Multivitamin While on V-Diet?

While not a huge believer in multi vitamins, I do like to covert my bases. That being said, I also like to cycle stuff just to not get used to it or what not.

I love Superfood. Does supplementing with it while on the diet cover what a multi would? I would think there would still be a need for trace minerals and things like that.

Thanks ahead of time

PS - I also supplement with Vit D.

Yes, Superfood is far superior to standard multi-vitamins. The <a href=""target=“new”>product page gets into the details about that.

The additions I’d suggest – not for everyone, but for people who really kill it in the gym – is a dedicated mineral supplement such as <a href=""target=“new”>Elitepro Minerals or <a href=""target=“new”>ZMA.

I also think just about everyone needs more Vitamin D, but it looks like you have that covered.

Yes great advice, D2 specifically, minimum of 5000 IU a day.
Very few know it’s derived from…Sheep’s Wool!
Every single trace mineral the body needs in natures most perfect balance is available in the very affordable
Himalayan Sea Salt…It’s how most of our ancestors kept in great health before “supplements”.
This stuff was considered so valuable in trade, Sea Salt it was considered currency in ancient times, it’s where we get
the word “Salary” from…Salt

Himalayan sea salt is supposed to be awesome and it contains about 84 trace minerals. The only hard part is trying to find a decent place to buy it. There are a lot of places online selling dyed, counterfeit salt and passing it off as genuine Himalayan salt.

Thanks all. Imma look into the Sea Salt.

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