Mother of 3 Starting the V-Diet

Ok, here I am and I’m actually doing this! I started today and a little rough. The taste of the shakes wasn’t as pleasing as I had hoped, but the strawberry and the one I am drinking now with the peanut butter are the best. Not very easy watching my family eat grilled chicken tonight though!

So I am a mother of 3. Two boys 12 & 10 and my daughter is almost 7. I have been complaining of the weight I’ve put on in the last few years and my lack of energy so my husband told me about this diet. He said it was intense and I would really have to think about it before I comitted. Well here I am. I am really excited to loose some fat, get in shape, and change my eating habits. I am really hoping that my cravings will change! Well I am off to get some much needed sleep. I have been watching the posts and I took my last HOT-ROX at 1pm so hopefully I will sleep well.~Brooke

Welcome Brooke! How about some measurements and pix to share your progress with us?

Lots of support & encouragement here. Many many positive people.

Hey Brooke - congrats on making the decision to do take this life-altering month-long journey!

I can’t imagine doing it with kids and having to cook for them - I know it must make it more difficult! But sounds like you’ve made your mind up and are fully determined to do this thing - so no doubt you will succeed :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on your progress - have you taken starting measurments yet?

Ok, day 2 is almost over! Not too bad, but definitely having cravings and thinking about food too much. I’m also extremely tired. My husband has been a great help in making breakfast, lunches, and dinner for our kids though. Having the smell of food in your house is not easy! I can’t wait until my first HSM! My 10 year old son asked if I waited 'till next week could I have 2 meals. Nice thinking, but even if I could I’m not waiting! :slight_smile: Ok, so here are my measurements (Yuk!) and some pics (Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!).

waist(at largest)-34.25"
upper arm L-10.25"
upper arm R-10"
thigh-L & R 21.5"
calves- L 12.5" R 12.25"
ankles- 7.5"

Pics not taking…Lets try this again…

You may not like what you see but you are doing something about it!!! I’m sure the results will be great.

Kudos to you for taking on such a big challenge along with the three “little” challenges in your life :slight_smile: You’re lucky that your hubby is being such a big help! Stay focused on the goal and you’ll be good to go.

Ok, so it’s day 4. Yesterday was very difficult! Hungry, emotional, and physically exhausting! I am so sore today! My first shake was really hard to get down this morning. Man, I can’t wait until Sunday to eat real warm food! I’m goin to try and stay busy with projects around the house. I just need to stay distracted I think.

hey bwing…dont give up you are doing great…try reading some of the articles posted by Chris in the forum section…i specially suggest “The Grind” really powerful and will keep you motivated…

Remember we are unique top 5% that really want to change sth…STAY STRONG!!!
I know you can do it…!!!

One thing that has been helpful to me is mixing the shakes thin & not frothing them up. It’s goes down alot easier. I also split it sometimes & drink it over a 30 min period.

Thanks for the encouragment guys!!! I really need it!

Oh and diverdog thanks for the advice on thinning the shakes. My husband said the same thing. I just thought that being thicker would be more shake-like, instead it just takes me too long to finish them.

I was wondering what everyone else chooses to go with their HSM besides lean protein and veggies?

Mine was a rare 6oz steak 1/2 of a large baked sweet potato, and a tossed salad with 1 tsp of dressing + a diet coke. I think I should have gone with grilled veggies but it was the best meal I’ve had in years!

eat what you like, lean protean, slow digesting carbs & some healthy fat. Eat slow & savor you will fill up fast.

Stay strong!

This is horrible, but whenever I feel I’m struggling with something I remind myself that somewhere in St. Jude’s a 6 year old girl is battling cancer and getting chemo. It kinda makes “oh gosh, I don’t prefer the taste of the vanilla shakes” seem… well, easier to deal with.

Not a “happy” type of motivation, but it gets the job done!

Thanks Chris! I’m trying!!! I know what you mean though. I recently read the book “A Child Called It,” and the mother deprived her son of food for punishment( he ate once every 3-10 days), and that was her nice form of punishment! So if he can survive all that I should be able to make it through!

How’s it going Brooke? Hope all is well. I had a rough weekend but made it though

Good luck Brooke! You’re very lucky to have the support of your family and spouse…keep a positive mindset!

Ok, I made it through a week! Wow, I can’t believe it! My HSM yesterday was great! My husband grilled steak (my favorite), steamed broccoli, and oven baked red potatoes. Yum! My kids were so excited to see me eat and have me at the dinner table again! Well I weighed myself and took measurements. Here are my results:
Height 5’
weight 120-116
neck 12.5"-12.25"
chest (lower)30.5"-29"
chest (upper)35.5"-36"
waist (navel)33.25"-31.5
waist (at largest) 34.25"-33.5"
hips 37.5"-36.75"
upper arm L 10.25"-10"
upper arm R 10"-10"
thigh L 21.5"-21
thigh R 21.5"-21.5"
calf L 12.5"-12.25
calf R 12.25"-12"
ankles 7.5"-7.25"

So something is happening. I just need those numbers to keep coming down. Oh and that V-burn, wow, I’m sooo sore! I had a little bit of a hard time stretching with my students tonight in class(I teach dance). Well here goes week #2. Those of us that started on the 2nd after this week we’ll be half done with the hardest part! Yea! :slight_smile:

So diverdog, are you feeling better?

Fantastic results! I feel fine, I was just exposed to a lot of opportunities to cheat ans I managed to stay the course.

I unterstand your kids being excited about having you at the table. I miss the social aspects of sharing food & companionship over the dinner table.

Congratulations on your results! They are fantastic.


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