My Adventure on the Velocity Diet

My name is Rudi and I’m 20 years old. I started the Velocity Diet 2 days ago, this is my third day. I have logged everything on a blog(on norwegian), so I’ll just post the stats here.

Day 1:
Weight: 91.3Kg
Fat: 22.7% (I’ve got a bathroom weight scale, so it’s not 100%).

Day 2:
Weight: 89Kg
Fat: 23%

Day 3:
Weight: 87.8Kg
Fat: 24.9% (again, this proves the scale is not 100%)

I’ll upload some pictures and write a little more in the future updates : )

Day 4:
Weight: 87.2Kg
Fat: 23.2%

Day 5:
Weight: 87.2Kg
Fat: 25,2%

Day 6:
Weight: 86,4Kg
Fat: 23,6%

Ok, so the fat%-thingy is far off.

Before I started the v-diet I experimented with bad food. I ate a lot of pizzas and other shit just to gain weight, and to see how much fat I gained…I did gain fat, but I got stronger(doh)! I also supplemented with creatine. That’s how I recon the high weight loss… I probably had a decent amount of water in my holy temple.
I’ve lost 11 pounds so far and I’m on day 6. My first HSM is gonna be with my girlfriend on friday(day 8), and I thought:
Beef cut up in small pieces and grilled with mushrooms, onions and garlic.
Then I’d put the beef, mushrooms, onions, garlic and some beans in a pair of whole wheat torillas and drip a few grams of cheese on top before I put them in the oven.
On the side I would like to have guacamole and some norwegian sour cream (Prot: 12g carbs: 4,3 Fat: 1g) with a few grams of brown rice, sweet corn and chili.
Am I way off the border here or … ?

Sounds like a big HSM, you might be surprised by how full you get before you even finish the meal. Sounds pretty legit though. Best of luck.

Hehe, it was goood!
I’m still going strong, day 11 now.
Weight: 86kg
starting weight: 91.3

Keep up the good work Rudi!

very nice start !!

Good job !

Still going strong. Finished my V-Diet burn challenge at 19:44! Thats 10:22 better than the first time!

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