My Adventure on V-Diet Starts: 9, March 2009

tomorow monday the 9th of march 2009 and for the first time i will start my V-diet journey.

  pics and measurements  i will be posting tommorow  so i and anybody intrested here  in my thread can track the  progress.

just a little background i was a FFB 3 years before i was 122kgs ( sorry in india we have habit to talk in kilos ) 268 pounds and in this 3 years i have come down quite good to 206 pounds( the pic u see is mine with 206 pounds but still a lot of fat on lower chest . abs and decent love handels )

still 41 pounds heavier then my goal of 165 pounds with single digit body fat percentages . my goal for doing the the v-diet is to lose some good 20 pounds of fat in this 28 days , and after the transition i plan to do a low carb diet which coach CT advocates, and depending on the results of V-Diet hopefully come again for a second round .

the V-Diet forum is full of taleneted and inspiring and encouraging members anybody intrested about my progress or with suggestions and insights are a great welcome . i will be updating pics and measurements here every week and my thoughts abt the entire journey day to day .
special thanxs to chris not only your diet but your articles are of great help to stay focused and which inspires many of us to make this life exciting , meaning full and full of adventure and ofcourse all the V-Dieters who have completed the 28 days and helped and inspired others to be living examples like them thanx you

…pics and measurements will be posted tommorow as the diet starts tommorow that is monday 9th march 2009

ok made some pics and now iam going to post them here while making the pics was seriously painfull but hope to use this pain as a drive to reaCH the goal , the first is front flexed

front flexed




back flexed

made pics with underwear so i myself could see how that nasty fat is lying and making me look ugly and the first thing which came in my mind after seeing the pics was iam super fat and i have been lying and fooling myself with the mirror .
next pics will be comming on next monday .

had my first shake and was preety good , in hours time i will be heading for the gym and the weight and measurements will be done there by a trainer who is going to help me with this challenge . wife and brother and dad have been very supportive and iam sure many will just think iam crazy for just having shakes for 28 days and iam not going to waste anytime in convincing how healthy actually is the diet .

after the workout i will be doing 20 min of NEPA and then later in the evening will be 1 hour of NEPA.
slept late night so was not up early in the morning today and in mumbai this days its damn hot with sun almost frying you like a toast . will post my thoughts later in the day along with the measurements .

GOod luck. It takes commitment and single mindedness but you can do it.

THe photos really help you realise exactly where you are and what you need to do.

THis forum is great for support and advice. If you need anything just ask and someone will pop up with the answer.

Stay strong and you WILL do it!

Irishtinker thanx so much dude for taking your time and replying me . have you done V-Diet ? and what were your results would u pls share them ? now will be going to them gym and will be taking the measurements and will be posting once i come back thanx again for ur post and the encouraging words .

Hey Rav -

Check out V-Diet in the Middle East its on pg 1 or 2 of the forum.

I’m on day 3 of transition so the hardest part is over.

I thought maybe I would stray and start eating badly but my resolve is strengthened and I have been sticking to meat/poultry and veg/salad.

ok guys 3 shakes down already going great though workout was good it helps to have a trainer as he pushes u good .
i did take my measurem,ents but lost the paper somewhere so again tommorow i will be posting the measurements what i remember for sure is
weight-204 pounds
waist- 38and half inches
chest 42 and half inches
and arms -14 and half inches
shoulders -19inches

i thought my arms will be somewhere around 15 and half but was shocked to see them 14 and half
was little pleased to see the waist 38 and half inches because i was thinking that it must be somewhere around 40 inches . after 2 hours i will go for a 1 hour walk in the night will post my final thoughts abt my day 1

Irishtinker thats awesome that u are going clean . have u upped the cals in the trasition any idea how many cals are u going every day in the trasition and after the transition which diet are u going to follow ?

went and had a 1 hour walk just to keep the NEPA a little exciting had some music in my ears through my mobile , and then had my 4 th shake and stack of the day ,
hunger wise there is no issue as such the only thing i observed is a strange taste in the mouth dont know if its because lack of solid food or because of so many shakes or its something which keto diets give .

last shake will be after 3 hours with 1 spoon of homemade peanut butter .

the 1 day ends with a shake and homemade 1 tablespoon of peanut butter .
the first day has been good and i honestly dint think abt food atall. nor did i feel weak just i had to vist the bathroom a lot as i was pissing a lot the whole day . hope tommorow starts same like today so far so good

started well and feeling a little lighter will have my first shake and the stack in 20 min from now . dint slept quite good yesterday though . as many report a crash i dint feel that as i was anyway eating low carb prior to start this diet . measurements for sure will come today no matter what

Rav glad to have you join us. The pix are always tough but taking them & have the stones to post them is important. You can do it man! good luck!

diver thanx a lot for your support and iam impressed with your progress and i do follow your thread everyday

so the day is going great so far went for a walk with my wife and enjoyed the walk as i had a nice company in her . came had my shake . last shake of the day will be taken after 2 hours with peanut butter belive me peanut butter never tasted so great and i have already devloped a liking for it . so far so good

was all day home reading some e-boks by lyle mac donald were a bit technical but intresting . had 3 shakes already . today is a bit weird day for me because the mouth taste very bad and i feel some bad breath also . dont know if iam in some sort of ketosis . but feeling low and very weak maybe its just a transition . the main problem is iam having hard time to get a good sleep .

rest is good wife was saying iam looking a little tight and face has become more sharp . but its my beloved wife she loves and likes me even with 22 % body fat and feels i look good :stuck_out_tongue: . to be honest waiting for that serving of peanut butter for the last meal .

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