My First Impressions of Micro-PA

I received my order at the same time I was beginning 5/3/1. So I was curious to see how the Micro-PA protocol would work for me.

After just a week, I have noticed the following:

A greater carry over affect from the previous day of lifting. Muscles feel fuller.
Intense hunger! I need to be eating something every 3-4 hours.
Deeper sleep and vivid dreams. (I also take Z-12 as needed.)

It is a struggle for me to consume the double dose serving of MAG-10; but I am slowly building up to it.

In my opinion, this product is a winner.
Thanks, Biotest.

Thanks for the report, jedalger!

If you haven’t see this yet, check out the new Micro-PA Users forum:

Amit Sapir, John Meadows, Mark Dugdale and Thibaudeau are all in there discussing things like the best training methods to maximize the effects of Micro-PA.

Love the personal feedback threads. I guess I’ll join in!

I’ve been using m-PA since I received it about a couple weeks ago, and frankly I have not noticed anything dramatic…nor did I expect anything dramatic. m-PA I believe will take time for the effects to accumulate, and just like the height of a teenager in a growth spurt, he/she doesn’t really “feel” the growing…it is just there suddenly.

I thought I could attribute a recent bout with feeling really hot after taking m-PA and training with some thermogenc effect, but subsequent training the next day did not repeat that episode.

The above being said, I DO notice the following (I am striving to keep my training, sleep, nutrition exactly the same as I introduced m-PA):

  • Slightly more muscle fullness…but this can be all mental
  • Slightly increased strength via perception of how reps feel at a specific training weight…not mental perception here, Definite.
  • Slight increase in weight…definite, but this metric is influenced by so many things; unreliable
  • The above mentioned “heat”…but this could be due to something else that I can’t pinpoint
  • No change in hunger
  • No change in sleep…is mostly good anyways

In my case, i have observed the following:

  • Soreness is gone! I take Plazma, Indigo, MAG-10 and i still had heavy legs and some soreness after squating.
    My legs feel like i didn’t train, even though, i made new PR and trained exactly the same way, with same supplements and same food intake.
    Only difference was m-Pa introduced. I don’t know if this is supposed to happen, but this is what i noticed.
    This is the major thing i noticed.

  • Slightly increased strength and i managed to add 10 lb where i was stuck for a while. might not be related, just a fact i noticed.
    It felt easy.

  • Sleep is the same

  • No change in Hunger

  • Slightly increase in body weight but could be a lot of different things. But i am adding 0.4 pounds a day since i started. I switched to Creatine malate (whereas i was taking monohydrate before, so i am not sure if i am putting more water weight now…)

  • I didn’t feel any fullness in general, however I get bigger pumps on the quads on squat days.

That’s it for me.

Interesting that Tim put up Amit’s micro-PA protocol (12 capsules; 6 pre-workout, 6 post-workout. Each time with plenty of nutrients from MAG-10 and Plazma). I now know exactly what to do when I up the doses of m-PA to twice a day. Now, I would have normally thought taking the 2nd m-PA dose 6 hours AWAY from the training period would have some benefit, but I will try it the Biotest approach of pre and post. Will start doing this in roughly a couple days.

That said, I have to say, at only one dose pre-workout (as on the label) with everything else the same, my “bodybuilding” strength has definitely gone up. I define “bodybuilding” strength as an increase in the number of focused bodybuilding style reps one can do at the appropriate load for the appropriate target reps. Bodybuilding style reps are defined as moving the weight with the isolated strength of the target muscle…even when doing compound movements. This differs from what I call “powerlifting” reps which I define as getting the weight from point A to point B using specific technique without the focus on what muscle targetting. Very very different styles, but I employ both, just never in the same phase.

I have not tried powerlifting reps yet on micro-PA as I am in my bodybuilding phase. But there is a DEFINITE increase in the number of reps I can do at a target load which is highly unusual for me. Rep range I am using for the current phase I’m in is 3-4 @ the appropriate load. I am getting 6 reps at this load now. This is HIGHLY unusual for me.

The ONLY thing I have added is micro-PA. And the “bodybuilding” strength has been repeatable now a couple targeted bodypart workouts in a row. We’ll see if it can go to 3 before I hit the micro-PA double dose.

I am not certain, but am very interested if others are experiencing this. I can’t be the only one.

The above being said, my weight has not changed very much though it is up a bit. I simply can’t attribute this to micro-PA though (yet).

Holy smokes.
After reading Amit’s micro-PA log 1, I think I’m understanding why perhaps I’m not gaining weight: I am probably not taking in near enough nutrients!! Man…look at how much that guy is taking in (nutrient wise)!!!

Yeah, insane quantity ! :slight_smile:
A bottle of MAG-10 and Plazma every 2 work out or something lol

I find that not only is my strength up, but I am able to keep my rest periods shorter. I don’t think that’s just in my head.

Also, my weight is staying up like 1.5lbs, but my waist is as small as it was back when I was like 16, LOL


I now feel the hungriness… No matter how much i eat post work out, i want more.
Last night i woke up at 4 am and i had a Metabolic Drive bar :slight_smile:

[quote]infected wrote:
I now feel the hungriness… No matter how much i eat post work out, i want more.
Last night i woke up at 4 am and i had a Metabolic Drive bar :slight_smile:


My appetite just increased yesterday 2/9/2014. It continues with a fury today. Perhaps this is a delayed reaction for me, but I need to see if this is real or if this is just a one-off thing.

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