Muscle Gain Diet and Supplement Guidelines

Hello Guys!
I am planning to gain more muscle mass. I am 25 years old. I was too skinny a year back. I am training from an year now. My weight is 65kg and height is 5.9’. I was using different mass gainers and diets to gain weight in past which was not so much successful.

Now am planning to switch to Biotest. So, am looking for recommendation for biotest supplements and what kind of diet and training i should do along with it also how long should i use to gain atleast 15kg mass.
Looking forward to hearing from expert guys.

Okay so, the good news is that gaining weight is kind of easier than losing fat because you just need to eat more calories.

The bad news is that gaining weight means you need to eat more calories, and that means you’ll need patience and consistency, which are boring but effective.

This article explains a basic way to set up your nutrition. You’ve got to eat enough 7 days a week, and keep it going week after week. 15kg is a lot, even though you’re legitimately underweight right now. I’d set a goal of at least 6 or 7 months. Trying to force-feed things much faster is likely to end up with mostly fat gain.

How lean are you right now? Do you have any muscle definition (abs, quads, etc.)? That’s also going to influence how quickly you can/should put on size.

As far as supplements, Metabolic Drive is a great addition. It’s a high-quality protein that you can blend up with milk, fruit, peanut butter, or whatever else you feel like to make some high calorie shakes to have between meals, not instead of meals. Having Surge Workout Fuel during workouts will also let you recovery optimally and push hard during training.

For the training, believe it or not that’s sort of the lowest priority in getting the results you’re after. Any good plan will be fine. Something like this program or this 3-day routine are good choices to start with.

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Hello Chris! Thanks for replying i really appreciate. Answer to your questions how lean i am and my muscle definition. I am sharing pictures below. I am not planning to gain fats i am totally focused on muscles and i am not in too hurry 6 months are fine for me to gain this much muscles. Have a look on my body condition and let me know your suggestions for me. I am lifting from last 6 months.

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