My First Pulse Fast


I decided to post my experience with the Pulse Fast. I have done the V-Diet a few times now and have been very happy with the results but I’m not lung to lie, 6 weeks is a long time.
I recently did a 2 week modified V-Diet and wanted to follow it up with a pulse.
I waiting 2 weeks between the diet so I guess I’m really just doing the Pulse by itself.

My first day was yesterday. I was surprised at how filling the drinks were. I have blood sugar issues so I wasn’t sure how I’d do, but I didn’t have any trouble at all in that area. I did have a killer headache but I think that was the lack of caffiene since I’ve been low carb for a few weeks now.

I didn’t have any stomach trouble that others have mentioned either, and that was almost a total deterant when I thought about doing the pulse. I started to get very hungry around 6 and having the smell of my husbands dinner didn’t help, but I made it through. I did find that I couldn’t get all the liquid in. I was probably about 400ml short. I spaced the drinks an hour apart but I guess the day got away from me. I plan to do it again on Thursday so I’ll do better with my time management.

I weighed in the morning and had lost 2.2 pounds. I don’t want to take measurements until at least Thursday morning. I know there is a 3 day result window so I’d rather wait and see.

All in all, my first pulse was pretty easy. I’m not dreading Thursday’s pulse at all. I am excited about seeing results.


Nice report. Thanks!

I had the same experience with the caffeine-withdrawal headache. I thought it was the fasting, but it turned out to be the fact that I skipped my morning caffeine hit!


I did one yesterday. I have found that if you wait about 2-3 hours between pulses you can finish it. Every hour is a bit much in the bladder capacity dept.


Would plain black tea be allowed on the pulse? Just to get a caffeine fix…

Another thing I forgot to mention were the hot flashes. It didn’t start until the afternoon, but I was comfortable one second and the next I couldn’t cool off. I ended up steping outside and it was snowing but it felt so much better. Lol
I’m still having “hot flashes” this afternoon. I guess it’s all the fat burning off.