My Experience, and Questions

There’s a lot of these threads, and I wouldn’t have started one, but I have some questions, so here goes.

Currently on day 2. Initial impressions? I hate the shakes. They’d be fine if it wasn’t for the weird, sweet aftertaste, it’s almost aspartame like. Sometimes I struggle to hold them down.

I think that I have less of a desire to eat “real” food as much as I desire not to drink the shakes. Nonetheless, no pain, no gain, so I’ll deal.

Taste aside, I’m definitely not hungry, if anything I feel full all day.

I weighed in yesterday at 199, just under 200 (I’m 5’11"). I really don’t want to be a scale watcher- for one, because weight doesn’t tell the whole story, and for 2, I think weekly checking is more appropriate.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t resist this morning, and the scale was almost 4 lbs lighter. I’m guessing that’s mostly water weight, or natural fluctuations.

Anyway, on to the questions.

I climb (indoors, at a gym) 3 days a week. I was planning on these being my high cal days (where I take the Surge). For me, this means 2-3 hours, with a partner, so I’m obviously not climbing for the whole time, half the time I’m belaying, or setting up, etc.

Anyway, while climbing uses the whole body, the only muscle groups that really might get hypertrophied would be the back, and grip muscles (at least that’s my experience).

Before the diet, I’d aim to lift on my non-climbing days. Especially focusing on pushing muscles, such as chest work, dips, shoulders, etc. Mostly to keep muscle balance (climbers that don’t frequently end up with tennis elbow, or similar injuries caused by muscle imbalance).

My problem is that I don’t know how to schedule the high cal days. I think I’m only supposed to have 3 a week, and I definitely want the surge when I climb, so I have to energy to do it.

That said, if I want to lift, I’ll have to do it the same day as I climb so as not to expend myself too much on the low cal days. The problem is that this would amount to a marathon session at the gym, and it’s really tough to psych yourself up to lift hard after that, plus the time involved.

So, should I just suck it up, climb, and lift on my 3 surge days a week? Or try some different schedule.

(The formulas worked out to 1500/1800 for my caloric intake, btw).

That is a tough one.

My advice, which you can take or leave because more qualified advice is bound to show up, would just be to lift right after your climbing session hitting your push and leg exercises. Then you can have your Surge afterwards. This is only because you are already at the gym.

Another suggestion would be to just treat your climbing as NEPA. I think Coach Shugart has advised treating other sports (kayaking, rowing) as NEPA. Maybe he’ll weigh in and give you the best answer.

Good luck on the diet!

Thanks charlie - any of the coaches on here have advice?

Read this:

In others words, fat loss is your goal, not some other hobby. It’s 28 days. You can NOT climb for 28 days and stick to the full V-Diet plan. That’s how you’ll get the best results. And when you go back to climbing, 10 to 20 pounds lighter and much more functional, your climbing ability will skyrocket.

I must say, I don’t exactly like that answer, since I usually consider diet/exercise a means to and end rather than the other way around.

That said, you are correct, I’ve always wanted to be lean, however improving my climbing was definitely one of the final straws motivating me to shed those useless lbs.

Also, if I wanted to do the “slow and steady wins the race” I could have, but I chose the v-diet because that path has always failed me in the past. So, I’ll follow your advice, and stick to 3 days of serious lifting a week on my “high cal” days.

However, I’d really like to at least climb 2-3 days a week when I’m not lifting. I think if I just climbed routes below my ability I could at least keep up my technique without taxing my muscles a lot.

Do you think that would be detrimental?

That would be fine… but of course a lot of stuff sounds doable until you actually get into the extreme diet. Then you may be like, “Screw climbing, I’m going for a walk!” In other words, you may not feel like it anyway. That’s okay, the rabbit we’re chasing here is fat loss.

If you do climb, you can skip the NEPA walks on those days.

Currently on Day 7. Now that I’ve proved to myself I can make it a week, I’m going to take pics/measurements tomorrow to gauge the rest of my progress (didn’t want to do that and then quit after 2 days).

Original weight was 200 lbs (5’11"). I’m down around 8-9 lbs so far. I’ll have real #s tomorrow.

The numbers I’ve been using for the diet - 1500/1800 cals.

Here’s my breakdown, it’s been the same every day:
wake up - 1 HOT-ROX
8am - shake
noon - shake, centrum multi-vitamin
2pm - 1 HOT-ROX
3pm - shake, 3 caps Flameout, 1 tbsp milled flax, 2 fiber choice
6pm - shake
9pm - shake, 3 caps Flameout, 1 tbsp flax, 2 tbsp natrual pb (120 cals).

That’s been it, every day. If I’ve read right, I don’t modify that until the end. Oh, and of course 1 serving of Surge on my lifting days. I plan on stepping up my dosage of HOT-ROX tomorrow (start of week 2). I really don’t like those kinds of pills, so I wanted to ease into it for a week with just 2 a day.

Oh, and I bought Surge original flavor. F me. I feel like I’m on man vs wild sometimes choking that stuff down.

The shakes are getting really disgusting. By the 4th or 5th of the day, I want to boot after drinking it. So damned sweet. I never want to eat anything sweet again when this is done.

My will power is still strong, but doubts are creeping in about my ability to keep eating like this.

Anyway, I’m hoping that posting pics/real measurements tomorrow online will give me the motivation to at least not wussy out for another week.

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