My 2nd Day

got my 1st day done. very tired . workout and walk , did with my baby in a stroller, up and down the hills. 30min
had some lamb and brown rice with quinoa and greens.
I do my drinks in blender, nice and tasty.
plazma tastes yak.
today feeling much better even i woke up at 5 .
walk will be done bit later

The first day can be the toughest, but it gets easier. Congrats on getting your NEPA in with the kiddo. That’s getting it done!

Feel free to add more or less Liquid Flavoring System to your Plazma. (Hopefully you did add it the first time!)

no , to be honest I didn’t add the flavoring, ok, thank you , will do that tomorrow with my next plazma, thanks

Oh my, no wonder. Yes, Plazma is unflavored and the natural flavors are dang bitter. The liquid flavoring system is actually miraculous when it comes to making it taste good.

3rd day.
we did some swimming today for 30 min, that was good warmup.
did my workout wednesday one.
and then got the walk than with baby in the pram, this time went bit faster and more on the flat. another 30 min.

and here my mesurments from day 1

weight: 70,9
neck :35cm
chest :100cm
weist :78cm
hip :100cm
upperarm : 32cm/32cm
upperleg : 58,5/58
calf :37/38cm

and here is another question do you guys warm up before workout and do cool down after

Good luck on you v diet journey! Just take it one day at a time and before you know it you will be done. And like Chris said, the Plazma is WAY better with the flavoring…I actually like the orange quite a bit.

On my workout days I usually did my NEPA before my workout and and that served as a good warm up. I didn’t do any cool downs other than a little stretching if I felt some muscle tightness somewhere.

4th day behind , time has gone fast
my very day ended up doing the walk at night:):):slight_smile: but I got done
we had dinner yesterday at friends hous, had a nice peace of beef , with potatoes, and salad. skipped the deserts and fresh fruit and explained to them, that i.m on challenge, then it was ok to say no to wine and deserts. oh, may
for me is the hardest bit not eating fruits, fresh berries and you feading your kids and can’t have it , this is a challenge

5th day done, thank you, yes before workout sounds good.

today my workout took 40 min (finally timed it)
walk after workout.
tomorrow V-challenge.

is the v-challenge with weights or without?
and do you do all the 5 circuits without rest?
good night

The v burn challenge is body weight. You do the circuits as fast as you can with proper form. Each week you should try to beat your time from the week before.

6th day,

did my V-challenge with 15 min, some walk before and 40 min walk after.
didn;t work out to get walk done before

my dinner today lamb, potatoes, steamed greens.

feeling surprisingly energetic.

do you guys use any apples or nuts?
do i still have to drink 8 classes of water ?

Apples and nuts are great, healthy foods. However, in looking at the v-diet recommendations, it would be a good choice to wait until you’ve completed the v-diet to implement them. Your HSM should have a good lean protein, carb (potato, rice) and veggies. Adding additional fruit and nuts would not be good, due to extra calories overall. Again, fruits and nuts are great, healthy foods, but for the purpose of the v-diet, just my thoughts, would be to stick to the plan.

Regarding water intake, YES, drink lots of water, at least 64oz a day (I drink a couple gallons between daily water plus my Plazma). There are countless benefits to this, it’ll help move nutrients throughout the body, better joints, metabolism, overall just healthier functioning. I have a big one-gallon jug I refill every day. Or, you could get a 64oz bottle and make sure you drink at least that much water. If you do that, plus your shakes and Plazma, you’ll be good to go for sure. Athletes need more water than the average person, be sure to drink up!


walk done, this 1st week i did walk indoors twice, i have to say outdoors works so m uch better,

1st week has gone fast,

it is good to take 1 day at the time

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i am on my 9th day

nepa - done,
and thanksgiving meal aswell, went this time so nicely only with turkey , salad, greens, some brown rice and a slice of rye bread, soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooo, didn’t even carve the butter
feels great , (not like stuffed turkey:):):):slight_smile: )

here’s the question, do you guys use lemon in the water, in this diet

there we go go …
last day of the week 2
everything is going nice anbd smoothly , keeping the drinking and walking and workouts hard
no gravings, not even the apples.
one day at the time

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I didn’t use lemon…but I suppose if that is what you need to do to get the water down then go for it…I can’t imagine it would add many calories.

16th day

amazingly tired today
dinner with chicken today, yammy

but my nepa still to do

do you guys use only eggwhites or whole eggs?

in other training diet (I did some months ago) was eggwhite only?

20th day

I actually on it:):):)::slight_smile:

seems to me that I’m running low on Superfood,
doesn’t look there is any 16 scoops ?
What should I do when I running out Superfood?

after V-Diet How many meals ? how many calories?
should I still do the Plazma drink with workouts? or just a regular protein or workout drink?
and should I still do the V challenges?

  1. There are 28 serving (2 scoops each with the scoop provided in the container) in Superfood. Should be plenty for the full V-Diet. Be sure to use level scoops.

  2. That’s up to you and your continued goals.

  3. Anyone who trains hard benefits from Plazma. It’s a staple for most serious lifters on this site. Regular protein does not work well as specific workout nutrition such as Plazma.

  4. If you’d like.

almost in the endof 28 days

so after this is completed coming 2 weeks extension, what and how many times should i eat those weeks?
what should 1st breakfast be?


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