Mother-in-Law Thinks V-Diet Won't Work

Well here’s some motivation for all you V-Dieters out there. My wife was simply discussing my plan for the V-Diet to her excessively overweight mom (a good egg but has trouble being or thinking positive about anything) and she went on about how she saw on Oprah that liquid diets don’t work. Need I say more? I think not.

So here we go I started the diet today Sunday March 22nd. First day went pretty well I’ll have to be careful with the workouts as I have a torn rotator cuff (superspinitus tear) and meet with ortho Dr. next week.

waist (at navel)-41
hips- 43.75
Bicep Left-14.75
Bicep Right-14.75
Thigh Left-26.25
Thigh Right-26.25
Calf Left-16.50
Calf Right-16.50

Goal get under 200 lbs. by 28th day then keep the weight loss going after that to get to 10% bodyfat.
As you can see from my pics I have some work to do and any encouragement is appreciated.

Side pic

Side pic

Back pic

There are few things better in the world than pissing off your mother in law for being right! MOTIVATION!

And don’t forget Oprah!

My wife is very supportive of my quest it’s my mother-in-law who say’s it won’t work.


Stay strong with the V-Diet!!

I’m on my second one (finished a week on it) and I am living proof this works!

My before and “before” pics are on Veggie V-Diet 3.0!

What do mother in laws know about anything? Except for how to be critical. Not that I’m married.


The worst critics of the V-Diet are often the ones who need the V-Diet the most.

What you have to realize is that you’re making them feel guilty by fixing your own problem - a problem they have themselves but have been unable or unwilling to fix.

You don’t mean to, but just by tackling your own problem you’re throwing their weight problem in their faces. And succeeding with fixing your problem? Ouch, that can really cause them to have knee-jerk reactions and even lash out. But remember, that’s THEIR problem, not yours.

One last note, I saw your scale weight goal. That’s fine but it’s better to set measurement goals since the scale doesn’t really tell us much about body composition. So the first goal would be to get the belly/waist measurements under 40. I think that’ll be easy, then you can set another goal to hit after that.

And, as always, the final goal should be achieving the look in the mirror you’re after, not a set of numbers.

Keep us posted! And don’t let the toxic people get you down!

I think it’s great you’re pushing on, even with negative feedback from those you love. Good job already. You’ll do really well and change her mind. Seeing is believing. No matter what Oprah insists is truth.

Thanks guy’s for all the kind words. Chris I do know not to get too caught up in the weight issue and actually scheduled a body fat measurment test this week and another in 4 weeks.

Day two almost in the bank and getting ready to go to the gym. Feel good and a shake every 3 to 4 hours is more filling than I would have thought. I’ll stay positive and keep plugging away.

Holy shit! Just did my first V-Diet workout. SPENT!

The work outs will kick you ass! My quads where killing me for days! I’m used to it now & not suffering any more soreness. Good luck. In 6 weeks you will be thummming your nose at good ole MIL

day 3 in the bank 100% compliance so far, nepa today and feeling quite sore from yesterdays workout. So far i’v foung that I am definately a stress eater as today at work was hell and had to really distract myself from the food thoughts when I got home. Tomorrow will be a great day and I’m looking forward to another workout.

day 4 morning shake took the super food, leucine, flax one teaspoon of sugar free metmucill as a shot. Didn’t take a breath while slamming it so not too bad. Then the MD choc with teaspoon of instant coffee. Must say that was quite good. Forget who’s thread I saw the instant coffee trick on first but thanks.

You seem like you’re feeling pretty good this first week. That’s quite an accomplishment! Doing great!

Hey just pretend that Metamucil shot is actually some kind of really nasty drink like Jagermeister and it’ll all be fun and games and good times after you get it down. Assuming you dont throw up in your mouth :wink:

I really need to try that instant coffee thing out. All this chocolate MD is starting to get to me! (I made the mistake of buying 8x bottles of chocolate and 2x bottles of vanilla… should have gotten at least 1 strawberry and 1 banana).

This post reminds me of an idea i just had for my blog this morning. there are always going to be people out there who criticize things that you do. example: I have a friend who I’ve come to find out picks on me because he realized early on that 1: i wasn’t going to retaliate or fight back and 2: that i was tough enough to take his shit. and we’re really close, strange relationship i know. remember this what matters the most is that you believe in what you are doing.

Thanks bt! Sometimes I think I should push back against the negativity and teach a better lesson but most of the time with certain people it’s a waste of time. Now with others like my 8 year old daughter my thinking positive glass is always half full attidude is never a waste of time. In fact at times when my wife or I say something negative my daughter will say “don’t forget be positve daddy” and my heart is immediately lifted.

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