My Fat Loss Plan - The V-Diet Way

Well I wasn’t sure that I was going to start my post this early, but I wanted to get somethings out of the way as I am in early preparation for getting things turned around and ready to begin the V-Diet.

I have been around T-Nation since 2005. Did a bit of reading back then, but never posted. I found the harseness of the men here to be a bit much. Shortly after I found the F-Heit site and began a wonderful journey and met alot of supporting people.

In 2006 I found out I was Hypothyroid and had a low cortisol problem. No matter what plan I chose, I couldn’t lose weight and of course not feeling good, I gained about 20 pounds. The fatique was very crushing and it slowed my cardio and lifting down. I went on the Metabolism Repair plan and did very well.

Then I was invited to join the new site Muscle with Attitude. I was very relutant at first, but finally went over there and found some great support. Found the V-diet and only made it 2 weeks, due to becoming sick with sinus infection, but I did manage to lose 5 pounds in the two weeks, which really gave me a kick start to get going on the Anabolic Diet.

You see my doctor told me " I see you have gained weight. We will deal with that at another time." That was enough for me to do some reading and take action. MWA was changed to Fitness Athlete, where I no longer fit in.

I am not here for fitness competion or BB. I am here to lose weight, gain muscle and get the support of the people that I have found throughout this site.

From February through April of this year I was plaqued with an unknown virus that shut my digestive down, followed by the death of my father-in-law and then the flu. I didn’t think I would ever receover and it didn’t make sense to me because I do take care of myself. My time line may be off a bit in the beginning, but it gives you a close journey of me.

Now to the present! My weight went up and down thru this time and presently I am up 5 pounds, not alot, but here’s where I need to put a stop to it. Most of the weight seems to have been put on thru upper abs, stomach area.

Although my eating habits were more the Anabolic way, I had started carbs cycling. For me I think this was my next down fall. I just don’t tolerate carbs well and the bad part were that some were clean carbs and others were bad carbs.

It basically ended up clean throughout day and night was a sugary carbs fest. Hence the weight gain.

Well after some given thought and reading all the posts on this forum, I decided I need to give this program another try. I need the quick fat loss. I do have muscle, but it is still lost under stores of fat.

For me I don’t have a lot to lose, 14.5 pounds. I currently weigh 154.5, at 5’4". This would put me at 140. I have never been below this mark, but once in my life and I was literally starving myself to be there.

I probably could lose more, but is it physically possible? I don’t know. Okay lets face it, without being too negative, I am 51 years old and heading into menopause. I try not to let these two things get in my way, but they raise their ugly heads so often. Hell I am healthier then my 26 old daughter.

I have been lifting for about four years and been walking for over 15 years. I try to lift heavy and I am learning to do deadlifts and squats. I am not doing with alot of weight, but I am increasing. Trying to get form down first.

Squatting and deadlifting at about 60 pounds right now. Its funny, you never saw anybody in my gym do squats or deadlifts until the last 6 months. Now it seems like everybody is trying them.

Okay, for the last week I have been cleaning up diet and getting rid of the junk in my diet. I have been starting to get weekend walks back in. (I used to walk 4 miles everyday except for Thursday.

My husbands web site and Adrenal Fatique stopped those.) I got my first containers of MD in mail yesterday and I am replacing two meals right now with them, the rest of this week and all of next week. I am going to try and experiment this week with extracts and combinations.

I have my calorie requirements down in spreadsheets already and I am going to track the next two days and all of next week what I am eating. I am planning on starting officially Sept 1st and will take pictures and measurements the Friday before on August 29th.

I will posts measurements on that Monday, but will not post pics at this time. I am doing a full body workout at this time and will keep it at that. I walk for 30 min. at lunch M,W,F, walk 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday is my total day off because I clean house and Tuesday’s right now, I help my husband mow 5 lawns, so that will have to do for my NEPA walk.

I really think I have things planned out well. The best one is I planned to do my second week with hubby on vacation. No cooking or preparing meals, YESSS! I am so hoping this will make second week easier.

Well I am still gathering strength and motivation from all your posts. The biggest one will be mental attitude.

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this gives you a little idea of me.

Stay strong!!!


To be continued…

YAY FOR YOU FITNESSLADY! I’ll be following your progress!

FL -

Glad you’re recognizing what needs to be done and are willing to take the steps necessary to deal with it all. The thing that I noticed throughout your post here and I want to really try hard not to sound negative (I’m not being negative I promise) is that I read a lot of excuses sprinkled in there.

Let’s try to get rid of the excuses and just be dead set on reaching the goal. We all know that it won’t be easy or painless but we know that given enough effort and desire any goal is attainable.

Good luck and I’ll be keeping up with your journey. Also, don’t be afraid to go ahead and post those pics. It may be painful but it’ll sure be a good accountability excercise and something to really work to overcome.

You can do it.

Well, you know me … just DO the “damn” thing!

Thanks guys and HL you know there probably is some excuses in there, you are dead right. The one thing I really don’t get in my way is my age. I don’t look it or act it.

The picture thing not so much as being embarassed as my hubby was not happy with me when I posted my pics before. i think he is so afraid of someone stocking me.

If I have to I will send a private pm to one of the gals I have posting to for sometime, have them critique and post something here for all to read. I just don’t know how I am going to handle that part yet. HL, how does your wife handle all us gals posting to you?

You guys are the support that I need and had always found here at T-Nation and other sister sites. It’s kinda a shame that others don’t recognize the support that is valued here, more so than getting big and strong. You can’t get big and strong without the support system.

Today went well with exchanging shakes out for my other snacks. You have to understand, that even the smell made me nausous for a long time. I drank both a vanilla and chco. today no additives.

I did however add 18 almonds to one shake and 1/4 c of pistchios(sp) to the other. I kept track of my eating for today and I will probalby finish at just over 1400 calories, so I am very close to mark already for non-lifting days. next week will do the same, but try and drop the nuts.

Might have to keep them in just for calorie sake, then the following week V-Diet all the way.

I was thinking when I was cleaning house tonight all the extra things I hope to get done. Wow I told you my house will be clean. The extra things have kind of slid the last few years. Hopefully with time and energy, they will all get done. I think I will log those too. it might be fun.

To all of you thanks! It means alot to me.


[quote]fitnesslady wrote:
HL, how does your wife handle all us gals posting to you?


My wife doesn’t use T-Nation so she probably doesn’t really know but I don’t think she’d care about people giving me feedback and encouragement.

Well I had a very disappointing morning. After cleaning up my diet all week I thought I would at least drop one pound, but instead I gained 2.5 pounds. Wow, talk about a shocker. I have been doing well too. I was going to come on here and ask you guys if you thought that for this week and next week if a dropped a couple pounds before my start, whether you think it would affect my first week weight loss?

Well from where I am at, it can only go down. I did start taking BCAA’s again, but only at 1/2 dosage. Do they affect water weight?

My left shoulder and back have really been bothering me. I don’t know if the body retains fluid when it is protecting an injury or pain like I have been experiencing. Crap, oh well shaking off and moving forward.

HL, the only reason I asked, that if my hubby saw some of the things I post, he would have a cow. Love him, but sometimes don’t like the jealous side of him. Mostly I was just curious and laughing abit when I asked. No offense intended. I really enjoy keeping people motivated, especially when I have experienced something or gone through the same thing.


FL…you yo-yo like I did. Up and then down, lose one gain two. Although I did gain one week, it was a mere.6 of a lb and it was gone a couple days later.

Just set your date for the VDIET and get rolling, or shaking as Kristen calls it.
You want this and I think you need it. I did. It makes a huge difference in your life. Struggling no more to get with a program, you got the program.

This one does what it says it will. Whip you back into shape. It whipped and is whipping me there. I wish I could tell you how many times I have started any diet and never finished.
Be prepared. Set a firm date, mark it on the calendar and GO.

You class of 75? I graduated in West Central Illinois.

Yes baby, class of 75! Graduated in central Iowa. I have alot of family that live south of St. Louis, on the Illinois side. Little tiny towns though.

Thanks for the encouragment. I was a little stressed with weight gain, because I had been doing so well with cleaning up diet last week and getting geared for the V-Diet. I do have a couple things that I won’t discuss that I think were the culprits of weight gain. I also think my thyroid is off a bit again, so we will see.

I already noticed as I have been replacing shakes, that my taste buds have been changing with even the two shakes a day I am drinking. Somtimes I think maybe I will just get started, but I have something planned for next Sunday and that is why I planned it this way. Also on my second week, I won’t have to cook as hubby will be in Canada. I figured that would be very helpful with my will power.

Please stop by often as I am sure I will still need the encouragement and motivation as will others.


Hey FitnessLady! You’re practically doing the V-Diet now, you’re SO prepared! You are going to do absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for you to start!

Hey kristen and all,

Well I got fighting mad last night. In my state the air has gotten quite cool and so in preparing for the next day, I always pick my clothes out for the day. Well I had seen a lady yesteday in a light tan suit and that reminded me of mine. So I thought that would be a good pick for today. Now I decided to try on, bad news or maybe I should say disguting news. Although I got them zipped up, they were snugger than what I was going to wear for the day. I know I have put on weight, but not that much! Crap!!! Well it gave me that much more strength.

Kristen, I haven’t really gotten complete V-Diet. With my shakes for a few days I had either almonds or pistachios, weighed and measured very carefully. Today I am having my morning shake solo and afternoon shake with almonds.

I had terrible cravings last night and ate two fudgecicles. I hope I can get hold of these cravings quickly. I guess it shows to me how much I had been giving into myself. Although I know that TOM is around the corner. Even my hubby said I was a bit edgy, but I know its because I am constantly thinking about this extra weight I put back on. It still bothers me though that the one week I was cleaning things up, that I added an extra two pounds instead of dropping one pound, which is what I was hoping to do.

Anyway I have been logging my eating, with the exception of last night I was coming close to my calories that I will need for the next few weeks. I just figured it would make everything go easier.

Shakes are going down better now that I have a different way to mix. I take one scoop put in bottle and add a 16 oz bottle of cold water and then stick in fridge. I had trouble before, because I always thought they tasted like coconut. I think them sitting mixed up has helped a great deal for me. I used to mix and drink, much better to sit and breakdown, join with the water, release its true flavor whatever. Just different. I really like to add extra vanilla to the vanilla and mint to the chocolate. We’ll see what I say in a few weeks.

Well I am done with my rant. Counting my days until I start officially.


Awww Fitnesslady! Stuff happens, ya know? I tried on a pair of pants this morning that I thought would be looser than they were. They didn’t fit like I thought they would. It’s okay–it HAS to be okay. I absolutely cannot let that stop me from forging on…

You’re so prepared…more than I was. I ordered my stuff, got it sent overnight, and started the next day. I really rushed into it, so the first few days–even the first week–were really crazy, hectic and unnerving. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. But somehow, I managed to stick it out…and it got easier. In hindsight, I wish that I’d had the opportunity to prepare better. But, I did it my way, and it worked out fine.

Don’t beat yourself up for the weight that you’ve gained. Be proud of making the decision to change! It takes a pretty strong will to WANT to do this. You’ve committed to it and you’re going to do just fine too!

Thanks Kristen. The fudgecicles I decided are the devil. I just wished someone would eat them, so they are all gone when I get started. I am even debating whether to go buy my nuts I like, because I am afraid of them tempting me. I freese them, but I still eat them that way.

I keep thinking of all the things I can do to keep myself busy. I am totally making mental notes in my head of things that need or could be done. HA,HA!

I will weigh in and measure tomorrow. Friday has always been my typical day to weigh in. I am going to take pictures, but I won’t be able to do tomorrow. Hopefully on Sunday. Right now won’t post them. I was kind of hoping that my weight would be down, so I would have a lower starting point, but as scale was up last week, we will have to see. Of course TOM is around the corner. I know it is the culprit behind my cravings. Crap!!!

I am staying strong and I am getting my hubby to understand that I will be doing this.


FL…have you had him read any of the other VDieter’s threads? I’ve shown a few to my hubby and he is all the more motivated for me!

I have fudgecicles in my freezer too. Darn kids.

And I had lists of things that I could do during the VDiet…and I only finished about 3 of them. Granted, they were BIG projects, but still, it’s better than nothing. My next step is to throw that list away so that I don’t use it as an excuse to stop going to the gym at night!

Hang in there!


Today is stats. Granted I won’t start until Monday, but I have always measured and weighed in on Friday’s before the weekend. So here goes…

Starting Weight 155.5
Bust 37
Under Bust 33
Waist 33.5
Hips 40
Just below hips 40.5
Thigh 23
Calf 15
Arm 12
Neck 13

I have to say I was pretty shocked at the numbers. I have put on an inch in some areas and two in others since 05/16/2008. Shows you what bad habits can do. I still find myself cravings something sweet when I get home or after supper. I do so well during the day, but I got myself in such bad habits, that they are going to take a bit to break I am afraid.

Did real good when I got home last night, but our supper’s have a tendency to be late around 8:00. I had my hamburger and my vegies with olive oil and felt a little hungry, so I had two cups of Sugar Free Jello with Redi Whip(no carbs, but calories) and still wasn’t satisfied, so I ate that damn fudgecicles. It was calling my name. Maybe I can get the gone by this weekend, so they are not taunting me. I guess it could be worse.

Anyway, I am ready after seeing these numbers, higher than I expected. I guess we kind of fool ourselves in thinking its okay for while, even though we know the scale is going up. Guess I didn’t want to deal with, besides I was eating healthy thru the day!! Oh but then came the night time, CRAP!!!

Well I got things ready to go. Just have to pick up some more flax seeds and Natty Peanut Butter. I really am glad I took the time to transition to where I am going. I am already dealing with some hungry issues.

Kristen I am going to send you a pm so look for, to answer a couple of your questions.

Everyone have a good weekend.


Good luck with everything! Those damn fudgecicles have a tendency to call out to me to! they are tenacious opponents, but you will overcome!!!

thanks bibby, especially when its hot!

Have a good weekend.


Fitnesslady…how did day #1 go?

Well Kristen and all,

So far things are okay. My stomach is already flip floppy and have been having a greatdeal of heartburn. Drats!! I just got back from my NEPA walk and it was pretty warm out. The humidity is very high today. Shakes are going down, but not like I hoped they would. I haven’t really been hungry and drinking plenty of fluids inbetween. I run to the bathroom alot anyway, but have been there often today. Sipping on a vanilla shake right now.

On my walk I prayed to have the strength to get thru this as I really need to do this for myself. I also found a lucky penny, heads up and wished for strength again.

My hubby says if this is what I want to do okay. He even scolded my daughter for being so negative. I gave up even to try to explain to her. She thinks I am fine the way I am. This is the one that likes junk food so much.

Well one more shake to go for today and I have my peanut butter flax ball to make for my last meal of day. I hope it settles my tummy down.

So far today I weeded the garden, potted two mums, cleaned the vacuum cleaner parts and did a load a laundry. Soon I will be cooking supper for hubby and daughter. UGHH! Part of me doesn’t mind, but I love Bacon Wrapped Sirloin. HMMM!

Day #1 okay, but not fantastic. Hope others are doing well.


Oh Fitnesslady! I’d hoped that your first day would be better! But, you have done all the right things, so that has to be good enough, right? I know that I can mentally make a mountain out of a molehill, and when I’m stuck in my own head, everything seems tremendous. I love posting here, because I can ‘dump it & leave it’ here. Even if no one reads it, I’ve gotten rid of it.

Post about your frustrations, then put your head down and push forward. You’ve done this before, and you know why you weren’t as successful as you’d hoped. You also know what to expect. Now, just do it! BECAUSE IF I CAN–SO CAN YOU!

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