Mutt545 is Sick No More! Ready to Start

Hey all!

Ready to get this thing up and going. I got over my flu-like ordeal late last week and have a clean bill of health. I got my supplements and started the shakes yesterday. I was very surprised that they were so thick and filling. I had one craving for some meat (mostly steak) coming home from work last night. But I made it.

I did my walk last night and am getting ready for the Monday workout. Should be a blast! I’m starting at 10.3% and 181lbs. I’ve lost around 40lbs in the past 5 months just by diet and exercise alone. I’ve been lean in the past (5.2% @ 173lbs) and want to get back to that level while maintaining my strength, power, and endurance.

I’ll have starting pictures coming soon.

Here are my initial measurements:

Ht - 5’10"
Wt - 181lbs
Shoulders - 48"
Neck - 14.5"
Upper Chest - 40"
Lower chest - 39"
Waist (navel) - 32.5"
Waist (largest) - 32.5"
Hips - 39"
Upper Arm R - 13"
Upper Arm L - 12.75"
Upper Leg R - 23.5"
Upper Leg L - 22.75"
Lower Leg R - 15.25"
Lower Leg L - 15.25"
Ankle R - 9.75"
Ankle L - 10"

7 site pinches:
Chest - 6.5
Mid Ax - 8
Sub Scap - 11
Tricep - 11
Abs - 17
Supra Illica - 8
Thigh - 12.5
Bodyfat - 10.3%

Keep up posted as you hit the single digits again!

Alright. Day 2 is almost in the books. The workout today started off great. I warmed up my hips, stretched the psoas, warmed the rhomboids, and warmed up the shoulder girdle. I started with the front squats and did the 20 reps with 185lbs. I completed that in 4 sets of 6,5,4,5 reps. I should have started around 200 I think but I wasn’t sure about the quality of work with only 30sec rest.

The chins were great too. It took 6 sets to complete. I added 10lbs of external resistance to my waist and did sets of 6,4,3,3,2,2

Then my mp3 player died. No excuse, but it felt like something shut down inside me. I moved to the DB presses and started with 85’s. Usually that is easy. I got 5 on my first set. Don’t know why but I couldn’t lift it off for the second. I moved to 75’s and finished with sets of 4,4,4,3.

The abs were fine. I mowed through them no problem.

Food cravings have come and gone all day. I still have two more shakes to drink tonight and am looking forward to the nut butter.

My walk today went fine. I just did around 46 minutes in the early evening (6hr after the weights).

Feeling great and looking forward to the workout on wednesday. I was curious though, can I still do corrective exercise for my shoulders, hips, balance, knees on the days off? I was thinking I’d come in tomorrow to work on flexibility and correcive exercise. Would that work?

side pic


other side


Today was actually kind of tough. i was doing great all day until right after my NEPA walk. I was watching the coed volleybally going on and just got the urge to eat a taco salad. I thought it would be great. It is one of my favorite foods. Didn’t act on the urge, but it was the first one I’ve had.

The NEPA is great. I walk at a brisk pace and just listen to music and relax. I also did some stretching, foam rolling and corrective exercise. Nothing too big, but enough to help with the soreness in my legs from the squats yesterday. My chest is also pretty sore. Didn’t expect that. I am going to continue to do the stretching on my off days, unless told that it would not be good. But I can’t imagine how it would discourage any progress. I also shot hoops for a while outside. It was too nice to not do anything outdoors.

Another thing, I have only been eating 1tbsp on the natural peanut butter. It’s not that I don’t like it or anything, I’m just not hungry for it after the shake. I basically just weigh it out and then eat it off of a spoon. Should I mix it with my shake. I haven’t yet because I don’t have a blender.

After seeing my pics, I wasn’t very happy with what they showed. I thought the only thing that looked alright was my thighs. Besides that, I have tons of work to do. I’m looking forward to the workout tomorrow. I have to work for a bit, but around 11 or 12 I’ll be able to get it done. Then do my NEPA in the early evening.

Today went pretty well. The workout was great. I was was still a little sore from Monday’s workout. It could be from the stretching yesterday but I went ahead with it. I got through the reverse lunges, bb rows, and push presses no problem. Once I started the curls I had a little problem with my elbows.

I have had tendinitis for a while and it usually flares up whenever I do bb curls. The first set was fine. The second was difficult. I started to feel a little pain creeping up on me after around 6 reps. I changed exercises to standing db curls and it endd fine. The knee raises went just great.

The food is still going well, but I did have more cravings today. I think I’m going to start yoga at my gym tomorrow. It comes with the membership so I figured I might as well take advantage of it.

I’m really looking forward to the HSM this weekend. I’m going to do it Saturday during the basketball games. I’m going to make a chicken stir-fry. No rice, just chicken and vegetables.

All in all, going great. I’m still 100%. My roommate grilled some gorgeous KC Strips last night. “Here man, try this.” He tried to hand me a small quarter sized piece. “This won’t mess up your program.” I resisted although it smelled and looked great. I don’t want to do anything to jeapordize the results.

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