My First Garage Gym / Home Gym


EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar (Safety Squat Yoke Bar)
Rogue Fitness Trap Bar
Rogue Fitness Bella Bar 2.0 (for my girlfriend)
Ivanko Curl Bar OBZ-55B

If anyone is in the market for the exact American made Ivanko Curl Bar OBZ-55B I have, look it up on it’s only $230.00 verse every other place selling them for $320+


Sweet setup


I’m super jealous, extremely slick setup.

I’ve got my hands on 320kg of colour elite bumpers (got them on sale, you have to spoil yourself sometimes - the goal is to pull it all) and am waiting for a restock of the small form factor rack from Rogue (keep flipping between that and the squat stands as space is an issue)

I also can’t decide between the Ohio bar and getting an Aussie Barbell Co bar (which I know are great - the Ohio is cheaper but not sure of the quality - your opinion greatly appreciated).


just started training in my garage set up is modest but i truelly enjoy it. i also love rogue equipment wound up with a ohio bar and the sml-2 squat stands. picked up 2 bumper 45 plates and a pair of 25s from dicks along with an adjustable bench. buddy of mine had some weights that i grabbed for now: 4/45s 4/35s 2/33s(damn kilo plates) a 10 and 3/5s. plan is to add a few more plates every couple of weeks. also have my 35lb kb and 2 53s. need to add a 70 and 88 soon. i plan on a few more things down the road but for now this has been great for me as my time is limited so having my equipment close and accessable has help alot


This is freakin impressive. My main concern about a garage gym is humidity affecting the equipment. Would you be so nice as to give me your opinion on this? Thanks brother


Yep, excellent setup there, wish I had the space myself. Prowler for the driveway…?!