My 2+ Year Transformation, Lost 110lb

I haven’t posted here in a while but I have been a member on this site for a long time and as my coaching business is taking off I wanted to share my transformation journey with you guys and would be happy to answer any questions you have about general workout programming and nutrition.

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We would love for you to document your progress here and what supplement stack you used for this transformation.

I’ve been using MAG 10 pretty religiously my whole transformation. I’ve also used Indigo-3G, Plazma, Finibars, and Micro-PA as part of my supplementation. If people want specifics feel free to ask.

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Would love to hear a generalized overview of “how” you did it. Nutritional, training, etc, if you have got the time. Great transformation man!

I realized I had a shit ton of work to do. Went really slow aimed for about 1lb a week weight loss. I started at around 3200 calories and then just slowly adjusted as I got lighter. I did macros or IIFYM so it wasn’t terrible I still ate ice cream and sweets when I wanted.

Training was an upper lower split 4-6 days of week focusing on staying strong in main 3 lifts; squat bench and deadlifts. I would do accessory exercises for each body part. I guess I’m a high frequency guy being I don’t like doing cardio and don’t think it’s better than lifting for burning fat so I rather train more often. So basically was training upper and lower 2-3 days a week with heavier days focused on 90% 1RM for like 2-4 reps and then 1-2 days more bodybuilding style 4-8 reps with 70-80% loads using strict form and focusing on getting as much blood in the muscle as possible.

Surely one of the most impressive transformations I have ever seen!

Thanks Thib, means a lot coming from you. Having mag10 and finibars made the process a lot easier helping my recovery a ton and curbing my appetite.

I think a huge problem when people see transformations like this they assume I did a ton of cardio when in fact I did very little. Maybe an hour a week maximum on average. I honestly believe the frequency of my training is what kept the fat loss going at a steady rate and obviously just being meticulous with tracking food intake

Amen! Frequency and discipline are the true keys.

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