steak, big salad (olive oil only), and a sweet potato.


… See I knew you’d shake your head … :wink:

Maybe I’ll make one of your Super healthy pizza’s off the forum … Or I’ll just dream of food again tonight and make a healthy version of what I dream about …


Take proper diet calories and regular exercise. You should increase drinking water in daily routine.