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I have been lifting for only 10 months now. I am 40 year old male and have competitively ran for 25 years. At the start of the year I weighed 148 lbs. and I am 6 ft. I started out with leaving my high carb diet and trying to incorporate more protein. The first supplement I used was Gold Standard (48 g after workout) and saw instant gains. My weight at the end of the summer got to 170 lbs. My legs were very skinny so I was on the 12 week Hatch squat program and gained a lot of muscle in my legs, but my upper body responded faster. But I switched to SFH Fortified looking for something easier on my gut. And hardly saw any gains and seemed like I got less cut. I currently weigh 174 lbs. Looking for something easy on the gut, and to give me the gains I saw with Gold Standard.

Thank you, Matt

Casein hydrolysate would be the best choice. Something like Mag-10 during the day and/or Plazma when you train. It’s should be plenty “easy on the gut” because it’s not a thick kind of shake, it’s almost like a juice-consistency, and people with lactose issues have no problem taking it.

Regular whey like you were using is okay, but casein is much more effective for what you’re trying to do. This article explains why. As long as your training is dialed in and the rest of your nutrition is appropriate, you should be off and running (no pun intended).

Thank you so much! I will try Mag-10 first. I have read various articles on experimenting with the best times to take casein and how much; with might weight what would you suggest and how much. I work out in the morning.

Thanks again for all your help. Excited to try this product.

Understand that when you first got into heavy training you experienced rapid gains because you were more of a beginner and the body was used to a totally different type of physical work. You got rapid gains not because of the (inferior protein supplement you were taking but just because your new training was a shock to the body that required rapid adaptation.

And adaptation costs energy. The more the body has to adapt the more energy (calories) it needs which is why you probably got leaner at the same time as you gain muscle.

As the body becomes more and more adapted to strength training it’s normal that the gains will be harder to stimulate. And that is also why it is important to go with the most effective supplement possible.

I personally believe that the priority of everybody who trains to get larger and stronger should be to use PLAZMA pre and intra workout to maximize the delivery of anabolic nutrients directly into the muscle that are being trained.

MAG-10 is a great product to use during the day to get a protein pulse effect but what you use during the workout should have priority over other supplement strategies. First make sure that you are doing everything possible to maximize the performance and effect of each workout then worry about other things.

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Thank you very much Christian. I will incorporate both into my workout supplementation. For my own understanding both Mag-10 and Plazma have casein hydrolysate and cyclic dextrin. What are the differences in the two products? And for my weight how much should I take?

Thanks again for all your help!

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What are the differences in the two products?[/quote]
Very basically, Plazma is designed to have around hard weight training workouts and Mag-10 is designed to have during the day and/or for relatively “easier” workouts (like cardio/conditioning sessions). Plazma also has some other ingredients to boost performance and recovery.

At 6’, 174ish, you should be fine with the label recommendations. 2 scoops for Plazma and 2 scoops, one or more times per day, for Mag-10.

You can also tweak the dosing depending on your training intensity (like an extra scoop of Plazma on a super-high volume leg day or one less scoop if you were training just triceps) and on your overall nutrition (some people will have several servings of Mag-10 throughout the day instead of whole food meals, but that’s more appropriate for dropping fat).

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