My Big Fat V-Diet

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I have gotten fat again. Not morbidly obese, not even a little obese, but when the underwire from my bra is resting ever so gently one of my belly-fat rolls, maybe I should do something…just a thought.

A while back I learned that I love lifting, and about a year later I learned to love T-Nation (somewhere around the 4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know article…) and managed to lose about 35 pounds.

Last Thanksgiving I decided that I looked ‘good enough’ and slacked on everything–no more clean eating, no more gyms, and a whole lot of new bad habits (including a borderline creepy love of onion dip.)

I applied to the Physique Clinic wanting to attempt the V-Diet a la Gustavo…I’m guessing that I wasn’t selected?

In any event, I decided to pout over the whole V-Diet thing over many, many, many bowls of onion dip–after all, I had a lot of spare time since I wasn’t going to the gym. Well, I really showed you folks at T-Nation, didn’t I? I managed to put on ANOTHER 10 pounds since February…what a dope.

It’s not horrendous, I know, but for me, it’s enough.


My V-Diet “goodies” arrive tomorrow (yeah, I even paid for overnight shipping!) I will be starting the V-Diet on Sunday. I had the balls once before to send my pictures for the PC … I guess I can do it again. I’ll measure and post on Sunday.

In the meantime, I just have to say how awesome it is to have a place to post my progress, fish for compliments, and learn stuff from people who know more than I!

Yay!!! Congratulations on your decision…and welcome to hell lol :slight_smile:

i’m only on day 3…it will be cool to follow someone else’s progress. be sure to get your pics and measurements up…it made me feel “accountable” to post all that up, and to document how i’m feeling every day.

It’s also great to see the responses, I did a “bootleg” version of the VDiet about 3 months ago (not using Biotest supps) and didn’t post here and only lasted 9 days. I’m using all the suggested supps this time and posting…it really makes a difference.

good luck

Thanks Tex! I have been a long-time lurker here, and I am always amazed at the support that’s given.

Congrats to you, too, for giving the V-Diet a chance. How are you holding up?

Good luck :slight_smile:

Getting little things like my ‘Schedule’ set up. I’m one of those people that needs it to be written down, or I’ll hose it up! So I made a weekly calendar that hopefully covers all of my supplements, shakes, NEPA walks and workouts.

I’ll have to tweak it during the second week since the twins start cheer leading practice the following Monday from 6-8pm M-F (WTF!?) But after that, I should be able to set it and forget it.

Got some questions that I’m gonna post elsewhere on the V-Diet Forum, so if you happen to see it, and know the answer, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Keep us posted!

Good luck… but remember, luck has nothing to do with it.

Did your supplements arrive yet?

Are you readyyyyyy!!!


oh and cheerleading practice 6-8p monday THROUGH friday??? wow they’re gonna be ready for Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in a month

[quote]sydnisd183 wrote:
Did your supplements arrive yet?

Are you readyyyyyy!!!


oh and cheerleading practice 6-8p monday THROUGH friday??? wow they’re gonna be ready for Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in a month[/quote]

Yeah, they’re only 5. Again, WTF?!?!?! You’d think that chasing around 2 squealing 5-year olds would be enough. Now I’m gonna do the V-Diet. I must be crazy.

Yes, my ‘goodies’ arrived…and YES, I AM READY!

I think I hosed up my uber-geek chart/schedule/calender doo-hickey thingy, so I’m burning the midnight oil trying to refigure it all out. Flax when? How many Flameouts? I really want to do this thing right, so I’ve become compulsive about it. Yikes. At this rate, all 28 days will have gone by before I finally figure it out.

Pictures and measurements tomorrow…

Today is the day…I hope you fixed your chart and it’s ready to go.

I followed the plan from the “Start here-VDiet HQ” section. According to the meal plan there, i’m taking the flax seed servings in the first and last shakes of the day. The Flameout (2 caps) i’m taking at the “lunch” meal and the “evening” meal.

Well i’m doing another open house today so i’ll be “out and about” on the internet so i’ll be looking out for new posts!

Day 1

Woke Up (off to a great start) and had HOT-ROX and Se7en. Took photos and measurements. Aye Freaking Carumba.

Weight 141
Body Fat 30.6 %
Largest Part Belly 37.5
Hips 38.5
Thigh 22.5
Calf 13
Ankle 8
Above Breasts 39.25
Below Breasts 32.5
Shoulders 39.5
Arm 11.75
Neck 13.25

Had Shake #1 (Strawberry w/ Flaxseed) which tasted kind of like Strawberry Cake Batter.

Off to Gym

A1 Pulldows (Supinated Grip)87.5 / 87.5 / 87.5 / 87.5 / 87.5 / 87.5
A2 Deadlifts 72 / 72 / 72 / 72 / 72 / 72
(Can go up but one 20 plate was missing)
A3 Decline Bench Dumbell Press 25 each hand 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 / 40 / 40
(Lost form and control midway through 5th set so I dropped)

Side Planks = 30 seconds each side for 2 sets
Swiss Ball Crunches 20 reps for 2 sets

Post Workout - Surge (ACK. Now I know why your eating habits change after the VDiet - that stuff is like drinking YooHoo with extra added sugar.)

I have to admit that if felt weird to be leaving the gym after only 50 minutes. I’m tired, but this was my first workout in a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be grateful in a few weeks for the ‘mini sessions’ (ha.)

Big Ole Front View

Big Ole Side View

And a great big Ole Butt

Random thought: why is it that women that have bodies like mine always own bikinis? Now I know why my kids cringe when I get in the pool with them and their friends :slight_smile:

Just finished up my NEPA walk…3 miles in 45 minutes. It’s hot and humid today so I am soaked with sweat. But, 'm almost thru the first day and I feel mentally great. I’m getting ready for the work week, packing up my supps and stuff and am going to make my last shake of the day and freeze it for a while so I can eat it like ice cream later with my husband.

[quote]Kristen518 wrote:
Now I know why my kids cringe when I get in the pool with them and their friends :)[/quote]

You could have a super models body and your kids would probably still cringe at the pool. It’s all part of the parent contract.

I’ve learned that one of the greatest joys of parenthood is the ability to totally embarrass them in public. That, and the cheap manual labor.

Well, I’m on Day #2. I woke up with a headache – I suffer from migraines, but this wasn’t one of those. It was a good old fashioned regular headache. Might be from caffeine withdrawal, or could be hunger. I really felt crappy. I was planning to go to the gym this morning for my NEPA walk, but I ended up going back to bed for a while. Now I feel lame. I should have gone. Jeez. I’ll have to fit it in tonight.

Anyway. I felt hungry this morning but better after my shake. I’m getting ready for my second shake. And so it goes.

^^^Welcome to the jungle^^^

I had the headache on Day #2 also, and felt like crap. I had to drag myself to the gym to get my workout done. I also cried (literally) that same day cuz I just wanted some gawd damn FOOD. But I spent all that $$$ on those supps, and I told myself by golly i’m not going to FAIL and waste my money hahaha…i’m on day 7 and doing ok. I don’t have much experience (only 5 days ahead of you) but days 2 and 3 were the hardest, 4,5 and 6 better and today i’m cool with it, and eager to measure myself tonight and weigh.

One shake at a time.

Good to know that I’m not suffering any more than anyone else. I guess I was so freakin excited to start it that I didn’t really stop to think that this would be hard. Duh.

You’re doing great - can’t wait for your first week’s results!

Thanks for the support.

K…don’t let yourself get distracted so easily and I don’t mean that out of disrespect. Headaches occur and so do other aches and pains but move thru them, even if it’s slower. I had my meal yesterday and had a POUNDING headache shortly thereafter.

Popped a couple Advil and after about 30 minutes later it had mostly subsided. From eating? dunno, but I wasn’t going to let it deter me. 95 degrees outside yesterday afternoon and I made the decision to take my NEPA walk anyway. Trust me, any other diet or program I had been on previously I would have skipped that walk due to the heat or the earlier headache or it was my wife’s birthday or whatever, but this is just for 28 days…I am finishing day 15 today, over half way home and I haven’t yielded once in those two weeks. HUGE for me.

YOU can do this too. Forget old habits and forge new ones. Gold is refined by fire.
The more times you put gold in the fire the more pure it becomes. Same with us…get in the fire and burn out the impurities and become the better you. Keep the faith! This will work. Be strong and stay with it.

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