My Diet Log

Day Zero - Today is my prep day - taking measurements, photos, and getting everything ready for me to start tomorrow. I have a very busy week ahead and I know I wont have a lot of time to get this all completed before I start - so here I go!

I’m looking forward to this challenge. I will be travelling a lot the last 2 weeks of the diet, so I’m hoping I can maintain willpower and not eat like a total pig while visiting civilization. I’m glad I will be home for the first couple of weeks so I can build up willpower.

Measurements 1/4/2013
Height 67.375
Weight 185.5
Neck 14
Shoulders 42.5
Chest - Upper 39
Chest - Lower 35.5
Waist - at Navel 40
Waist - at largest 42
Hips - at largest 44.5
Upper Arm - L 10.75
Upper Arm - R 10.5
Upper Leg - L 25.75
Upper Leg - R 25.5
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 14.5
Ankle - L 8.75
Ankle - R 8.5
Bust 41.5

Good luck on your v-diet!
I travelled a lot during mine, i even went to restaurant with 30 colleagues (had my shake before going there) and i didn’t eat nor drink a single drop of alcohol during the 3 hours i spent with them.

Drink your shakes, stay strong and think of your final goal!

Day 1 - 01.06.2014 (was planning on starting yesterday but failed).

Today has one pretty well. I think I need to start using heavier weights, but figured for the first day I could try starting lighter to see where my tolerance was.

I did my NEPA workout with my friend who doesn’t work out much. I felt like she slowed me down a little bit, but oh well. It’s nice to help her get moving more.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to drink all of the shakes for today. I have 2 more to go and I’m stuffed. Not sure I’ll be able to do 4 or 5 shakes a day, every day.

Soooo… today was better than yesterday. I think the workout recovery shake is what got me yesterday. I was so full. Today I made sure I ate lunch at lunch time, rather than wait till I was hungry. It made having dinner a lot more tolerable.

I’m struggling with the sweetness of everything. All of the shakes are sweet, the fiber tables are sweet… just too much sweet for me. I’m looking forward to this weekend when I have my HSM when the savory and crunch cravings can be fulfilled.

Tonight I went out to the first night out where people were eating and I was not. Not gonna lie… the quesidilla and salads they were eating looked and smelled delish. But I was determined not to pick off their plates - SUCCESS! I can do this… 26 more days.

Are you all sick of me yet??

Day 3!
The gym sucked today. I thought my arms may fall off. I’m starting to get pretty sore, and stiff - but I shall overcome!

Newest trick I discovered last night - eat the natural nut butter as a “side” to my bedtime shake. I ate it slowly, and with a spoon, and enjoyed every friggin bite of it. I was able to satisfy some of my savory cravings. The day before, I had added the nut butter to the bedtime shake, rather than eating it on the side. The sweetness of the shakes is still getting to me though.

Tomorrow I will be waking up extra early to get my NEPA workout done before work. I’m struggling with the hobbies deal - my hobby has been cooking… everything involving cooking. Maybe that hobby has something to do with why I’m here? I have stopped watching cooking shows, reading cooking magazines, and looking at recipes online. This is helping me have less cravings of other stuff.

I’m going to go drink my bedtime shake and eat the nut butter now. Sweet dreams everyone!

In case anyone is wondering what my fridge looks like, here is a lovely picture (the door is loaded with condiments, but you get my drift).

I love the fridge picture! :slight_smile:
No we are not sick of you and we are here, at least i am here, to support you! :slight_smile:
I loved when someone would pass by my log and leave a message.

Yes, the nut butter, i always had it separetely from my shakes, i never mixed it… too good to be spoiled :stuck_out_tongue:

I also played with amount of water, i started with too much water, and i was all full and bloated. Keep in mind that you will get used to it, except from the taste… It is very hard to change it, and i tried a lot of things…
Are you craving for salty tastes ? I am not a sweet mouth and i was dying to eat something salty all the time.

Soon you will be looking for recipes and cooking nice and clean food :slight_smile:
Keep posting, stay strong and you will achieve your goal!

Day 4…
Today I didn’t do my NEPA workout. I woke up with a migraine (not diet related, it has been happening for years) and am just really tired. I’m hoping tomorrow I feel better so I can actually enjoy my HSM. I’m actually having a hard time figuring out if I want my HSM on Friday or Saturday. I feel like I’d be able to enjoy the cooking process a whole lot more on a Saturday, but who knows. I’ll try Friday this week.

Next week is my first weekend away from home. This one will actually be rough - I’m going with a couple of friends to go shopping in the “big city” (I live in a town that is 9,500 people and the big city is 106,954). Both friends get a little (a lot) judgy when someone goes on a diet. Luckily it’s overnight, and it will coincide with my HSM meal. I wish I could cancel. Id o start back at school next week - could always stay home because of homework.

Hobbies - for those of you who haven’t started this diet yet, let me tell you that Chris was right. Plan on having a lot of free time - figure out ways to fill the void before it happens. I’m teaching myself how to knit (already know how to crochet), and I’m going back to school. Hobbies that aren’t food related keep you away from the kitchen. I don’t know how those of you with kids are able to do this diet. Kudos to you for being able to cook the family food and not eat some yourself!

Thank you INFECTED for your suggestions! I really appreciate it!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

How was day 5? :slight_smile: you are almost done with your first week! :slight_smile:

This morning was an excellent day! Today is my HSM day, so I did my measurements and all that jazz. While the scale didn’t move that much, everything else did, which is great! I actually can feel a difference in my chest. Today I put on a shirt I had bought a few months ago, and promptly grew out of. Well today… it fits. And I AM SUPER HAPPY! I’ll be reporting more later, but figured I would throw a little of my own excitement out there while I was still on cloud 9.

I should also note: I switched from a non-digital scale to a digital scale on day 1 of the diet, so my numbers are a little skewed from my initial weigh in.

In inches
Measurements 1/4/2013 1/7/2014 1/10/2014
Height 67.375
Weight 185.5 181.6 178.2
Neck 14 13.7 14.5
Shoulders 42.5 43 43.1
Chest - Upper 39 38.8 37.5
Chest - Lower 35.5 35.3 34.2
Waist - at Navel 40 39.4 37.7
Waist - at largest 42 41.4 39.9
Hips - at largest 44.5 44.7 43
Upper Arm - L 10.75 12 11.3
Upper Arm - R 10.5 12.2 10.7
Upper Leg - L 25.75 25.9 25.6
Upper Leg - R 25.5 25 23.4
Lower Leg - L 15 15.8 14.4
Lower Leg - R 14.5 15.2 14
Ankle - L 8.75 9.7 8.7
Ankle - R 8.5 9.6 8.6
Bust 41.5 40.4 37.8

So… I was planning on doing my HSM today, but that didn’t happen. I have decided to save it for tomorrow since I’ll be going to dinner with some friends.

I have determined that it is better to tell your friends that you are eating at home because you are trying to save money than it is to tell them you are on a meal plan. Today was full of judgy looks. Whatevs… they are of the fat camp variety so their opinion means diddly squat to me.

Today I lifted a little more weight than I had planned on, but I was able to do it. Going to keep pushing myself to do more.

Tomorrow is my challenge day, and Sunday I’m going skiing for my NEPA workout. Very excited!

I’m really feeling a lot better about myself, and my ability to control my actions. This diet is good in teaching self control.


So, I did my challenge workout. Whopped my @$$, but I got it done in 22 very long minutes. Then I started cooking my HSM for the week. Lets just say that my eyes are now much, much bigger than my stomach. Even though my meal was really healthy, I didn’t fully understand how small my stomach now is, and how bad food tastes right now. I really felt full, and started to feel sick.

I think I could have sat there for 3 hours and nibble at my food, and still not be finished. Seriously, when they say your taste-buds change, they aren’t joking. Food that I normally could eat in copious amounts now taste icky. So sad. I know I’ll get the taste for all of it back, but right now, I think I’d rather have my dinner shake.

You will see a picture of what I had for dinner. The salad and veggie portions are quite large, but the meat portions are quite small (The salmon and beef pieces came in at about 6.4 ounces combined).

I ended up not finishing my dinner, and went to a friend’s house to play games. I got hungry, so I ate a few strawberries that I had brought (for my dessert part of the HSM).

I also ended up getting sick from my dinner and dessert. I thought I would be really excited for my next HSM meal, but now I’m dreading it. I’ll get over it eventually, but I don’t like feeling so full and getting sick from a meal that is healthy and necessary.

Now I’m headed to clean up the mess I made from cooking dinner. BLAH!

On the menu:
Protein:Small filet of Salmon, and a small tenderloin filet of Wyoming Grass Fed Beef
Veggies: Steamed broccoli, zucchini, squash, carrots, cauliflower, onions, garlic, Green & Red Peppers, and Snap Peas
Starch: This didn’t pan out like I had planned. Was supposed to be a sweet potato, but it didn’t cook in 3 hours, so I tossed it.
Salad: Kale & Romaine Lettuce, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Dessert: This will be strawberries a little later this evening.


Very good so far!
Don’t worry about eating. I had the same problems. I couldn’t eat anymore unless in very small quantity, but then everything gets back to normal. My first HSM was pure joy, the following 3 others were just average.
After the diet, all came back to normal, and i ate clean all the time.

Today i started drinking MD chocolate (i still use shakes even tho, i am done with the v-diet for a couple months now.
If you have a blender supporting ice , i recommend you to try it. The smoothie version makes it easier to drink for me.
Still hate the chocolate version though. I tried to mix it with a bunch of things, but i never managed to like it.

An expresso coffee mixed in was the best result i could get.
Stay strong and nail it!

Today was DAY 7! Folks - I have stuck with this for 7 whole days! This is awesome!
My stomach still hurt a little this morning from yesterday, but by the end of the day it was fine. I am going to try and not be scared of my HSM next Friday.

I did something today that I’m very happy about. I actually ran a whole mile. I know running isn’t part of the diet plan, but I was walking for my NEPA workout today and thought “what the hell, I might as well try it.” So I ran a mile and didn’t die. I wont be doing this often, but it’s nice to know that 1 week of working out has actually made me be able to endure running longer than 1.2 seconds. I also rowed on the rowing machine for a little while.

One day I’ll be able to go outside and walk or something. But it’s winter time, and that means its really windy. I don’t feel like getting blown over have rocks pelt my face (currently listening to 25 mph winds).

[quote]infected wrote:

Very good so far!
Don’t worry about eating. I had the same problems. I couldn’t eat anymore unless in very small quantity, but then everything gets back to normal. My first HSM was pure joy, the following 3 others were just average. [quote]

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who had issues! Still aggravating, but oh well. I’ll try to enjoy my meal next week.

I have been blending my drinks with ice at least 2 times a day. It makes it much more tolerable. Can’t wait for T-Nation to get the other flavors in stock.

Thanks for all of your support with this!

I AM SO SORE… my legs may fall off. I seriously ache everywhere.
I can feel myself becoming stronger. Nice thing about being sore is that I know something is going on under the skin.

Today I really want a sandwich. Seriously. I miss crunchy things - primarily sandwiches. I could even be a lettuce wrap. Fiber pills are not the savory delicious crunch I crave. Neither is crunchy all natural almond butter (although it is helping a tiny bit).

Anyway, tomorrow is another day, and the cravings will eventually go away.

Many people have mentioned they miss chewing, so you’re not alone there. I think Chris Shugart mentions that. Do you have the milled flaxseed? You can get about 2 seconds of “chewing” when you take/eat that.

Somebody mentioned something once about running not necessarily being beneficial while doing this diet.

And don’t dread the next “real” meal. You don’t have to kill yourself with the food… your photos show a ton of food. I know I couldn’t finish a full steak that I wouldn’t usually have any problem finishing.

I agree with Fred here, running shouldn’t be done on this diet.
My first HSM was awesome, the others weren’t all that great, and i couldn’t eat too much.
You cooked a lot of food indeed, next time, try just a piece of meat, some veggies for a decent portion :wink:

Forget those sandwhiches ! :slight_smile:

I should have put a measuring tape or something to show the scale of the food. Yeah, there are a lot of veggies and salad, but the meat portions were actually quite small. That aside…

I have 18 days left. Not going to lie - I have been very blah this week. Little motivation. Yesterday I didn’t really do much NEPA - I was so tired that I came home from work and went to bed. Today was all I could do to go to the gym as well. I didn’t put as much effort into my workout as I should have and am regretting it - but I went which is a step in the right direction.

I’m having a lot more food cravings and am having a hard time to mentally stay on track. I really want a sandwich or a taco or something. I even got crunch almond butter, but I guess it’s not satisfying that craving.

Sigh… I’m just full of complaining today. Sorry - I’m just not really feeling V-Diet today. Probably because I’m not seeing the scale move AT ALL. I know it’s not the best way to measure. Just annoying that 10 days in and I’m down about 1.2 lbs.

Maybe I’ll wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted.

PS - make sure the “All Natural Nut Butter” is actually all natural. I failed to properly check this, and found out that the initial jar I bought had sugar added to it. Total disappointment.

Do you have HOT-ROX? If not, get 'em. They help with mental attitude a bit, cravings a bit, and promote fat loss.

And… hang in there. For me I started seeing changes around day 12. Scale dropped immediately for me 2 days in, but I couldn’t see a change. Day 8 I was finally down a bit more. But around day 12 “suddenly” it felt right and I could see results.

Do you have any/all of the supplements?

How’s the shirt you mentioned on 1/10? Does it fit the same? Better?

Don’t look the scale too much, for me it dropped very quick and it was all water for a start.
Did you measure your waist and other area?
That’s the only thing you should trust and compare.

As Fred said, comparing clothes is very good motivation.

There are days where it is very hard and craving is normal. and there are some days when you are all fine.
Stay strong, you are about 1/3 of it, results will come. hope your nut butter didn’t have too much sugar added.

I am looking forward to seeing a positive post when i wake up :slight_smile:

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