Musician Starting V-Diet

I am preparing to start the V-Diet tomorrow. For a little bit of background, I am a musician that has been touring full-time for the last three years. The touring life is not one that is conducive to healthy eating or exercise habits. During my second year on the road I met another musician who was touring with us who used to work out extensively.

We began training together and I found myself looking better than I had in quite awhile. Unfortunately, the demands were so tough that I was unable to keep the routine going for long, but I had my first taste of getting in shape and exercising regularly then. Now, I am off the road and am determined to get in shape as I move on to the next phase of my life and career. I’m ready to match a great looking body with my (hopefully) great musical skills!

I will be starting the diet in the morning. I’ll try to post some start pictures and keep the log updated regularly. Any advice and encouragement will surely be appreciated.

By the way, I play the tuba!

Welcome aboard Tuba! I just started also. Goodluck!

So here is a starting pic. I took these after my morning walk and just after my first shake-meal of the day.

My starting weight is 240. I’m about 5’8’’. Not a great starting place, but that’s the whole point.
'Bout to go to the gym for my first workout.

First day went well. I had a little trouble getting the timing right on my meals, but I was running around town more than usual today. The workout today was definitely good, tho I’m worn out now.

Workout #1 (Beginner)
Db Squat (22.5 lbs): 9, 10, 9, 12
Db Bench Press (20 lbs): 10, 10, 10, 10
Bent over row (64 lbs): 9, 10, 9, 8, 4
Plank Hold (time held): 40s, 35s, 26s, 22s

I definitely feel I can push myself a little more on the weight on pretty much everything, except maybe the bent over row. I’m looking forward to my next workout on Thursday.
The last time I went through a serious workout phase I was still eating several solid meals a day, so I’m going a little crazy dreaming of eating any solid food! But I’m sure that’ll pass, and I’m just trying to embrace the feeling of changing the way I eat in the long run.

Gotta get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Good job Tuba!
Know what you mean about dreaming of solid meals!Ha Ha

Day 3 is almost done. I’ve got one more shake today and I had my second workout today. It was a good workout, but I’ve been a little stressed about my financial situation lately, so I wasn’t as focused as I should’ve been. But I still feel like I did some good work.

Yesterday was an interesting day. My father owns a catering business and called me last second in the morning to come in and work for him cause he was shorthanded for a job. I ended up cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for two hours! That was torture, because you’re so used to just eating what you cook as you go. The burgers smelled great, but I really only had a few moments where it was tough. I kept up with my shakes throughout the day. Even tho it was trial by fire, I was glad to know I could keep up with the diet and resist the “bad” foods around me even tho my day wasn’t at all structured like I thought it would be.

Here’s my workout log for the day:
Romanian Deadlift (75 lbs.): 15, 14, 14, 14
Lat Pulldown (70 lbs.): 14, 13, 15, 10 It took me a few tries to get the weight dialed in.
Standing SHoulder Press (20 lbs. dumbbells): 15, 14, 12, 10
Side Plank Left: 22s, 12s
Side Plank Right: 27s, 15s Not sure why my right side is stronger than my left, but it is.

I haven’t noticed much change in the way I look yet, tho my face has thinned out some. That always seems to be the place I lose the extra fat first. I know it’s a process that takes time, and I don’t expect overnight drastic changes.

Another shake and then sleep.

Way to go tuba! Damn, I cant imagine having to resist hamburgers cooking right in front of me for that long! You have will power brother!

Thanks Ironbull. When I put my mind to it, I do alright I guess. Ha!

Just got home from working at the catering job again today. I got called this morning to come in to work because they were shorthanded for an on-site cooking job. Today I had to cook fried chicken, fried catfish, french fries, and hushpuppies (for anyone who doesn’t know what a hushpuppy is, it is a little fried dough ball of deliciousness). When I used to do these jobs I was used to eating a little bit of all those things throughout the event. But, I stayed away from it. I just tried to not view it as food and just look at it like a product that I was making, like making hammers or toys or something. That really helped keep the cravings away. One nice thing about going on these jobs is that I get my NEPA taken care of, lifting trays and hotboxes of fish, coleslaw, or some other food.

I was able to stick pretty much to my eating schedule. When I go out on the job I take my gym bag and just keep my powder and supplements with me (except the Flameout, since that’s supposed to be refrigerated). I had my first meal right on time, but we got really busy right when I should’ve been taking my second shake so I couldn’t walk away from the truck (where we fry all the food) to make it. I was about 45 minutes late on that (keeping to a meal every 3 hrs schedule). Then, on the way home, I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic because of an accident, so I was almost an hour late on that one. Also, I made those shakes up in such a rush that I wasn’t sure if I may have missed adding a supplement, but I think I did it right. I try to be real particular about my eating schedule, so I always feel like the whole diet’s going to come crashing down cause I was a little late. I hope that’s not true.

I’m feeling sore from my workouts. My legs are still sore from the squats from workout #1. I always seem to get sore starting the second day after a workout. Is that normal? From the last time I went on a serious exercise program with my musician friend, I’ve learned to embrace that pain. Even tho it makes moving a bit difficult sometimes, I know that it’s a pain from doing positive things for my body.

My mom goes to Curves, which I’m proud of her for since she is also overweight and a bit weak. For her, any exercise and dieting is a step in the right direction. She’s doing her own diet right now in support of me doing the v-diet, so she’s drinking the protein shakes from Curves. They also gave her some “recipes” for ways to change up the shakes. They suggest putting a packet of sugar-free jello or sugar-free jello pudding in the shake. Sounds tasty, but does anyone think it deviates from the v-diet in anyway? I wanna try to stay on the straight and narrow, but it might be a nice change if it’s “legal.”

Got two more shakes to go today. I may go walk a bit just to get a bit for NEPA in for the day. Then I gotta practice the tuba.

P.S. That picture was from almost four years ago, but just thought I’d post it so everyone can see that I do actually play the tuba!

lookin good playing the tuba :slight_smile: i also get really sore after the workouts, but i kinda like it because i want to feel it, if that makes sense. awesome job resisting the tempting foods while you are at work! keep up the hard work!

Way to go on the willpower again today! Keep it up man!

Damn fine work - I’d probably stay away from the jello packets - you can adjust how much water you’re using or even use ice to adjust the texture of the shake. There are some great sugar free flavor syrups (like what they use in coffee shops) that can be added to the shakes also if you’re getting tired of your regular Metabolic Drive. Don’t forget about spices like cinnamon or nutmeg either - cinnamon even has some documented positive effects on fat loss.

The thing about all of this is that the harder you have to work to combat the cravings the more effective the positive changes in your eating will be (I think). It may be more beneficial NOT to attempt to make the V-diet any easier in the long run.

Hang in there - you got this!

Well, today was both a rejuvenating day and a very humbling one. I had my HSM today. We made the West African Stew from here on “Shugart’s Hammer.” Everyone at the house agreed it was great! It felt great to have some solid food. And, I’ve never been much of a celery eater, but I ate all that we had with this meal. Normally I would avoid celery, but it tasted great - I guess that’s part of what the V-Diet is all about. Ha!

The humbling part of my day? I did my first V-Burn Challenge today. Whew! Nothing to show just how much work you’ve got to do like that!! I was hoping that I could finish the five circuits in 25 minutes, but it took me a bit longer. I finished the workout in 36 minutes. Not awful, but I can get alot better. I can eliminate plenty of downtime and improve my form on the movements a bunch. I’m looking forward to three weeks from now when I look back at this V-burn Challenge and see how far I’ve come…but I’m not there yet.

My last two days were pretty uneventful otherwise. No working at the catering business, thankfully. I was able to stay on schedule with my meals pretty much perfectly. Week one is done! I still haven’t noticed any major visual changes in my look, but I feel so much better. Even tho I’m still carrying around a belly, it doesn’t “feel” as heavy. I’ve generally got more energy and just feel like I’m in better shape overall. Now let’s just get that belly gone!!

Hope everyone else who is finishing Week 1 is doing well too. Hope your V-Burn Challenges were better than mine! Haha…

For anyone out there who might’ve been interested in reading my log, I apologize for being gone for this past week. I’ve been faithfully on the diet, but I’ve just been very busy. In my musical life, I am preparing for a competition so I am very busy practicing. Between that, other career duties, going to the gym, reading these forums and other, and just living general life I’ve neglected to post on here.

Things have been going well on the V-diet tho! I’ve spent lots of time in the forums reading about various topics. My workouts this week went great. I was able to up my weight on everything by 5 lbs. on a side (so, my dumbbells each went up 5 lbs and my barbell exercises went up 10 lbs). I’m hoping to push myself even harder next week.
I also did my V-Burn Challenge today. Last week I took 36 minutes to complete it. I set the same estimated time this week - 25 minutes. I still came in a little over, but I completed the circuit in 28 minutes. Even tho I fell just short of the mark on my ET, I feel great about improving on my time so much. I really wanna try and push for a 20 minute ET next week!
I had my HSM on Friday of this week. There was an exhibit of Chihuly glass sculptures at the botanical gardens in Nashville that my mother and girlfriend wanted to go to, as did I. There were a group of my mother’s friends that were having a picnic there on Friday so we decided to go then. Rather than put myself at the mercy of what they brought, we made spinach and mixed greens salads with red peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and chicken with a olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. It tasted so amazing. I’ve never liked cucumbers a whole lot, but I was putting a second round of them on my salad that day! I took a picture which I’ll try to post on here as my own little piece of “food porn.”

Even tho I wouldn’t say I can see the “fat melting away” from my stomach (although I am watching the scale read smaller numbers), I feel 100% better than before I started the diet. That’s how I really know I’m getting healthier. I know I’ll lose lots more weight (and gain lots more muscle) in the next two weeks, but I’m even more excited about the goals I’m going to set for myself after the V-diet is over and I begin working on living a V-life.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep the log updated better. As a closer, here is the salad from my HSM this week. Yum…

great to hear Tuba…keep going were all pulling for you…

Regards Dave

I know what you mean about the cucumbers tuba. I had some on my salad this weekend, and I was just in amasement, how good they tasted!
Good going man!

Okay. Well, the strict part of the V-Diet is over for me. I’m in the transition phase now. I thought I would give an overview recap of my progress and then post my before and after pics.

I started at 247.8 lbs and ended at 233.0 lbs

I also lost 11.5 inches total, about 9 inches of that coming from my chest and abdominal region.

There is still plenty to lose, but this has been a great starting point for a change in my lifestyle. My family and friends have all been very supportive, and I am very glad for that. Every one says they can see a big difference in how I look. I also, just generally feel better.

I’m hoping to keep this log going to continue talking about my progress, so hopefully I won’t go so long between posts in the future.
Thanks for the support from everyone so far. I hope everyone is having a great time on the diet too!

Pics coming…

Before, front

Before, sideview

After, front

You can see there’s still lots of work to be done. But things aren’t so oversized now. I’m still round in all the wrong places, but the roundness is a bit smaller! Ha!!

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