Multi-Vitamin on V-Diet

Hey Chris,

Quick question about additional supps as I start my 2nd round of the V-Diet this week once my shipment arrives.

I know in the V-Diet info it does say a multi-vitamin is acceptable, I just wanted your personal advice if the AnimalPak by Universal Nutrition would be ok to take.

Also I generally take a Vegegreens supplement by Progressive and was interested to know if that would be acceptable as well.

Thanks in advance for your timely responses, Chris.


I’m not familiar with the multi, because the V-Diet doesn’t need one. Superfood takes care of that. If you’d like to add some extra Vit D that’s fine, but it’s really all you need.

The greens supplement you mentioned is exactly why Biotest created Superfood: to replace 1970’s, allergin-containing, testosterone-lowering products. I’d avoid the one you listed like the plague.

Sounds good.

Thanks, Chris.

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