My Anabolic Diet Log

A bit of history and justification as to why I am trying the Anabolic Diet.

I am a 48 year old male who just as of last year returned to the bodybuilding lifestyle after a 15 + year layoff. In my earlier bodybuilding years, I competed in 2 bodybuilding shows with no contest placingâ??s. My first show I competed naturally at 142 lbs. Second and last show I competed with the assistance of Steroids at 162 lbs. A bit heavier but none the less I did not place well although I was in better shape than my previous show.

After that last show I continued to body build for several years trying different legit supplements along with steroids until I completely stopped steroids as I was not getting younger and basically just throwing my money away. With some life priorities taking place I eventually weaned away from the gym all together.

I wanted to get back into a half decent shape and joined the gym and then I got the itch to compete. My goal is to take one last kick at the can. I plan on stepping on stage sometime after my 50th birthday in 2015 hopefully at a body weight in the mid to high 190’s. With that being said, I refuse to succumb to steroids. After my first year back, I have managed to gain back my size and strength to what I was 15 + years ago, albeit with some aches and pains in my joints.

I now train very carefully around any injuries I currently have with the aim to heal them. I have reached out to a friend of mine who has a vast knowledge of bodybuilding experience (both professional (IFBB) and amateur) who has agreed to help me in my journey. With that being said, this brings me up to the current day.

The Anabolic Diet was introduced to me by my friend about three weeks ago. I did my research on it and realized that I was familiar with it from research I had done in my prior years. After having agreed to proceed with the diet, I am now into my 9th day on the “Assessment Phase”. To date I have been successful in keeping my carbs under 30g/day except for the first 2 days where I was over by about 10-15g. After making the necessary adjustments, I have been able to keep my carbs under 30g. For the most part I find it challenging to find foods that have little carbs. Basically a person must stick to the meats. The other challenge I found was to be able to keep the protein ratio in check so that I am not over on protein because apparently protein can be converted to glucagon by the body if it is not used for tissue repair.

So after the 1st week I have unwillingly lost about 4 lbs. My calorie intake is approximately 3690 daily with the following weekly average ratio’s; FAT= 68%, CARBS=3.9%, PROTEIN=28%. My friend (here after referred to as Coach) is recommending ratios to be; FAT=55-60%, CARBS=5-8%, and PROTEIN=30-35%. I am close I guess for the most part.

Body fat at end of first week was measured at 18% using a skinfold caliper. I am not really too concerned about the actual calipered measurement right now. I am more interested in seeing the transformation in the mirror. I have noticed a slight decrease in my waist and a noticeable reduction in midsection bloat which I normally carry. My strength has not really diminished in any of my exercises although with yesterday being my second workout of chest and biceps, I did notice a decrease in muscle energy in my biceps after the second set whereby I actually felt the energy being drained after my second or third rep of the second set. I literally had to dig deep to complete the set. Another thing I noticed was the amount of sweating was increased during the workout beginning when I was performing my 12 minute warm-up on the stair climber.

Stay tuned for more…

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