My First Diet Blog


Okay so little back ground.

Played rugby most of my life, peak fitness was when I was 16, 16 stone and playing rugby 3-4 times a week.

Stopped at 18 due to some serious neck injury and was told that to play again would put me in danger of a broken neck!

As you’d imagine piled on the weight.

Worst I got to was about 47% body fat and weight about 19 stone, bad bad days.

About two years ago started weight lifting as a hobby and slowly but surely have got more clued up and into it.

A month or so ago came across T Nation and CT’s perform like an athlete look like a body builder. Saw his before and after shots of how he got to look like he is today and decided to have bit of a life changer!

I have also decided to go to university in september and so losing two stone has become my goal for this time period.

So diet wise I’m pretty poor and so unable to buy the supplements I would like to do this properly. Have settled for a standard fat fast diet with additional flax seed and making up the rest of nutrition through additional pills and supplements. Am well aware that this is not a great way to go at it but what I have to hand is limited. As soon as I have finished with the protein I have now will be getting some of the stuff off here as both better value and better quality from what I can tell!

I am trying to follow the training programme as well as I can, first week impressions I love it. For me this seems to be perfect for how my body responds to weights. Its very much like the work I was doing when I was younger playing rugby, especially the dead lifts and squats.

Here are my stats for last tuesday and some pictures

Weight: 18 stone 2 pounds

BF: 37%
Neck: 18 inch
Shoulders: 51.5
Chest - Upper: 49 inch
Chest - Lower: 46
Waist - at Navel: 44 inch
Waist - at Largest: 46.5
Hips - At Largest: 44
Upper Arm - L: 16.5
Upper Arm - R: 16.5
Upper Leg - L: 27.5
Upper Leg - R: 28
Ankle - L: 11.`5
Ankle - R: 11.5

My Body Fat is disgustingly high, thus the extreme approach to nutrition. For too long I’ve been making excuses for myself and my weight and have finally decided to blitz it off!

Tried tagging some pics but have no idea how to put them on so attached em to the post.

Weight stats are

Shoulder press MTW: 40kg 88 pounds (piss poor I know but a lot of left over problems from playing rugby)

Incline Chest: 80kg 176 pounds. This again not great; not so long ago was doing sets of 10 reps at 100kg or 220 pounds so hoping this will climb quickly once my shoulders get used to the work.

Chest press: 80kg (see above!)

Squat: MTW 120kg 264 pound, pretty happy with this havent done much training on my legs since I stopped playing rugby so this is just left over. My goal here is to push to a 300 pound squat.

Dead lift: MTW 110kg 242pounds.

This is after a prolonged period of not training and as I work occasionally as a sound engineer and driving bands a fairly long period of eating shit on the road. Not my proudest moments hahaha

As far as the actual diet is going its okay. The first three days were hard and the evenings are especially so, usually want to crash. It is stopping me from going out on the piss though which is awesome as drinking is one of my biggest weight problems and working part time at a pub doesn’t help.

Lastly I decided to put this up as its always helpful to have critic and peer pressure to keep at it until you reach your goals. I will be introducing a pretty harsh restricted diet in another three weeks and will put up up to date stats and pics this tuesday.

Hope you enjoy the read!


Nice into. You made the first step toward success by committing to a change in diet and exercise. Sorry you did not buy supplements. Without them, you are on what sounds like a great diet, just not the Velocity Diet. Still, posting here will help you reach your goals. I’m just starting too.
Good Luck.
What’s a stone?


Stone is 14 pounds, sorry British and keep forgetting to transfer everything into pounds.

Forgot to mention will be interval training as outlined in ‘Running man’ three times a week,


Okay so day 8!

Happy as Larry massive changes.

Weight: 17 stone 6.4 pounds - loss of 9.6 pounds

BF: 35% -2% off last week
Neck: 18 inch
Shoulders: 50.5
Chest - Upper: 47.5 inch
Chest - Lower: 46.5
Waist - at Navel: 42.5
Waist - at Largest: 44
Hips - At Largest: 42
Upper Arm - L: 16.25
Upper Arm - R: 16
Upper Leg - L: 27.5
Upper Leg - R: 28
Ankle - L: 11.`5
Ankle - R: 11.5

In a week thats a loss of

9.6 pounds
2% body Fat
1inch off my shoulders
1.5 inches off my upper chest
+0.5 inches on my lower chest (From the lifting?)
-1.5 inches off my stomach

Really happy with these results, is giving me the boost I need to continue for another three weeks.

This week I will really kick in with the running, interval training is awesome did my first session yesterday, felt like crap after it but its a brilliant way of training as I’m not getting bored. Going to try and do a sesh every other day after weights.

Will try and post up a bit more as seems to help.



great progress for your first week! well done


Cheers, thanks very much


Great progress, warlockjmr. Keep it up. Like hearing how you are doing.


Quick update, going to start adding a meal in the evenings now. Nothing massive and trying to make sure it will just be protein and vegetables, chicken or fish with one red meat a week.

This is due to unwanted side affects of a completely liquid diet that I wasnt quite prepared for haha


So couple of days before next weight in and to be honest feel like I’ve been bit of a let down this week.

Splurged a bit saturday after a day of paint balling, told myself was okay to eat the crap as had done the work sprinting about, FAIL rewarding myself with treats is not good and feel like I slip back to the old me.

This time though got straight back on the diet Sunday so makes a change from any other time I’ve done something like this.

Positive note, feeling leaner than I have done in a while and my strength is increasing fair bit.

Squats feel like I could do quite a bit more on, 264 pounds MTW feels a little bit like not pushing myself enough.

Also managed to do chin ups for the first time ever, usually never managed to complete a single one, managed to bang some out today after my leg work so was happy as larry!

Problem I have found though is that after a leg work out unable to do my interval training, legs just feel like jelly. This means going to have to limit to after Neural charge workouts and upper body days.

Will post stats again wed



Last week was a boo for me entirely.

My friends 21st birthday, a lot of drinks were drank.

Good news is still feeling leaner and better about myself, confidence has sky rocketed and once again woman are taking notice of me in clubs YAY!

Given myself a good kick up the arse again for the next two weeks, its mine and my best friends birthday around the 16th of my so until then will be cutting out all alcohol. Trying to get down to 238 pounds and really think I have the motivation to do it. Then its only 14 pounds to my target weight for holiday!

Will be putting up pics and stats tomorrow as well.



Okay so stats for this week


Weight: 17 stone 4.4 pounds

BF: 36?%
Neck: 17 inch
Shoulders: 50.
Chest - Upper: 46.5 inch
Chest - Lower: 46.5
Waist - at Navel: 41
Waist - at Largest: 43
Hips - At Largest: 41.5
Upper Arm - L: 16.
Upper Arm - R: 16
Upper Leg - L: 27
Upper Leg - R: 27
Ankle - L: 11.1
Ankle - R: 11

Somehow thinks I’ve put on a % in BF, not sure as I’ve lost an inch and a half off my waist and generally most areas have got smaller.

Also the side pictures show that I’ve lost a fair bit off my fat stomach if only could target love handles specifically!

I’ll post the ‘before’ side picture below so you can see the diff


Here is my before Side pic so you can get an idea!


Haven’t weighed in for a while, going to wait til after my birthday extravaganza next week!

Few points, started eating meals as well. Trying to keep my Carbs to under 30g a day which is insanely hard but its making me think hard about my food.

The app for Iphones on Myfitnesspal is insanely helpful for this!

Also really really enjoying the lower body training, going to start a new six week cycle soon as need to put everything up, pretty sure an extra 20 pounds on everything is doable. Legs are getting solid!

Finally cutting down on alcohol intake as well, realising just how detrimental it is to my training.

Will be hitting some maximum lifts next monday as part of a bit of a shock training session before I restart my new weights cycle, will put up stats after!



Update on my 1rm training today.

Now have to admit that all I have to hand at the local gym is a smith machine. I know that this isnt a true representation of strength as supporting muscles tend not to get the full brunt of it and movement is limited but its all I have at the moment. In the process of sorting the garage out and getting power rack and olympic bar in the next few weeks so will be able to train properly thereafter.

Okay so started with squats

Managed to max out the machine at 145kg (319 pounds), once did this pushed my reps to 5 so think I could probably push my maximum training weight a tad past 120kg (264pounds) This is a new one for me never tried my 1rm pretty sure I could do more if we had more weight.

Then we did dead lift, managed 145kg again for 1 rep, was pretty much at the end of my strength here so think maybe could push 150kg but that would be my limit.

Next was chest press, my previous best with this was 130kg (286), this was before I realised my technique was piss poor and wasn’t using full range of movement. Recently have been training at 85kg with full range of movement and have worked my way to a better tecnique. Today managed a one rep maximum of 130kg but from about an inch from my chest, this I was much more happy with and feel like it is an accomplishment.

That was pretty much it for today, going to have another go once I’ve finished my next 6 week training cycle see if I can get more reps and more weight.

Also although my diet has been a bit crazy last few days (birthday weeks are always nuts for me) I have managed to trim down a tad more and have gone from a 40inch jean to a 38 inch jean. This resulted in a shopping trip and loads new clothes for me.

Evidently even though I’m not aiming for loss atm and just trying to maintain what I did lose, the fact im thinking about my food intake constantly is helping!

Cheers guys



Okay so another 6 week cycle started;

All following the training programme from How to look like a bodybuilder perform like an athlete

MTW for each of these (doing as many free weight as possible atm)

Shoulder Press 60kg (132 pounds)
Bench Incline 80kg (176 pounds)
Chest Press 100kg (220 pounds)
(All on the dirty smith machine :slight_smile:

Squat 140kg (308 pounds)
Deadlift 120kg (264 pounds)

I have split my arm and lat days into two, my lat strength is pitiful something I have really over looked.

Training for lats is 3 x As many pull ups as possible then jump pull ups until unable (my best amount for this is like 4 so really needs work)

Then its sets of bent over rows usually on a Z bar at about 88 pounds for 8-12 reps, short 2 second rest then partials til near failure.

Then straight over to the lat pull down machine for about 143 pounds for 8-12 then holding the last rep for 10 seconds.

Rince and repeat a few times.

Going to try and do some Interval training or biking later on in the day on lat Bicep and one of my upper body work days.

Biceps are super sets of Z bar stood up curls using around about 92 pounds, do these for 8-12 then do partials for as many as possible, then I switch to alternate Hammer curls using 39 pound dumbbells do these again for 8-12 then try for as many partials, quick two second break and then I hold the weights out in front of me for as long as possible.

This training is all based around CT’s bicep and lat training and that fatigue training is better than high weight training for these muscles.

Have done these work outs a few times now and each time I actually feel like I want to cry in between super sets. Getting some strange looks from the mums and such in my gym haha.

As far as diet goes, time for my fat fast again. Going to try 2-4 weeks depending on how well I can deal with it. Just going to get on with it and suck it up this time. First time in years I’ve been managing my alcohol consumption too. If feeling restless, go to gym dont go out drinking!

Will post up some stats thursday and some pics so can compare after this 6 week cycle.


Weighed myself this morning expecting the worse after my birthday week. Tried sticking to the anabolic diet over the three weeks I wasnt fat fasting but things did slip. Weight came in; 241 pounds! Happy as larry didn’t put any weight on since last weigh in!

Measured my shoulders as well and found that they have gone up a good two inches in size. Over the moon about this! (gotta love newbie gains!)

Just finished lower body pressing work out, absolutely screwed after it but feel good!

Had to drop 5kg pounds on my squats to make sure that I could get an inch under, managed two with 140kg but the last one couldn’t get out of the hole. Dropped to 135kg and had no (bar shaky leg syndrome) problems with it. (I do however think the cardio gym instructor showing the recently signed up mum around had a few issues with my rather loud growling but meh fuck it!)

Did my sets of dead lifts at 120kg no problems.

Again all this is still on a god damn smith machine, I cant wait to sell my bike so I can get my power rack and bar!

Did push press from pins as well, just some strength training on my shoulders as they are a bit behind from rugby. Knocked out a couple of sets of biceps in between my shoulders, just some straight 12’s and slow 6’s at 12kg. Not massive weights but enough to feel it and keep the blood pumping!

Its day two of my Fat fast diet, I have knocked carb intake up to 50g after work out. I am also taking omega 3 supplements and multi vitamins in the morning to make sure I’m getting whats right. This time around its much easier, I’ve been keeping my carbs on average to around 60-70g a day when off the diet anyway so my body isn’t having to go through the same crash as it did last time!

I must say a big thanks to T-Nation though, I’m still stoked and pumped for my workouts, still loving the lifestyle change and its mainly down to this site! I work a boring job during the day in a bar and pretty much spend a good 3-4 hours on my phone reading the archived articles and its amazing motivation!

Will post pics and proper stats as soon as I can find an unwilling victim to take my partial nudes hahaha




dude, this is an epic blog, awesome youre doin this on here, on your own, without the V-diet. shows great motivation and drive and discipline!

keep up the good work, ill be checkin on this.
we seem to be very similar. youre a little bigger than me, but i was as heavy as 250lbs. american football player most my life. drinkin is one of my vex’s as well, thanks to my irish blood. this holiday weekend coming up is gunna be tough.


Haha Irish blood, yeah my gramps is Irish so I suppose I can blame that : / !

Cheers man, glad you’re enjoying the read. Its good to be able to keep track of my workouts here means I can check back easier and rant to people who might be interested (as apposed to my ever increasingly bored friends)


aye, damn irish blood! my mother is full blown irish - i say that because america is a land of beautiful muts.
im a bastard on top of that, so im an irish bastard, seems like the perfect blend for a alcy eh?

and yep, i started V on monday, and all it is to my fam and friends, minus one of them, is a extreme and crazy phase that they think i wont follow through on.

think yourr tatts will look different? lol


Nah don’t think Tats will change much tbh. I started getting em when I was 18 and was about 15 stone, I put on most of my adult muscle mass between 18-20 and they didn’t change much then.

Bar a few close friends and my family most people don’t know what I have been doing diet wise. I’m pretty loathe to tell people who are looking for a quick fix because this diet would be very easy to yo yo on. All that shit about it being a crazy fad will go out of the window when you start getting compliments left right and centre about your weight loss mate.

Point of note about drinking; I find when I’m dieting hard and working out a lot that I need very little alcohol to get me drunk. A couple of beers will have the same affect as what a whole nights worth of drinking used to do. Its cheaper and healthier and I tend not to have such bad hangovers in the morning!